Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Singapore Idol Top 24 : Tabitha Nauser

In The Shower with :
Tabitha Nauser
(nickname : Pussycatdoll)

3 words to describe herself : Positive. Indecisive. Shy.
I'd describe her as Sweet Young Thing. Or Pretty Young Thing (PYT) :)

Quick facts about Tabitha :
Lives in : North
Occupation : Student, Republic Polytechnic
Favourite MJ song : Black Or White
Favourite Judge : Ken
Single/Attached? : Single (ok boys, you gotta line up, spread the word about this blog and MAYBE I'll get you her number - LOL! sorry boys, just jokin', don't want Mama and Papa Nauser comin' after me!)

Who does she think will win Idol 3? Farhan.

If music is your first love, what is your second?
FOOOD!!!! Seriously, i love to eat. I dont exactly have a favourite but anything with cheese, mayo and chocolate is my absolute fav! Oh but not all at once cause that would be weird...or maybe it could work, cause I eat my Double Cheeseburgers with 3 extra slices of cheese and its practically covered in mayo. Imagine the amount of calories in THAT!? hahaha. OHOH!! And to all the chocolate lovers out there! PLEASE go and try Nutella Cupcakes! A friend of mine got me one once when I was having cupcake cravings and I've fallin in love since! They're sinfully good (:
- Tabby, how do you stay so trim? With all that cheese, mayo and chocolate...ENVY!!!

My dad's a chef, so for me its gourmet food whenever daddy's cooking,(wah so lucky, Uncle, can cook for me? :) - SO not shy!) mostly Western cause I can't take spicy food at all. Pity huh? Can I cook? Um, let's just say to be SAFE don't eat what I make. Haha. <-- cute right this girl?

Secret Single Behaviour : What do you do on your own that no one knows about?
M&Ms, I have to eat them colour coordinated, as in like all the red ones first then the blue ones, etc. AND I have to alternate chewing them from my left side to my right side. Otherwise I feel REALLY uncomfortable. The alternate chewing thing applies to everything I eat.

Whenever I took the lift on my own, I would always sing really loud cause I THOUGHT no one would be able to hear, then when the lift stops and someone gets in, I act like I wasn't doing anything. It was SO funny to see their expressions like, "where was that noise coming from?". HAHA. Then one day I found out people could actually here me singing as the lift passed different floors... My mum told me. Okay okay! I still do it now sometimes too!!

I tend to 'zone-out' sometimes when people talk to me, only for a SHORT while!! The worst part is sometimes they don't even realise it! I feel really bad about it but I can't help it! (Almost everyone I know has been a victim of this, parents included. hahaha.) <-- no wonder she seems so random sometimes - she was coming back from outer space!

summerr's take :
I heard about "Pussycat Doll" Tabitha weeks before I actually saw her. Producers were all abuzz about this HAWT babe who could reaaaallly sing. Her name kept coming up over and over again whenever I spoke to different producers about the initial auditions. She was the one to look out for. She did not disappoint.

At just 17 (!!!), Tabby's easily one of the frontrunners of this competition. She has a great voice and is definitely a total package kind of contestant. Ken commented that her personality wasn't coming through, so I hope it translates when we get to Piano Shows because she is such a great girl.

Her radiant smile and bubble personality really light up a room when she walks in, and she's so random sometimes its adorable.

Make a date with Tabitha!
Saturday, 29 Aug : The Cathay, 2pm -3 pm
Catch Tabitha in person at the first Idol roadshow where you get to meet the first group of 12 that will be performing next Wednesday at Piano Show #1.

Wednesday, 2 Sept : Caldecott Hill, 9am - 930am, 987FM
Tune in to 987FM at 9am to catch Douglas' first radio interview, alongside Douglas, Syltra and Theodore.

Wednesday, 2 Sept : Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Studio 1
Singapore Idol Piano Show #1, 8pm and The Results Show later at 10pm, on Channel 5.
Tabby sings 'One Night Only' by Jennifer Hudson.

To vote for Tabby :
Call 1900 112 1211 or text 11 to IDOLS (43657)
each call/sms costs 60cents.

Find Tabitha Online :

xoxo, s.


  1. Hi, summerr i love this girl so much, i will be rooting for her. I think she can go along way in this competition:) All the best Tabby!

  2. Keep an eye on this eurasian girl, my bet is that she will win this competition...

  3. Awww! Thank you so much Anonymous 1 & 2 (: (:
    Keep watching the show and hopefully i have your support!
    Take care!
    Love, Tabby (:

  4. Summer, she's 17!!
    Not 18!!

  5. Hi Summerr,

    Love this girl Tabitha she is so gorgeous and talented am really voting for her all the way.
    Go girl........

  6. wow she's the same age as me! yeahhh 1992 rocks haha;P

  7. hey tabby,i saw you in last year's seventeen magazine photoshoot! you are still looking beautiful then & now!

