Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Less Leo in da competition!

Oops! My Bad!

Apologies everyone, my ears need to be cleaned.

Either that or my ears didn't talk to my hand, cos I obviously scrawled the wrong info on my Desperate Housewives notebook!

Badgirl's birthday isn't in August. It is, in fact, in May. So she's NOT a Leo, her sign is actually Taurus!

Sigh. Tis My bad. Must had a dyslexic attack - I get that sometimes when transcribing numbers.
Plus I was in a hurry that day - they had to rush off to choreo!

So...there are therefore just 4 Leos in the Top 24 :)

But that dunn change the fact that Goodgirl and Badgirl are BFFs!

So birthday shoutouts are as follows :
Well, today is Goodboy's birthday - Happy Birthday sweetie, 2 minutes to go!

And tomorrow is Guitarhero's - so Happy Birthday in 2minutes time!

I'm out for the night *yawn* catch you LODI's tomorrow!

xoxo, s.

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