Friday, August 7, 2009

Hady Mirza and Ken Lim : Full Interview Details

Hady Mirza Talks Misconceptions...
Ken Lim calls Dick Lee 'The Mean One'
Flo No Show

So this morning, I rushed like mad to get the kids ready before 9am so I could plonk myself down in front of the TV all set for the CNA interview with Flo, Ken and Hady. My sources told me they'd be on at 9am on CNA.

--wahlao reading what I just typed I suddenly feel damn LOSER getting so excited about an interview on friggin CNA! But total 180 in a split second cos HELLO!! Its IDOL baby! And TOMORROW is IDOL DAY DUDES!!!!!! EXCITED CAN!! --

So in the midst of undressing one baby and dressing another and packing the school bag and wiping dirty MILO-stained faces, I was frantically glancing at the clock. Then lo and behold, one of 'em decides, 'I need to poo poo Mommy'.

Suffice to say by the time I was done it was 9.13am. I turned on the TV and it was Stock reports. I thought DIE missed it liao! I SMSed frantically to everyone I knew - DID I MISS IT?

Thank goodness, someone replied : 9.20lah ...groupie! (such a buzz word these days!)
Call me what you like. At least I din miss it lor. Btw, I thought Flo was meant to be there, but perhaps she got caught up with work ... we love her interviews - hope she gets on CNA later in the season.

Here's what Hady and Ken had to say :

Hady, very cute and looking very dapper in his glasses (must have said this like 20 times today already in various places - twitter, fb, sms etc) seemed a little tired (long night working on the album dude?) but cheery.

"My season was really tough, (but) for this season its gonna be even tougher."
About his role on the show, Hady says, "There's a misconception that i'm a co-host with Gurmit, but I'm the big brother, the mentor."

Hosts ask, which is more important for contestants this year, viewers votes or good review from judges? Basically who they should be performing to.

Ken : "You know what's the most important part? Its no secret. If you're good you're good."

He goes on to say what is important is that, "Singaporeans have to support local talents. At the end of the day its very good platform for them. It begins with you believing in yourself, working smart, and being prepared for all your performances."

Totally Ken, you always make so much sense. You are so Uncle Ken lor.

Next question to Ken : "Have you made anyone cry?"
Ken's reply : "No no i'm a very nice guy, the mean one is Dick actually." And he chuckles. That now famous chuckle. Like the one at the end of this trailer.

Anyone come out bawling and shattered?
Hady : "Yea yea for sure, its my job as well to give them a shoulder to cry on."

Ken : "One of the differences is Hady helps cos he's gone thru the whole cycle. He can help them, prepare them."

This year's show seems to have it all, a mentor, more talent, new twists to the format - how can anyone say this is not exciting? Haters step off please. You are ruining my buzz.

Ken : "The standard this year is much better and i think it will get better"

Timothy Goh asks about the number of judges this time. It was four last season, why 3? Will it work?

Ken : "You know the saying, too many cooks spoils the broth? Three judges makes the show smoother, tighter, less confusing for contestants."

He likened it to being in front of a firing squad and four different comments would serve more to confuse the contestants.

Ken : "I would suggest American Idol revert to 3 judges instead of 4."

Er hello, Ken where have you been? Paula's out, its only 3 judges for Season 9 - Randy, KaraD and Simon. Ok la Uncle Ken I give you chance, you so nice, and not mean like Dick (plus I doubt you are on twitter right? I follow Ryan and Perez :).

More about this season :
Hady : "A lot of weird characters, its really interesting." Yes, I have seen shots of Krauser and Deluded-Avril Girl <-- hello how deluded ARE you?

Some advice from the Big Brother :
Hady: "Have to stress to contestants this year, most important thing is to have fun
you have to treasure this moment. In my season I enjoyed it so much."

Yupe LODIs!!! Enjoy the journey you guys - its a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And even if you join again, it won't be like your first time you know?

Hosts now ask "From what you've seen so far, any talent?"

Ken :
"From the auditions I was quite surprised, different from last 2 seasons. We have very hungry contestants (this time). A little bit reckless, which is necessary to take chances and to be different." (woo hoo, I like this...reckless! Awesome! Its about time we saw some risk takers!)

"Its going to be an exciting season, its the best auditions we've ever had."
(woot woot!)

Hady :
"They are very enthusiastic, we're just worried if they will be able to last to the end. "

Ken : "Look at Hady he's still around - Asian Idol."

For most of the interview, Ken was affable, and relaxed, sat back in his chair, with arms crossed over his chest - cool and experienced. Hady looked a little anxious. But we don't care, we love you Hady!

To round off the interview, Ken highlights whats "gonna draw them(viewers) in" this season...

The elimination process is different from last two seasons. This season "judges will pick 6 out of the top 12." Plus judges will have the entitlement to save ONE before the finals, this is the 'Judges Save' like what you saw on American Idol (Simon, Randy, Paula and Kara saved Matt Giraud).

Once more Ken says, "Contestants are a lot more talented." (and they were allowed to bring instruments into auditions!)

Final change - "Results on the same day" (its gonna be MADNESS! expect thumb cramps from SMSing furiously! maybe they should allow voting via twitter!)

The interview ends cordially with a short video featuring Krauser, Deluded Avril and Ribbon Ah Lian.

Can't wait...less than 34 hours away!!!
xoxo, s.

ps. Sorry i'm a bit late, pics took ages to render!
pps. Please note that I was typing furiously while interview went on and since I'm not a court stenographer, I'm sure there will some 'phrase/word' inconsistencies with the actual interview. Will upload the interview tonight once I get it!


  1. flo got the bug babe...couldn't make it for the interview. they wanted a replacement... but ermmm think it's always better to take the camera alone. hah

  2. oh dear...hope she gets better soon!