  8. 1992ers rock!! Hahaha.

    Demi, i can't believe you remembered that! better yet, even RECOGNIZE me!! Haha.

    Anyway, thanks alot and take care! (:
    Love, tabby

  9. Kind of expected Tabitha to make it into the final 24. Had a strong voice since young (pri sch, haha). Stay strong in this competition, work hard and hope you're the first female Singapore Idol :))


  10. Hey tab, aren't you 16? Hahah

  11. oops, summerr has forgotten basic math...2009-1992 = 18 FAIL! LOL...amendments are a-comin'!

  12. Hey tabby! :D
    i'm a fellow rp-ian, i was actually very proud that yoo made it! hahah not only me, even rp is proud, check the webmail!! make it one for our schl ok! yoo CAN BE THE NEXT sg idol!

    ps, who knows we'll be in the same class soon hahaha just kidding :)

  13. It's kinda hard for me to thank everyone so i'll just give you guys one big THANK YOU!! (: (:

    Guys, leave your names next time, don't be shy! Hahaha. Especially "fellow Rp-ian". Who knows, we MIGHT be in the same class. Hahaha.

  14. are you haiqal's ex?

  15. Yeah, she's Haiqal's girlfriend. Dunno whether they broke up already though. Used to see them together around school all the time. I think they look super cute together!

  16. What a babe!! eh how ocme no video??

  17. Hahaha aww.. it'll be nice to be in the same class as yoo. I'm Farr btw (fellow rp-ian), but i'm in STA , gah any chance of being in the same class? =((

  18. Tabby is the one to look out for ppl. I have been hearing her sing for a very long time and she is the best.

  19. tabby you are the singapore idol we ARE
    looking for you have the looks and strong voice HAHAHA.


  21. Heyy Tabby. glad to hear you got in for Sg Idol! =) hope you progress to the top few and do your best aye? i'll be supporting you all the wayy.
    Loves, Leroy (:


  23. Hey tab rmb me? i'm ur ex classmate way back in evergreen! 5 and 6 Peace? Haha i'll be rootin for u too,so gd luck!

  24. you have the voice and looks! X-factor! Yes, Ken is right, please smile more.

  25. Tabby,I now your sister Serena i am in the same school as her hehe. And good luck for the competition

  26. Go for it girl ! :D

  27. Hello Tabitha!

    I really think you have the whole package, the voice and definitely the looks. I only could imagine you winning and representing Singapore!! All the best beautiful :)

  28. Hi there,

    I missed you're performance but than i was glad that they downloaded it on youtube, I love that song sooo much n you nailed it!

    Keep up the good work.!!!

  29. Hi Tabby,

    Congrats to you, you're at the Top 12! I'm just so happy for you.
    Can't wait to see your next performance.

    Your biggest fan xoxo

    Do join my Fan Page if you haven't done so yeah?
    Lots of love, Tabby

  31. Whoever posted that sick comment should be ashamed. It's disgusting and uncalled for! She's only 17 years old for crying out loud!
    And Summerr, great blog but i think you should do a better job of scanning your comments first.

    Tabitha, my wife and i think you're gorgeous and extremely talented considering your age. You definitely have a chance to be atleast in the Top 5 (:
    We are rooting for you! Your parents must be so proud. But most importantly, have fun in the process!
    Good luck and all the best! (:

    Regards, Michael and Carla

  32. Republic Poly's babe! (:

  33. kudos for yoghurt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Tabby go !!

  34. Tabby, have you heard of the Climb by Miley Cyrus? There's many covers sung by different people on YouTube but I love the one by kinagrannis (that's the nick in YouTube). If you have a chance, do sing this song because it will connect you with the audience. Be sincere. Sing a song that everyone can connect with you. Tell us your story through the song. All the best, babe.

  35. your hair! omg! it's so perfect!

  36. Hi Michael, thanks for the feedback, sorry but its difficult to track so many comments on various posts. Really appreciate it when ppl flag it.
    If there's way for blogger to let me know whenever a comment comes up (without having to turn on the 'moderation' tab) would be great.
    Will post some guidelines on commenting in a mo'.
    thanks again!

  37. Tabitha, you have a gooooood voice . Haha . p/s; Serena Nauser is my good fren hehe in sch ! all th best !

  38. the future of sg music is in tis gerl! she is gonna win tis and soon be the asian idol! oh and rp all the way :D

  39. how old is your sister,Serena?

  40. She is 17 selena09:)

  41. tabby {!}
    you sound like an angel .
    you're also oh-so hot :D
    hahaah .
    you're like my idol man .
    like seriouslyyy !
    hahaha .
    and i'll vote for you non-stop okay ?

  42. huh? anonymous,how can her sister be the same age as her? are they twins?? lol

  43. make 1992ers ppl proud Tabitha!
    I know you can do it =)
    1992 rocks!!

