Friday, December 4, 2009

Spectacular 12 : Judges' Choice Song List!

DFK choose for Tabby-Airi-SylSyl!
Yay, previously meant to be kept a secret,but after my persistent pleases and nudges, @siproducer has agreed for me to release the Judges' choice song list! Woot! Everybody say yea-ah! Time to sit back and take a listen, and get to know the songs your Top 3 will be presenting next TUESDAY!

Judges DFK sat down and discussed long and hard what songs they wanted the Top 3 to sing that would 'help' them connect with the audience yet challenge them because this is still a competition. Like Uncle Ken said on the show, they chose songs that will "give viewers a chance to get to know them more intimately" (read : emote).

Here you go peeps, in no particular order....

Dick Lee's two song choices for Tabitha Nauser are :
1. Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson
I can so see Tabby performing this song. Definitely something she'd be comfortable in.

2. Superwoman by Karyn White
This song is a little old and a great opportunity for Tabby to 'emote'. Lets see her play the 'long-suffering-victim-who-finds-inner-strength', which is what the song calls for. We've seen her 'act', so I would love to see her pull this off.

Florence Lian's two song choices for Sezairi Sezali are :
1. Your Body's A Wonderland by John Mayer
This song is so 'Sunday Morning' and relaxed, its right for Airi in terms of vibe. Its also a great opportunity for Airi to bring out the guitar again, something we love right? I'm hoping to see and feel his innate 'coolness' and just 'hang-out' with Airi on this one.

2. Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble
Cheeky song, which is also kinda like Airi's vibe. But I think this song is more challenging to present than John Mayer's. What I like about Flo's choices are that they are suitable for Airi's tone. They may seem like simple, non-competitive songs, but this is where Airi's challenge it, to make it MORE than just the average radio-friendly tune. And on top of that, use it as a way to let the audience in. Something the judges' have mentioned is lacking (although I disagree on most occasions) in Airi's performances.

Ken Lim's song choices for Sylvia Ratonel are :
1. Angel by Sarah McLachlan
A very emotive song. This one will be a challenge, but Sylvia's emoting skills have taken leaps and bounds since about 4 shows ago. So I'm think as challenging as this song may seem, she's gonna ace as long as she relaxes and believes in herself. She needs to just lose herself in the song and the music, and the emotion will come. There are so many vids of Sarah M singing Angel, but I picked this one cos it seems to be her most contemporary rendition of it.

2. Held by Natalie Grant
I have to admit I'm not too familiar with this song. In fact, I have no idea who Natalie Grant is.
The song's not too bad, pretty inspirational. I would love it if Sylvia could up the drama on this one and make it less country. I'm quite sure she can make it her own :)

So, now that you know what they'll be singing...what do you think?
Imo, it will be quite an interesting show next week, and I'm looking forward to seeing the videos before each performance as I'm sure they will showcase the judges on why they chose the songs and possibly some interaction between them and the Top 3 other than at studio.

As for the 'allegations' of 'sabo' I've seen posted here and there, to be honest peeps, I can't imagine why people think Mediacorp and the Judges are so evil and unprofessional. Sabo, rigging - aiyo ridiculous la.

Mediacorp isn't some back alley producer and the Judges aren't just some random people. Both are professionals in their area of expertise. The judges especially, do not deserve your disrespect. They have, after all, done good by sifting through thousands to select your Top 24. And despite what you may think of their comments on the show, they say what they do in the interest of helping the contestants.
Idol isn't a fly-by-night singing contest, its a purchased format that comes with a production bible and very strict production guidelines which include professional auditing under strict supervision. This is not some mom & pop show.

Sigh, but I guess conspiracy theorists will always abound right? And everyone has the right to their opinion. I just wanna say, lets state opinions constructively with less traces of dementia and malice k? Think. Before you Speak.

(wah, so naggy. sorry ah. but i was serious la about the disrespect thing.)

xoxo, s.

ps. will post again when I know the order of performance :) The Idols are about to arrive at makeup at mediacorp soon (12pm) and they'll be off to The Esplanade for their profile shoots thereafter - so stalkers - go find!


  1. I dig Ken's song choices. Hope Sylvia sings Held first then Angel. Angel is a really good soothing song.

  2. some unexpected song choices ? i dunnoe , just gotta feeling that all the songs are super challenging , but i think the top 3 (T-A-S) will ace them if their practice and push themselves hard enough ! good luck guys :D and the natalie grant song is super nice can !!

  3. Sylvia's ones seems so challenging and hard to ace. Is always the slow slow ones which will test her vocals. Hopefully she can!!! Really love her voice. And Tabby's one for Spotlight, omg that is so her lah, she obviously can ace in this kinda fast beat songs. Airi's ones are so him too, I'm sure he can pull it off well :D Best of luck to the idols manz! :D

  4. Hello anon, sylvia's song is so easy, what you mean by so challenging and hard to ace...omg she always gets away with murder, they are being too easy with her especially after letting her off with last performance ' American Boy' when she forgot a truck load of lyrics. When it comes to other Idols forgetting their lyrics the judges thrash them and are so mean.

