Monday, August 24, 2009

EP4 Interstitial : Scandalous! WHERE?

6.23pm :UPDATE !
Here's the interstitial and its AWESOME!

I've heard on the Idol grapevine that things this interstitial has sparked some tension amongst those who've er, spilled the beans on others. Whats gonna happen when Episode 4 actually airs!

And woot! Tabitha and Farhan? Sure not? I heard they're schoolmates! Young budding romance? For all their finger pointing and funny lines, Ryan and Frances are pretty close too.....

Watch Episode 4 on Wednesday....oooh it's juicy, wicked, TV!

xoxo, s.


Argh! Have been hearing about the latest interstitial (long trailer) for Idol Ep 4 and its apparently chock-full-o-scandal. Unfaithful boyfriends, possibly Idol couples and gossip mongers. Argh! The suspense is killin' me.

Someone. ANYONE. Please youtube it and put me out of my misery!

Can't believe I haven't seen it yet. Fail.
Official Blogger has also not seen it yet. We both FAIL.
Someone add us to

Izked, the minute you see it online somewhere - TEXT ME!
I'll be over here staring at Channel 5. If I see it first, I'll text you!

xoxo, s.


  1. Isn't the girl at the end of the video this girl ? She sounds good ! The guy is too !

  2. Alvin
    that girl in the youtube video is Frances Maria, she's in the Top24.
    Check out her profile here..