Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wanna Go To Indoor Stadium?

Follow Me On Twitter! Its ALMOST as easy as that.
I have 80 tickets to the Grand Finals to give away, and I'll be giving away 2 pairs of tickets every day from now til December 26th.

So here's what YOU've got to do if you want them.
Step 1 : Follow me on twitter! http://twitter.com/summerr77

Step 2 : Retweet my 'contest message of the day' with your answer.
Sample contest messages :
Example #1 :
Contest message : #sgidolfinals @duaneho ftw because 'your answer here' <-- get creative!

Example #2 :
Contest message : #sgidolfinals Official Idol Radio Station is 'your answer here' <--- insert correct answer'

Example #3 :
Contest message : #sgidolfinals Best Idol theme ever http://usf.osuya.oaut 'YES/NO'? <---indicate yes or no.

So your retweet should look like this :
RT #sgidolfinals @duaneho ftw cos he's Mr PCD!
RT #sgidolfinals Official Idol Radio Station is 987FM
RT #sgidolfinals Best Idol Theme ever http://ouyou.ouyu.ouy Yes/No? YES!


Step 3 : 12 HOURS!
Each 'contest day' lasts just 12 hours. I'll release a new 'contest message' every day at 12noon and the contest closes at 12midnight that same day.

Step 4 : Check you DM Inbox!
Winners are drawn once contest closes and will be notified via Direct Message on Twitter from me, and details on ticket collection will be included.
Easy peasy? You betcha.So what are you waiting for? Follow me on Twitter now!

First 'contest message' :
#sgidolfinals Best Theme Ever was Mambo Mania - Yes/No?

xoxo, s.

ps. Terms & Conditions of the contest
1. Multiple retweets don't increase your chances of winning though.
2. summerr77 reserves the right to change/alter the question/criteria at any time. Notice will be given to all twitter followers.
3. Once winners are chosen and notified, decision is final.
4. Winners are chosen at random from those who participated in the qualifying period.


  1. I dont get it summerr. so yes or no, then do we have to explain why for the current contest message?

  2. Hi, just state whether you felt it was the best or not ie yes or no. No need to explain if you don't want to. Its just to get conversation started so retweets won't be boring.
    Its a lucky draw basically, so everyone that retweets for 'opinion' questions are entered into the draw. If a specific question with 'correct' answer is required, then only those who got the 'correct' answer will be entered into the draw.
    Sorry, will make the next question easier.

  3. go indoor stadium for what? see sezairi the malay win again ar? oso no tabby already shitapore idol better!

  4. hey summer.. im kinda not good in twitter all this.. how?.. n somehow i dun really understand the step you wrote... soory... hoping you to reply...

  5. uh, i think it is very fair. and its nt like the percentage in spore is 90% malay. In fact, there are more chinese in Spore as compared to Malay. So if Spore have voted Sezairi to be in the top 2 then most probably the other races have vote for him too. Right? I'm not even Malay and i vote for him because i think he have talent. And half of my class, which are mostly Chinese and Indian, vote for him too. So, please dont be racist about this.

  6. hi summer,i'm a bit confused on how to get the ticket,cause when we retweet your tweets,we cannot put in our answers