Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Singapore Idol Top 24 : Malaque Mahdaly

In The Shower with :
Malaque Mahdaly
(nickname : bellydancer)

I would definitely describe Malaque as a little crazy. And perky too! Ever ready to camwhore (as are the other 23 Idol hopefuls. They clearly love the camera, and in Malaque's case, the camera loves her back.

Check out the pic in the botton left corner of the collage, doesn't she look like an angel? Granted, its an angel about to burst into laughter, but an angel nonetheless...

Quick facts about Malaque :
Lives in : East
Occupation : Culinary Student, Sunrice Academy
Favourite MJ song : You Are Not Alone
Favourite Judge : Ken
Single/Attached? : Single (EVERY GUY who has seen Malaque's pic has said she's SOOOOO pretty, including our first ever Singapore Idol *wink*)

Who does she think will win Idol 3? Frances.

If music is your first love, what is your second?
COOKING AND DANCING are my second greatest loves. Singing definitely on top of these two, but the latter two are equal.

I also love love love to spend my money on headbands(especially from Accesorize) and earrings as well but not so much these days coz I cant seem to break the curse of losing one side of a pair.
Believe it or not I'll go all the way to jakarta and do my shopping and MY HAIR ESPECIALLY!!!....ITS WORTH IT!!

I'm more of a gourmet-fine dining, exotic cuisines from around the world type, especially mediterranean cuisine, cos I have to do my part as a culinary student and be able to appreciate the hardwork they put in behind all these dishes. BUT personally if im hungry as a cow,then a glutton I will be....anything goes.,,,SIMPANG BEDOK!!!HERE I COME!!=)))

Secret Single Behaviour : What do you do on your own that no one knows about?
I have two actually. Believe it or not, up till now, I cant iron clothes for nuts! Frances was such a darling ironing my shirt during the camp. (awww, so nice of you Frances!)

The next one is rather embarassing..... I CAN'T SQUAT!
Since young!! I don't know why, maybe my backside is too heavy or its just me....but can't be the too heavy thing cos even MY MOM CAN SQUAT! pfffttt...

summerr's take :
Malaque is actually of Arab descent which explains her gorgeous exotic face. But she's as Singaporean as the rest of the Idols, having spent most of her schooling life here. Get this, her full name is Syarifah Malaque long can't remember.....LOL!

I love Malaque, I think she has a great personality. She's bubbly and hilarious. She looks like she's got the total package, looks, voice, personality. Although her vocals are good, she's still not as strong as some of the other girls. I'm hoping to see her up the ante on the live show. She's picked a pretty tough song, Christina Aguilera's "Voice Within", so good luck babe!

In the meantime, she's definite eye candy for the show.

Make a date with Malaque!
Saturday, 29 Aug : The Cathay, 2pm -3 pm
Catch Malaque in person at the first Idol roadshow where you get to meet the first group of 12 that will be performing next Wednesday at Piano Show #1.

Tuesday, 1 Sept : Caldecott Hill, 9am - 930am, 987FM
Tune in to 987FM at 9am to catch Farhan's first radio interview, along with Farhan, Nurul and Ryan.

Wednesday, 2 Sept : Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Studio 1
Singapore Idol Piano Show #1, 8pm and The Results Show later at 10pm, on Channel 5.
Malaque will be performing Christina Aguilera's "A Voice Within".

To vote for Gabrielle :
Call 1900 112 1207 or text 7 to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.
Lines will only open from 8pm on 2nd Sept 2009.

Find Malaque online :
- watch this space -

xoxo, s.


  1. go my kamal....haihaahiaih

  2. malaque is beautiful! like a goddess sia!!!

  3. you might be the first one out of top 12. the weakest link

  4. haha bryan wong. wth. anw good luck!

  5. All of you can keep on dreaming to date with or even tackle Sharifah Malak, unless you're a "Syed".

  6. sweet girl with sweet voice.

  7. OMG ! I love her performance despite it's my first time watching singapore idol live on 30th September. I wanna watch her live again :((

  8. OMG!! she lives in the East??? Where?? Bedok?!!

  9. Malaque, You rock!! ill be rooting for you.. dont care those bad comments.. ill be voting for you all the way!!!

  10. Angel said...

    Malaque, You rock, eventhough you did not make it through top 7. I"ll be supporting you and will be the FIRST 2 buy your album if it comes out!!!! Well, my wish for 2010 is for you to succeed in life and I LOVE YOU!!!! xoxo(:

  11. sharifah nuryuhanis

    hey i'm arab too and i like this blog the person who make this blog is soo cool...

  12. heyy Malaque ! u r sooo preety, i envy u lots <3