Tuesday, August 18, 2009

summerr's FB screencap makes it to 8days!

+ is someone in the Top100 from Hong Kong?

8Days a week....
This morning started like any other. Manic. I woke up late and panicked : it was 8am and I still had two kids to get ready for 'school' (PLAY school), one of which needed my accompaniment which meant I, too, had to haul ass to and get dressed!

But to my surprise, The Husband said he would take The Son to his toddler playgroup as it was Daddy's Week ... so I was suddenly left with a 'free' morning! I suddenly had 2 hours of ME time!

First instinct...head to Borders for my 8Days (loyal reader since forever, and super excited cos usually I have to wait til like 12noon or sometimes THURSDAY to get my hands on a copy!) and head for a nice breakfast somewhere, anywhere, with coffee! Wheee!

Was even happier when I saw who was on the cover - I've loved Ryan since Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place (yes THAT's the full, original title you people!) Waaaaaaay before HIMYM (Alamak...dont know...HIMYM = How I Met Your Mother, where have you been??), there was 2GAGAAPP <-- shortform here does NOT work)

While I indulged in my American breakfast at Coffee Club just outside Borders (so convenient mah!), I almost choked on my scrambled egg when I saw this!

NO, not the article (cos I expected them to do it sooner or later, Idol gossip wat), but the thing I circled in RED! Check it out....

Remember people, you heard the goss here first k, cos every other site I've seen that has carried this piece of hotnews has been using my screen cap. (must learn to watermark my stuff!)

if you wanna follow the hacker drama, here are the links..
Follow up posts :

How do I know its mine? Well, firstly, the day I took that screen capture, the number of messages on the Inbox was 5, plus, I had to black out the account holder's name (which you can't see in the pic cos well, 1. its blacked out and 2. pic quality is not too good la).

Awesome...8days is 'printing' my stuff....sort of. Perhaps they didn't take it from here, who knows what other sites are carrying this story or who supplied them with the pic. Even the Official Blogger borrowed the screen cap, then later edited and enlarged it (thus cropping off the telltale Inbox 5 bit haha!).

Ah who cares how it got there.... Still awesome. :)

*SNAP!* back to reality and finishing the post!*

Ahem, yes, as I was saying earlier, I love my 8days, and my first run through is always cover to cover, I read all the goss first and then the features later. Was flipping and flipping then my eye caught sight of this pic! And I thought ...hey this guy looks familiar ....why ah?

Ok, of course I know its HK actor Michael Tse. I loved the Ku Wak Chai series (Young & Dangerous) and he was in it. Died SUCH a tragic death (his character, not him duh!)...but anywayyyy....

He reminded me of someone...and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

Then, mid-way through my pedicure (I headed up to Snails - best sugar scrub pedicure EVER! - after breakkie) note to ALL : do not go up escalators while reading and holding onto a takeaway latte. Thank god the Wheelock curvy escalators move at a snail's pace - no pun intended, I suddenly realised who he reminded me of, ....it was someone in the Idol Top100!

Can you guess who? :)

xoxo, s.

ps. Ok not identical lookalike la, maybe a cross between Michael Tse and Eason Chan, does that narrow the odds for ya? :)

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