  5. ah sarah mc lachlan is not easy!!! in fact the song choices seem like a test to vocal range

    sylvia is the best and she can ace very difficult songs

  6. Wow! I so didnt expect that! Well, I'm sure they can pull it off. After all, they are the top 3! :D Tabitha and Sezairi's songs are just right for them. But Sylvia's songs are kinda tricky. Hope she can do it! All the best guys! :D

  7. wowww, i think superwoman is right up tabby's alley. but ken lim's choices are really so unexpected. it's gonna be challenging for sylvia. poor sylvia. never heard abt natalie grant before at all.

  8. sarah mclachlan not gna be easy at all. good luck man

  9. Huh? Why Superwoman for Tabby? When they said they wanted her to appeal more to the adult audience, doesn't mean she should *pretend* to be an adult. She's only 17 for god's sakes. That Pixie Lott song was perfect for her...couldn't they find something along that line? Good song sung by a young singer. That's all it takes.

    and did Flo mistake Sezairi for Faizal or something? That Michael Buble song is so cheesy lah. I like John Mayer's song just fine, but I agree, that's no competition song (and it's about sex, haha). The judges told him last week that he should choose a "competition" song, and they choose for him...this? Hah. No no no, this isn't a conspiracy theory, I'm just questioning Flo's judgment in picking his songs.

    Sylvia's songs I think are the best. Only problem is that they're both slow songs, not much variety. But I don't think the judges or the audience will care.

  10. Noooo . to anonymous , sylvia's songs are really hard and not that popular . for tabby's , like so much more easier especially SPOTLIGHT . Hope ken has made the right song choice for Syl since he often tell her to make the right song choice . Sylvia rawks ! Hope she can be in the final two . Really wanna see more of her (=

  11. If we want to say 'sabo' or 'rig', of course it's gonna sound bad. I think the judges and producers HAVE been pushing an agenda, but that of course does not make them evil or unprofessional. that just makes it business, and/or television.

    the girls come in pretty little packages, while Sezairi reminds ken lim of David Gan. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out who he'd rather take under his wing. It's just convenient for him that Sezairi happens to be getting worse the past few weeks.

  12. I think people are voting more for Sylvia not only because she is very good, but because they seriously don't want Tabitha to win. Sezairi can win, just not Tabitha.

  13. All the songs picked are so old and boring. We will need new judges if there's another season of SI.

  14. Family? Anon above, you may insult Sylvia's fans but not her family and friends. Sylvia's vocals are much better than Tabitha's. Sylvia seems to be the only contestant who always hits on the right pitch whereas Tabitha has gone flat in many rounds. And to the Anon who said "they seriously don't want Tabitha to win"... it may be because "they" whom you are referring to are threatened. But I have to agree, Tabitha sometimes look quite too confident, which may have led some people to dislike her. But Tabitha does have the star quality in her. Just that when it comes to vocals, Sylvia's the best contestant who's up for it.

    Please don't take my comments to heart. It's merely my honest opinion.

  15. what so difficult about the song choices given to Sezairi? Sezairi has to step out of his comfort zone and stop making any song sound boring. Michael Buble's song is a very nice one, if Sez can't handle it...he's not fit to even come this far. Sylvia fans, be careful in what you wish for. Be rest assured that Tabby's votes will not be moved to Sylvia should Tabby gets the boot. I like all the 3 - but I will not vote for Sylvia if Tabby gets the boot. I don't think fans of other contestants should take any opportunity to gain anything by wanting Tabby out. If Sylvia's fans want Tabby out, they will definitely LOSE my respect period

  16. No way - Sylvia is so much better than Tabby. She's great, good even though she didn't pick popular songs, she has always deliver it very well. But, Tabby seems to have much more fans. Check out her facebook, her number of fans are like thrice of Sylvia. Shows that she got high chances to make it to the final two? And for Sezairi, no I don't think he's getting worst. Just that the judges expected more from him. He still sings well, and he's great with the guitar. He has a very unique and original voice which no one can deny thou. He too, have many supportive fans. Hope he will make it to the final two with Sylvia. Very deserving.

  17. shut up and support who u like can.. stop all the assumption and judgement can. sylvia's fans are NOT ONLY LITTLE SCHOOL GALS.. but also the mature audience who would make most of the votes in the finale.. like in the prev years.. :)

  18. I think the producers should just announce to us WHO(not listing the TOP4 auditors in singapore) is the auditor of the programme. That would be just fair for us and we promise that we won't bring up the 'riggedness', 'unfairness', 'unprofessionalisme', 'sabotage' etc etc etc issues again. We aren't dumb. You can say that there is an auditor for the programme but what we want to know is WHO is the auditor?

