Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Singapore Idol Top 24 : Jonathan Cheok

In The Shower with :
Jonathan Cheok
(nickname : Badboy)

Actually, the words that best describe Jon is his favourite tagline, "If You Know What I Mean?"
Ever the King of Innuendoes, Jon is the one that cracks everyone up. He likes to play the role of Mischief-maker (I mean, c'mon, lookit that mischievous gleam he's got!) but what you don't know until you get to know Jon, is what a nice guy he is. (Oops, am I killin' your Badboy image here Jon?)

Quick facts about Jonathan :
Lives in : West
Occupation : Flight Attendant (former, he quit SQ to join Idol! woot!)
Favourite MJ song : Rock With You
Favourite Judge : Flo
Single/Attached? : Single(ladies, step right up, Jon is really quite a catch - he's super sweet!)

Who does he think will win Idol 3? MJ.

If music is your first love, what is your second?
I love playin games... like sports and basically anything that I can win at, but mostly soccer amongst many others, like board games, video games, drinking games, recreational sports.
All and any competitive sport! I am super competitive!

Jon was kind enough to list his sports history in super detail, but I've summarised it for you as follows :
Jon has played basketball (captain even!), badminton, tennis, gold (with his brother Gabriel who was in the National Youth team!) and is a 'Gold' swimmer (some kind of universal ranking?).
He has also won trophies for discus, javelin and shotput throwing, as well as track (100m, 200m, relays etc) .

Other sports/games I enjoy are:
Snooker,pool,netball (isn't this a girl's game? buaya ah?),bowling, handball, rugby, canoeing, kayaking, cycling, rollerblading ,iceskating.

Basically, we all now know that Jon is a super sporty person. Thanks to all that, we can now classify Jon as a 'fit-bit', right girls and boys?

Secret Single Behaviour : What do you do on your own that no one knows about?
I always sleep with an eyelid sticker on my right eye so the next day... VOILA... perfect double eyelids on both eyes! <-- OMG so if you don't you're one of those ppl who only have ONE double eyelid? LOL! I always bite my fingernails... old habits die hard! I can't not do anything while on the throne. Either I read magazines, newspapers, or play games on my psp or iphone, listen to my ipod, play the guitar (!! Seriously??).

Volume control for anything must be in EVEN numbers... even for my iphone which is in little BARS.. must be like 10 bars or 8 or something... (looks like you and Doug cannot share volume controls unless its on 10 or 20! *Doug needs his to be in multiples of 5!)

summerr's take :
When I first met Jon, I thought he was cocky as hell, there's always gotta be that ONE cocky fella in every season. But as I got to know him, I realised beneath that cocky/mischievous exterior was a guy who is dead serious about this competition, serious enough to quit a perfectly good job - he was a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines, not an easy job to land mind you!

Aside from that, I've noticed he is one of the most considerate guys in the group, always checking to make sure everyone is ok (maybe its his flight attendant training!).

Vocally he is definitely not one of the strongest singers. But what he lacks here he makes up for in spades in personality. Already a recogniseable face on the show, Jon's biggest draw is his looks and personality...for now. Kick ass on your Piano Show and show us what you've got.

Jon once told me he uses humour to make up for his other shortcomings. Well, we hope to see more of the real you Jon, its okay to let your guard down once in a while.

Here's a vid of Jon doing Love stoned...

Make a date with Jonathan!
Saturday, 5 Sept : Lot One, 3pm -4pm
Catch Jon in person at the 2nd Idol roadshow where you get to meet the 2nd group of 12 that will be performing at Piano Show #2.

Tuesday, 8 Sept : Caldecott Hill, 9am - 930am, 987FM
Tune in to 987FM at 9am to catch Jonathan's first radio interview, alongside Amira, Charlene and Benjamin.

Wednesday, 9 Sept : Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Studio 1
Singapore Idol Piano Show #2, 8pm and The Results Show later at 10pm, on Channel 5.
Jonathan will be performing Michael Jackson's "Come Together".

To vote for Jonathan :
Call 1900 112 1204 or text 4 to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.
Lines will only open from 8pm on 9th Sept 2009.

Find Jonathan Online :
Jonathan's facebook fanpage

xoxo, s.


  1. oh his poor brother cried buckets in the auditions. luckily he was there to comfort him. Wish I had a broter like that :)

    All the best Jon!

  2. Quaite cute..but voice so so only leh

  3. I love him! He's so funny and hot in real life :D

    And those broad shoulders are a plussssss


  5. you have a nice bod too!