Thursday, August 13, 2009

Introducing Your Top 100

Singapore, meet your Top 100 Idol hopefuls!

(Click on image to enlarge!)

Out of over 4000 that came and auditioned for Singapore Idol, these lucky 100 get to experience the mental, physical and emotional torture that is the Theatre Auditions!

I decided to compile all the pics into one big collage because, well, individually they DUN LOOK SO GOODE. I mean, seriously, some of them looked like they were posing for a police mugshot. Very few (countable (is this a word??) on one hand) posed like a star! ALWAYS pose like a star for shows like this. Some looked so sleepy, some looked shell-shocked ("omg is that flash?!"), some looked like they just got back from walking their dog, others barely registered any expression, many stood stock still as if about to keel over from nerve gas. Aiyo. Think 'I'm A Star. I'm Gonna Win This. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Granted the camera used was probably a simple one that doesn't have auto photoshopping (some do these days, isn't that amazing?! Facelift its called!), but check out 1390! She's awesome at posing! Great smile, great pose - best pic of the lot! And for those with oily faces - BLOT (discreetly of course) BEFORE PICS! (Top 24 ...pls note hor)

Ok. Rant over. Congratulations Top 100!

Check out this fabulous Interstitial for next week's episode (if you haven't already) to get an enticing sneak peak at what's being served up next Wednesday night. Woohoo!

In the 2 minute promo above, its clear that there will be loads of drama. Typically at this stage, judges are harsher and don't hold back as they expect more from the contestants. At this stage, contestants are expected to (and should) be serious about the competition, but the reality is a lot of them still think they're on holiday camp.

For more behind the scenes info about the Theatre Auditions stages, check out my previous posts.

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Super duper chuppa chups excited to watch Ep3 now!
Its 12am on Friday August 14th, sigh. Wednesday is TOO FAR AWAY, I want to watch NOW! SI Producer - sneak preview can? I make homemade chicken rice for you...can? Taste like Boon Tong Kee, promise ;)

xoxo, s


  1. Haha. (: Cool montage BUT 1350 didn't make the top 100. You missed out a picture of 'Goodboy'. LOL. (:

  2. cannnn....anything for chicken rice. can even give u sneak peak of ep 4... which is EVEN more super drama than ep 3... bwahahahahha (evil laugh)

  3. Where's that hot eurasian babe Tabitha that they featured in Ep 1? Not in Top 100?!?! BORING!!!!!!!

  4. Tabitha Nauser is in the 3rd row from the top, 9th pic from the left. #1678.

    Eh Anonymous #1, i said #1390 laaa...not 1350.
    And ya, why is Goodboy's pic not here ah....
    Pics source is the marketing team's media page wor!

  5. siproducer ...SNEAK PEAK of EP4! I AM SO THERE! WHEN??? I comin' for vocal training tomorrow can? Haven't seen the LODIs in a while - stupidely miss them....then i see many packets of Chicken Rice you want. LOL (can believe you r such an easy con - chicken rice!)

  6. LOL. I know you said #1390. I meant #1350 is in the picture but wasn't in the Top 100. His picture should be replaced with Goodboy. LOL.

  7. OHHHH...GOT IT. Thanks for clearing that up Anonymous #1...aiyo damn, now must put on glasses and find 1350...
    and then send emails to 'relevent parties' to ask for Goodboy's mugshot pic - i don't have.
    The pics I used for the collage are available to all press at a special press site - wonder why Goodboy not there leh. Oops...someone screwed up la di dum.

  8. some people listed didn't even come on day of auditions... and i see some faces i dont even recognise. hahah

  9. hookay...time to find the person who compiled those pics cos those are released to media lei...

  10. anyone knows what is the song playing in the background of the exit part? ep3... sounds a little like david cook...

  11. tabby {!}
    you sound like an angel .
    you're also oh-so hot :D
    hahaah .
    you're like my idol man .
    like seriouslyyy !
    hahaha .
    and i'll vote for you non-stop okay ?