Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet your Top 24 Girls Incognito....

So with the big reveal is just under a week away, and the previous post about the Top24 boys, lets now check out the ladeez.

I took these pics on a whim, asking them to pose with a 'shower' for this blog in particular ('In The Shower), and every one of 'em were really good sports, hammin' it up in the midst of crazy wardrobe action (taken during their wardrobe session) - thanks you crazy LODIs! Much love!

The Girlz...

On the first day I met her, Pet mentioned more than once that people often commented on her big eyes. Someone said she looked 'petrified' (gee, mean much?), and that just stuck with me. But she's so not 'petrified'. She's prety, cute and sweet and just such a lovely person.

Pet is totally down-to-earth, approachable and the girl has a very sweet self-deprecating sense of humour that is so endearing. She also has music in her blood, so definitely one to watch.

I also asked the girls, if they could be a Disney character, who would they be?
Pet's answer : Ariel from The Little Mermaid (is it cos you're a Daddy's girl?)

Before I met her, I heard her laughter from down the hallway. Her nick was a no-brainer. Her laughter is so loud and terribly infectious. At Bootcamp, Cackles could not stop giggling over some random thing they were watching and the giggle turned into a rumbling guffaw that set the rest of the group shaking with laughter.

Definitely a sassy girl, no wonder she's BFFs with Glamourboy. Do NOT piss either one off or you'll get a whippin' from BOTH!

Disney character : Genie from Aladdin (I can see how she could identify with his booming laughter) (hey, Genie's blue, just like Stitch (BFF Glamourboy chose Stitch)... so coincidence!)

Her voice is husky and sexy, but she comes across as such a really good girl. As I got to know her a bit more, I found her to be chatty and open. She's still in uni, but puts her talent to good use, singing part-time, which is a great way to earn some moolah and practice for Idol!

Throughout Bootcamp, I noticed she was always in shorts eventhough the seminar rooms were freezing cold! Lucky thing she's got nice legs to flash! Shoulda nicknamed her Legs!

Disney character : Belle from Beauty & The Beast (the perfect good girl)
(maybe you should hang out with Guitarhero/Beast ;))

With her funky coloured hair, pale skin and gladiator heels, the look screams rocker chick. I should have nicknamed her rocker chick. But somehow 'badgirl' popped up and ta-da. Sorry Badgirl. Just one more week and your real name will be used from then on - woot!

Just found this out, apparently at 16, our resident Badgirl earned herself a whopping five figure paycheck for being an online merchant! I want in on this girlfriend!

Disney character : Oops!, how did I NOT get an answer, must ask her again.

Aw, this nickname brings a smile to my face. I named her as such after she told me the cutest story! When she was little, her parents would not let her have pets, but she couldn't help save pets in need, and once managed to hide a turtle in her room, in a drawer for 2 weeks!

If she didn't pursue music, she would have become a vet. She now has a dog named Ice Cream and a cat named Famous! Awesome possum <-- any chance you have one of those at home too?

Disney character : Ariel (do vets treat fish too? or is that for marine biologists?)

Ok, this one is TOTALLY random. She is NOT a nurse. But she just 'looked' like one to me the first day I met her. Maybe it was cos she was tired and wearing a huge fleecy-like jacket. Anyway, I've gotten to know her a little better and she's neurotic, sassy, sexy and totally crazy!

She's also ambitious and driven as hell...check out what she said to producers :
"We seriously need a female winner this time and you're looking at her."
Way to go girl!

Disney character : Cinderella (omg, yea!)

A producer told me this was what everyone was calling her and when I saw her from afar at the Theatre Auditions, I thought, yea ok, quite apt. She is definitely very pretty, with great shiny hair and a great smile. But what takes your breath away is her strong vocals. The only thing I think that may work against her is her young age (when singing 'more mature' songs).

Her mom taught her to sing and its easy to see where she got her looks from. An avid tweeter, she also has random-blonde tendencies like fellow Top24-er Colgate.

