Monday, August 10, 2009

Scandal Already? Benjamin Chow's FB page gets hacked!

Idol Hopeful Benjamin Chow's Facebook Account Gets Hacked! (alamak!)

Barely ONE day after the premiere of Singapore Idol, a scandal is a-brewin'!

Last night's premiere episode followed a number of heartfelt stories, one of which was about 19-year Benjamin Chow, a former dancer who hurt his leg but through some medical boo boos is now facing early onset arthritis, thus the crutch he uses to get around. His vocals were impressive and he made it through to the next stage (Theatre Auditions).

I mentioned him in my review of Episode 1. He was the guy who had a booming voice (Ken said 'This is not a shouting competition") and I thought spoke so well (perfect diction!) I thought he would charm the pants off anyone.

But not everyone I suppose. Someone's apparently hacked right into the poor guy's facebook account and wreaked havoc. The hacker updated Benjamin's status as follows :

My greatest act yet. Hey guys, well I've been quite successful as of late, and I just wanted to tell you all that. MY LEG ISN'T BROKEN! I'm absolutely fine and I only used this as a stage to trick the Singapore armed forces (Suckers!) I'll keep up the act, but don't bring me to no X-ray professional!

Apparently some of the comments from his friends on facebook following the post advised him to remove it before he got into trouble, especially with the Army, while others applauded his move.

Last I heard, Benjamin has been posting messages from another Facebook account to try and clear his name.

Personally I doubt anyone who goes on a show like Idol would post an announcement such as this. Also, who'd want to get in trouble with the Singapore Armed Forces? That's like suicide no? It's quite obvious someone is out to get him.

However, if this was indeed self-inflicted, what a brilliant (and diabolical) way to drum up some attention to oneself.

So what do you think readers? Was it a hater out to get poor 'Crutch-boy'? Or an elaborate publicity stunt which started with fake crutches that probably won't end here?

I wonder what kinda drama/scandal/gossip Episode 2 will yield? Singapore Idol Episode 2 airs this Wednesday (just 2 days away now) at 8pm. From here on in, Wednesday will be Idol Day! woot!

xoxo, s.

ps. I wonder if this will make it to News on tv? Or will they just deem it 'Idol' fodder :)

pps. For what its worth, I thought Benjamin could sing, and would really like to see how far his vocals can take him.

UDPATE : 5.22pm, Monday 10/8/09
Benjamin's facebook page is now apparently gone *poof*.
Time to start anew Ben :)


  1. crap.... that dude kenot dance to save his life maybe lying lah can..hahas

  2. how can he dance? he's on a crutch? did you know him before?

  3. I think this season of Singapore Idol SUCKS!!! I am utterly disappointed with the sloppy debut episode. What is the role of Hady? We barely saw him in the show, less his tak kena hairstyle and heavy accent.

    And Gurmit looks like he is trying to impersonate Carlos Santana, major wardrobe failure! Overall, i think this season is BORING! Please, Nong Nong Ago and Careless Whisper AGAIN?! 3 times, it's really pathetic. W

    Where are the funnies? And Florence crying over this girl singing to the grandma? Florence Lian going through menopause or what? Like dat also cry?

    And honestly, that australian idol ex-contestant can't sing for nuts! Back to the Roos! And this bai-kah Benjamin Chow guy is simply pathetic la. Can't sing but full of ego on TV. People like this usually end up being C-grade artists like... Lim Yu Beng.

    XOXO, s.

  4. The injury is definitely not fake.
    Plus, I think people are judging him based on his one and only performance, plus his 'slang'.

    I honestly don't know where the slang came from, nor do I care, but I do know he can definitely SING.

    Coming from someone who never knew him personally.

  5. if you don't know him personally, how do you know his injury isnt fake? takes someone who knows him personally to judge that. believe you me, it's fake.

  6. his slang has been there since primary school.. and yes its fake(the use of the stick i mean), i dont know about the early onset arthritis. take this from someone who knows him personally for the past 10+ years. Before the auditions he walks around fine without clutches, but he already said that he was on mc for broken leg or something.. but yea, he can sing, sucks that his page got hacked though.

  7. i'm from his school, so i know him pretty well. it's not really an accent i think, he just talks like that whenever he's nervous- standard english. oh, he's not a good dancer la, but he did use to dance for shows. That's how he messed up his leg after all. shitty that someone hacked his page though, that's just childish man.

  8. yeah, i think it's damn sad la, kena hack. people can say wtv they like, i'm damn close to the guy so i can tell you it's really not fake lor.

  9. haha! i know himm!! yeah, he's actually not faking it leh, i've known him since the accident.. i think he like to talk big only la, i remember right after he took off the cast he was like limping still, then in front of ppl act big only, say he's fine. then afterwards when it's only us he admit it was actually quite pain. See la, never take care, now got so much problem.. i was there when he started using the stick! he really didn't want to atfirst, but then over the yrs i think it grew and grew. it had gotten really bad la, that's why no choice alrdy. i honestly think, ppl can say wtv la, but no one wants to get rid of that silly thing more than he does...

  10. i don't care if he's for real or not. i think he can sing, and that's what this comp is all about after all. it would be really stupid of him if he was faking though.

  11. no matter what, i still think it's so childish to hack into someone's personal stuff. i mean, that's just really pathetic. and i personally know him, since acsj, i don't think he'd do something as dumb as fake an injury on live television.

  12. i think maybe a lot of ppl think hes got an ego cos of just the way he speaks. i think it's good to see someone who manages his nerves for a change! his accent doesn't let him connevt with a lot of singaporeans though, but if he's from acs then THAT EXPLAINS IT! hahaha!

    also, does anyone noe if that ah lian made it to finals??

  13. more on cutie ahlian in episode 3. she has a big following :)

  14. I like the way he speaks with the accent:) What a cute person! Anybody knows the link to his facebook profile? (:

  15. Bastard doesn't treat his friends very well though.
    In fact he's becoming quite a diva.

    Maybe that's why his facebook got hacked >(

  16. he may seem irritating but i noe him and his IS DEFINITELY NOT FAKING

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