    I don't think it is an offence to announce the auditor of the show(just like the programme, anugerah in Suria has done. They ANNOUNCED KPMG as their official AUDITOR in every results show which thus increase their credibilty)

    IF there is really an auditor for the show, then just announce it to us. Simple as that. We don't have to talk and bring up the riggedness issue. Just telling us that there IS an auditor is not enough, we are sorry. Futhermore, we VOTE, it's OUR money. We have the right. I keep playing SI video and take a look at the credit rolls, but nothing about who the auditor is. Why doesn't the producers acknowledge them?

    PLEASE PUBLISH MY COMMENTS AND DON'T EVER DELETE THIS CAUSE I BELIEVE THIS IS IMPORTANT. I don't want to see a tabby/sylvia finale just like how the producers/judges want it to be. Thanks. =)

  19. i totally agree with the anonymous who posted at 12.36pm. tabitha's vocals are really really really good for someone who's 17, and range is way better than sylvia. but i respect sylvia a lot too, she has a great deal of humility.
    i think tabitha should win idol, cos sylvia will definitely get a record deal still, since ken favours her a lot. then, both will get deals!
    sezairi is really nice and cool too! i like the top 3, doesn't disappoint at all, so far. hahah!

  20. The judges have picked Sylvia to win. Ken said she will be in Top 2.

  21. Sezairi is gonna rock singing Michael Buble's Haven't Met You Yet.But i think that John Mayer's song is to relaxed for Sezairi.Judges should have chosen Kris Allen's version of Heartless or something similar to that.

  22. Justin already sang Heartless right? don't think a repeat song would have much impact.

  23. I'm not sure why producers don't wish to disclose the name of the auditor. I personally have also found it frustrating because I have asked this question not just once.
    I found out the answer on my own, but have not gotten the greenlight to publish.
    Ok, before you let go all the expletives and condemn them for 'hiding' stuff and dust the cobwebs off your conspiracy theories....consider this...
    It could be that the work-arrangement with this auditor is different from that of Suria's. It occurred to me that the firm involved may have preferred to work under annonymity? Or perhaps the format calls for it? Who knows.
    'Demanding' an answer probably gets you nowhere, but I will 'ask' nicely again to see if i can get the greenlight to publish.
    ps. my personal hint to you : biggest firm, shortest name. Think about it.

  24. As a voter..i think all votes should be made transparents.
    It help to know if my votes really goes towards my idol which i had voted for. its voter who had to part with their hard earned money to keep their idol dream alive,it will be helpful to know..every votes is money spent.

  25. yeah, top 3 ain't disappointing at all. Not only sylvia the judges favour, also tabby the judges wishes to see her in the final two. But that doesn't mean sezairi don't deserve a spot there. Hell yeah, I think being in the top 3, to get this far, is good nuff.

  26. Agree, despite the ups and downs and disagreements over talent throughout the season, ultimately we have chosen 'correctly' and the Top3 are truly cream of the crop. Both the girls are total package - looks and vocals. And sezairi is the most worthy of all the guys this season plus he is musically gifted. I cant imagine anyone other 3 up there now. The one thing I am most happy about is that I am comfortable with all of their diction! So important when singing in any language!

  27. tabby your voice is wonderful and its hard to get in the top 3 and i wish that u will win

  28. Sylvia's songs may seem easy to sing but they are not. You have to emote them really well to move the audience. But why 2 slow almost similar kinda songs Ken?? Haiz...anyway I'm sure Sylvia will do a heartfelt rendition of both songs.

    Michael Buble's songs are not easy to sing either. You need a Frank Sinatra kinda voice... you know that big band, jazzy kinda vibe to sing them really well. What's unique abt Buble is also his tone and his phrasing of the lyrics. Hope Sezairi will pull it off well, otherwise just sing the song in his own style and make it his own.

    I like both song choices for Tabitha. This is a chance for her to use her big voice.

    Anyway, all the best to the 3 of them!!!

  29. Hey.... How do we get tix to the finals???

  30. Hi, anyone know the song playing during the latest Singapore Idol Top 3 trailer?

  31. Leonard,
    look out for deets on the mediacorp website, should be out soon. also keep an eye out here, if i can get my hands on tickets for you all, will run a quick contest :)

    Anon latest,
    Ifits the one where the 3 of them look like 'robots' (Sylvia in a wig), the song is Britney's 'Three'. :)


  32. as a sezairi fan, it is of utmost importance that the votes are transparent because we all know the judges' agenda is to have a girl-girl finale. I want to know what the viewers really decided on. Not a planned finale by producers and judges.