Disney character : Pocahontas (I say spot-on girl!)

There's something about this girl that is intriguing and I couldn't put my finger on it. Was it her green-grey eyes (real wan ah?), her come-hither looks or her disarming smile? I named her Bellydancer because she looks like one, and lo and behold, she actually knows how to belly-dance!

Despite being one of the 'babes' on the show, Bellydancer comes across as shy and demure (unless confronted by a cockroach, at which point she has no qualms about crushing it). She's currently studying to be a chef (right?) and is never without her big sunglasses, which usually sits on her pretty head....always.

Disney character : Princess Jasmine (also spot-on!)

I shoulda nicknamed this one Chilli Padi because thats how powderful her voice is! She's BFFs with Ivory (below) and when I saw the two of them together, the nicks just came to me. Ebony is tanned, and little, while Ivory is fair and tall. Such opposites, yet BFFs... like the song....Ebony and Ivory, go together in perfect harmony....

This girl won a contest some time back and met a huge huge superstar. I am so envious. And said superstar said that she had a great voice - a compliment from her is golden! I can't name the star right now cos its too much of a giveaway! Anyway, Take A Bow Ebony! You did good!

Disney character : Ariel (everyone wants to be that mermaid!)

Ivory can sing. She is totally my dark horse in this competition. She's quirky and original and I can see she's determined to win this.

She currently sings with a band, but with Idol as a springboard, girl you may just have a bright solo career ahead of you.

I asked her to describe herself in 3 words and off the bat she came up with 'Chick With-a Pick'. Nice one.

Disney character : Pocahontas (I don't get this one....)

LOL. Every time I see 'Dazed', I automatically see 'Confused'. And then I see Ashton Kutcher. OK, so random.

I nicknamed this girl Dazed because she always looked so dazed whenever I looked her way during Bootcamp. Must have been the late nights and lack of sleep. Because I've been seeing her updates online and she is so totally not 'dazed' lor.

She does come across as rather quite and shy. Ken even told her she would have to transform. But I think vocally, she is one of the strongest competitors.

Disney character : Minnie Mouse (quite apt!)

Last but not least, meet the Diva. She's not really Diva in terms of demands, but she's Diva in terms of big personality. I could have named her Comedienne, because she's a laugh-a-minute, seriously, this girl cracks jokes like nonstop.

Despite the bravado humour, and her power vocals, she's also very humble. A repeat Idol offender, she had joined Season 2 only to drop out due to a bad bout of bronchitis. Drink lots of Cap Ibu & Anak girl, LOTS. And sleep. The party's just get'in started!

Disney character : Belle (don't we all want to be belle...)

Some random Top 24 girly trivia before we go...
A whopping 75% of the girls named Ken as their favourite judge. Maybe he DOES have sex appeal (apparently some girls wanted to know what brand of underwear he wore?!).

Most of the girls have named Colgate to win Idol this year, but declare in the same breath they think a GIRL should win this year - go figure!
Its a tie between P10 98.7FM and Gold 90FM as the girls' favourite radio station.

Most of the girls use Sony Ericcson phones!

In case you missed it, here's the post I did about the boys....

xoxo, s.

ps. Just saw the trailer promoting the repeat of Eps 2 and 3. So if you wanna catch it on TV, its on Saturday at 6pm, on Channel 5. But if you can't wait til then, you can watch it here...Ep 1, Ep 2 and Ep 3. :)


  1. Gabrielle = Pet
    Charlene = Goodgirl
    Amirah = Dazed
    Syltra = Ivory??
    Samantha = Badgirl
    Tabitha = Pussycatdoll
    Fraces = Cackles
    Kelly Mae = Turtle
    Jannah = Diva
    Sylvia = ??
    Maressa = ??

  2. People take a look at this girl who was rejected by the producer of Singapore Idol. She was not given a chance to see the judges. All those people who are unable to sing manage to perform infront of the judges?