  44. Hi Tabitha,
    great job with regards to your performance on piano show 1 and congrats on making it through to the top 13:) Do continue to sustain your eagerness and passion in singing ok? You are doing very well already. Continue to sharpen the knife of yours. I see you as a potiential challenege to other contestants in this competition, so good on you and keep up the work Tabitha!! I believe you can do it.

    Well done and keep the RP flag flying high as always. Hope to see you around in the campus soon. Hopefully, we can be in the same class:) Will be supporting and voting for you:) Cheers.

  45. Wow! I haven't been here in quite a while so it's definitely a shock to see all these positive comments from you guys!
    I feel really blessed to have such supportive fans..most importantly it feels wonderful knowing that you guys BELIEVE in me and my dream as well.

    Lots of love back to you guys and hopefully we'll get to meet soon..every single one of you even if it takes me forever!! Hahaha (:

    Oh and since i'm here - Come on down to Sembawang Shopping Centre to Meet-and-Greet with the Top 13 Idols this Saturday 19th Sept 2009 @ 2PM!! (: Hope to see you there!

    Love Tabby!

  46. Hey summerr , Take care of Tabby . Make sure her voice maintain . Make sure she rest well . & the most important thing is , MAKE SURE SHE STAYS PRETTY FOR THE CAMERA . Tabby , I'll vote for you all the way . Trust me

  47. ive just masturbated looking at her tits. wow.

  48. Hey u sick SOB look at your mum's and do it peace of shit!

  49. Wat the hell ?!!! Making an announcement & feeling proud by it ?! You need a mic & a speaker to tell the world ? I am willing to drive you to the president's hse so tht you can tell hym too !!! Stop it sia ...

  50. Hwy Summer Tabby is awesome and somehow my mom knows her mother not lying here hey im only 15 LOL
    she my inspiration i swear
    But I cant add her on facebook not sure why ?

  51. For those that asked, Serena Nauser is 12 years old.

  52. i love u tabby!!!!!!!!
    u are my idol no matter what!!!!!

  53. hi tabitha,

    Good luck for your next performance!

    PS:/ we are twins so double luck :)

  54. Hi there again,

    Its the twins, we will be going off on holiday next week. But don't worry we have'nt forgot abouting voting. We will still vote 4 u !
    - Fingers crossed :)
    <3 The Twins

  55. Hi tabitha i hope u will be the next singapore idol.

  56. hi there
    this msg is 4 all tabby fans
    pls vote 4 her!
    rally support for her ask family,friends & relatives
    she needs all the votes and she deserves to be in the finals more than anyone + she's been really consistant
    all the best we'll b praying 4 you tabby !

  57. Just a reminder/ A very good suggestion
    Please care off your votes to your friends,family or relatives, if you are going on holiday. Thanks. Pls take this message seriously!
    You would'nt want 2 return home 2 receive bad news, would u? Did'nt think so. So Please Take this suggestion as a tip 2 continue supporting Tabby whether in S'pore or not. Thanks :)

  58. Pls vote as they are combining scores and she is already in the bottom 2. So, u noe wat 2 do, VOTE MORE. Please if you really believe that she's the best pls vote X 100. k? Thanks! :)
    Very impt! b'cos sylvia's fans are also planning 2 double up their votes & we can't let Tabby lose to her. Must beat the rest.LOL:p

    So all Tabby Fans Pls listen up!

    Thanks :p

  59. Tabby WIll win tis year Singapore Idol 2009 !!!!
    So plz Vote for her !!!!!! Lets Double up our Votes !!!!!!!

  60. Oh no...She's a star to me. All very talented and perfect. It is unfair she's out from the 2 finalist. Does Singapore very sure make the right choice to opt her out?

  61. hi tabby

    just wanted to wish all the best :)
    you are sooo talented and already a star
    hope 2 see more of u soon !

  62. You are singapore idol 2009. You have proven it. As always the voting results shows singaporeans do not have sense of music. All the best and well done

  63. Hi Tabby,

    I agree that you are Singapore Idol 2009. My daughters & I cried when you were voted out. We hope that you will be able to cut a record deal soon...You are soo talented, do continue to sing...We will support you always..hopefully you will get your CD out soon :) we will definitely buy it! All the best to you & your future :)
    Dawn Reincastle

  64. tabitha u rock....u look so compatible with steve

  65. tabitha u rock.....u look compatible together with steve

  66. Tabby,

    You are my inspiration :)

  67. Hey Tabby,

    You are an amazing singer. You are gorgeous too. Please don't stop singing. You Rock!

  68. Dear Tabby,

    I am 11 years old and I love to sing. You are my inspiration and my Singapore Idol. I wish that I could communicate with you but I have neither a Facebook nor a Twitter account(mum says I am too young). All the best!

    - Pooja(your BIGGEST fan)

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