Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Singapore Idol Top 24 : Frances Maria

In The Shower with :
Frances Maria
(nickname : Cackles)

You'd probably hear her signature laughter before you see her come round the corner. And once she turns the corner, be prepared to laugh too, her laughter is seriously infectious.

When asked to describe herself in 3 words, she insisted the word 'Funny' HAD to come with a 'la' at the end. Bombastic - as in vocab-wise? Infectious probably refers to her laughter!

Quick facts on Frances :
Lives : North
Occupation : Teaching Assistant
Went to : St. Margaret's, ACJC
Favourite MJ Song : Rockin' Robin
Favourite Judge : Florence
Single or Attached? Single

Who does she think will win Idol 3? Ryan.

Frances will be singing 'So What'.

If music is your first love, what is your second?
Kids:) I love kids. I teach 8 hours a day 5 days a week non-stop at a children's enrichment centre, and there isn't a day I don't look forward to going to work. Children make me so happy, because their genuineness in wanting to make you laugh, and in their laughter, just makes my day. I'm happy every single day when I go to work and it would be the hardest thing to do, leaving the kids for Singapore Idol. But when it all comes down to it, sighsighsigh.

Secret Single Behaviour : What do you do on your own that no one knows about?
LOL, my current anthem is "I Can Hear The Bells" from Hairspray. So when no one's at home, I do this really dramatic strut down my staircase to the song, CHOREOGRAPHED AND ALL.
LOL, I do that with my favourite drama mama songs. Like "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" and "Listen To Your Heart"!

summerr's take :
With her big voice comes her even bigger personality. She has definitely stood out from the crowd right from the start. Ken Lim has commented on her size, alluding that it could be a problem. Dick Lee came to her defense, telling her to she was beautiful and to ignore Ken's comments --awwww!

Personally, I think Frances has such a beautiful face. Just look at the pic above, taken from her facebook profile pic. Thanks Fran for the 'borrow'. She definitely has 'The Voice' as Flo put it, but will her personality and vocals be enough to win the voting crowd over? I hope so.

Make a date with Frances!
Saturday, 29 Aug : The Cathay, 2pm -3 pm
Catch Frances in person at the first Idol roadshow where you get to meet the first group of 12 that will be performing next Wednesday at Piano Show #1.

Monday, 31 Aug : Caldecott Hill, 9am - 930am, 987FM
Tune in to 987FM at 9am to catch Frances' first radio interview, alongside Jannah, Charles and MJ.

Wednesday, 2 Sept : Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Studio 1
Singapore Idol Piano Show #1, 8pm and The Results Show later at 10pm, on Channel 5.

Frances is going second (right after Charles), singing Pink's "So What?".
All the best!

To vote for Frances :
Call 1900 112 1202 or text 2 to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.
Lines will only open from 8pm on 9th Sept 2009.

Find Frances online here :

xoxo, s.


  1. Her voice is good! But why did she had to be so bitchy to that poor geeky guy during the bootcamp? remembered her talking about him commenting on his silence for 6 sec or something.

    Come on girl! take a chill pill! I think geek has a great voice and so do you!

  2. frances is just mean. just because she's loud she thinks she can lord over everyone. stick to your singing and stop trying to be something you're not. no wonder she's BFFs with Ryan.

  3. Frances is FLIPPING AMAZING ! Her voice is totally awesome. (: And she is even more awesome in person. I met her at the auditions during Idol and i was so nervous and she was totally sweet and calmed me down ! Totally rooting for her. (:

  4. ya ! She was totally bullying the geeky Dwane!! Luckily she got the voice but i think Dwane shound better than her.... at least he's sincere...

  5. If she sang killing me softly, she could have won. Why did she have to change her song?!


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