Saturday, August 22, 2009

Singapore Idol Piano Show Vocal Training Session : Group 2

Vocal training this week was a low-key event. It wasn't as manic as the week before with the loud singing up and down the corridors. The second group of Top24 contestants arrived on time, ready to work (SI Producer was smiley, and hardly any scolding or lecturing today about tardiness bla di bla :)). Happy day!

Today's group seemed more prepared vocally, knew their lyrics, did not request for key changes (big no-no!) and were just basically all more 'obedient' :) LOL at the word 'obedient', what are 2nd grade?!

Anyway, it was a nice change. I was prepared for manic. But I got mellow, which was superb by me on a Saturday afternoon. Plus, its the first day of Ramadhan, so I think those fasting appreciated the pace and efficiency at which today moved.

Today's Group Song was a Jonas Brothers tune. At least it didn't have lines about vegetables and buffets....

They nailed it in like, half an hour. Amazing. With harmonies and all.

Instead of the big echo-ey dance studio from last week, this week the 'waiting' room was the one next door with two ping-pong tables. Ideal for sitting on and strumming a guitar.

The highlight of today's random chatter (because Idol chatter is always random) was a youtube video that Grammarboy found revealing that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite. We all watched it and there were lots of OMGs and 'can I see that again' and 'sure not?!'. The shock was of course followed by 'whats a hermaphrodite?', 'how does that even work?' and 'hey I knew someone like that, etc etc'. Like I said, random chatter.

One Top 24'er wore a bright tee shirt that screamed 'Kill Your TV'. Ironic much? Especially since you're a contestant on a Reality TELEVISION show? Blasphemous almost! But thats okay, we have a sense of humour, as do you :)
(oi, why la you run away so fast, I wanted to take a pic of your slogan tee! i lurved the irony of it!)

Another youtube video that became a talking point was the Literal Translation of Bonnie Tyler's 'Eclipse Of The Heart' music video. HI.LA.RIOUS. Search it up on youtube if you haven't already!

At this point, I realise 3 things about today's group of 12.
1. They love youtubing.
2. They are a really great bunch to hang out with.
3. I have a new name for Pet. She shall henceforth be known as Blushy. Because she can really blush, she goes from normal to beetroot red in less than 5 secs!

Apart from the Idols busy humming a tune or strummin' the guitar, the other busy bee was the Official Blogger.

Check Izked out, all professional, snappin' pics for an upcoming blog entry - lovin' the idea - 'What's In Their Bags?'. Izk, do tell when that entry will be out.

What was this blogger doing? Nothing lor, hangin' out. Listening to Guitarhero and Turtle singing 'My Boo' and I was mesmerized (and smiling like an idiot to myself). Will upload that vid after Wednesday.

Since the sessions went off without a hitch, we all headed down to Far East Plaza for some makan (for those who weren't fasting and hadn't eaten lunch).

Check out the Happy Soda that Turtle ordered. Its like bandung with fizz....I just liked the name. I also liked Teh Botol ...which doesn't come in a bottle, irony again!

The Fried Chicken set was superb! Thanks Guitarhero for the recommendation. Gotta come back to Esteller (<--correct not?) again some day!

Anyway, its been a happy day :) can't wait to catch up with all of them soon (first road show ever next Saturday at The Cathay).

Check back on Wednesday to see if you guessed the Top24 correctly and don't forget to get your cameras and yourselves down to the Cathay next Saturday!

xoxo, s.

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