Friday, August 7, 2009

Hady Mirza and Ken Lim on CNA this morning!

SIngapore Idol Judge Ken Lim &
Singapore Idol Big Brother Hady Mirza
on Channel News Asia's PrimeTime Morning with Timothy Goh and Cheryl Fox

For those of you who missed the CNA Primetime Morning interview with Ken and Hady, check back here in half an hour for details (gotta transcribe first mah).

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Hady looked wicked cute in his glasses (can I say VERY wicked cute). And Ken looked...smiley :)

He said, "I'm nice, its Dick who's the mean one."

Hosts Timothy Goh and Cheryl Fox asked all the right questions and a little more.

According to both Hady and Ken, talent abounds (what have I been saying for like A MONTH???) this season.

More deets in half an hour, promise...(and pics hopefully <-- cannot promise, dependent on supplier).

see you in 30,

xoxo, s.

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