Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Toughest Job Interview Ever & The Longest Walk Of Their Lives

I loved these two short trailers, called Reminders, for the upcoming episode of Singapore Idol!

The first one is taglined "The Toughest Job Interview Ever" and boy oh boy are they right!

The 2nd Reminder is taglined "The Longest Walk Of Their Lives", so it looks like Producers are making the contestants do the 'Long Walk' thing to get to their final results (ie in Top 24 or not) ala American Idol. I likey!

Actually, in Season 8 of American Idol, contestants took an even longer walk than before (last time it was just a lift ride up (w hidden cam and all) and a walk across a big big hall), having to walk from the grounds of a large mansion, then through the mansion, up a huge staircase and across some halls to get to the judges.

Of course this is all a 'reality' tool to amplify everyone's stress and nerves. Which makes for good tv :)

Hope the judges will be doing a 'choose-between-two-equally-good-singers' situation like they did on a few occasions on AI and have the 'SING-OFF' thing too! Very drama!

Anyway, here's the full 30sec trailer for Episode 4.

So peeps, 3 things to look forward to next week...

1. An Idol first - original songs written over night? And did I hear Flo say she will pick an original song to go on radio? That would be amazing! Unheard of stuff, putting a raw original song for an idol hopeful out on radio - must watch to see what she said in full!

2. The Long Walk to the Toughest Job Interview Ever. Sure drama wan. Got people falling down and crying and breaking down, what more with Ken using expletives that need to be bleeped out - sure to be good!

3. The big top 24 reveal at the end of the show!

xoxo, s.

ps. Pic featured is a Channel 5 ad to promote next week's episode (click to enlarge). Thanks to Izk for posting it somewhere in FB! V. nice!


  1. flo's comment was for badboy and his partner... just FYI...if anyone's wondering?

  2. definitely the most nerve wrecking moment in my life so far... :/