Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Singapore Idol Vid on Ch5 : Judge Flo


Just saw this video like last night in the middle of the night on Channel 5 when I was chattin' away with Goodboy :) swappin' tragic stories and FRIENDS quotes!

I saw it from the corner of my eye and was like - huh, what was that...been searchin and searchin' and now ta-daaaa found it!!!

Wicked cute graphics - although if it moved a little slower we'd be able to appreciate it that much more! Barely caught the Gurmit pic at the start! Lovin' the Mona Lisa smile effect hahahah - HILARIOUS! Flo is such a sport!

This morning , I was driving The Husband to work, and tuned in to Class 95 as usual (my default channel in the mornings cos I love the Vern-Glenn-FD banter - sometimes so bo liao!) and guess who just walked into the studio - Flo! woot woot!!

I love Flo. She speaks so well (yes I know former DJ, eh but not all DJs got such a lovely accent/non-accented English k!) and she's so very very nice. She and the two Uncles make a great panel this year, fine-tuned for sure!

Flo's visit to Class95 was super short - in and out in like 5 minutes! (Didja know she's the big boss at MediaCorp radio? Solid right?)

But the 5 minutes were good enough for me. She shared some goss : apparently there was a girl who made her cry. Uncle Stare-Down-His-Glasses-At-You Ken apparently decided he was bored and asked a contestant's entourage to come in and decide her fate for her - can lidat wan meh @SI Producer?

Then when the girl's grandma also came in, Flo said that Ken said 'Ok your grandma will decide' -- serious not?

Then they faced each other and grandma said, 'This is the first time I've heard her sing"...cue 'AWWW Moment' and Flo's tears start a-streamin'.

So chweeeet rite this story? Apparently it took Flo 15 mins to 'collect' herself and get back to filming! Must watch - hope its on Sunday's episode! If not, won't fret cos Ep2 is on Wednesday, 8pm, not too far away!

What else did Flo share..lemmesee...oh um yes, that the performance and results shows will both be LIVE on the same night and that Voting commences at the START of the performance show (not at the end like previous seasons)!

Not sure if that's the smartest move...what do YOU think? Should voting still start at the end of the show? Should we have Results on a separate day? Post a comment k? (SI Producer reads this blog hehheh, so am sure your opinions will be heard!)

That was the end of Flo's spot on C95, with Glenn giving a shoutout to producers saying next season should have FOUR judges and to give him a call. To which Flo said, four judges should be her, him, Vern and FD......I say Nay... I like Ken and his glasses. And DIck and his fab lapel pins/brooches.

Apparently Flo was on P10 earlier, but I didn't know, so didn't catch it - aiya! wasted!

Oh Idol powers-that-be, if you're reading this, tell la when you gonna have radio interviews - I wanna tune in can. I promise to blurb big big on my blog then everyone else can also tune in (sigh, Idol groupie tsk!).

btw, just found out : Flo, Hady and Uncle Ken will be on CNA's Primetime Morning this Friday, 7th August, 9am. Tune in for their interview and more goss on IDOL!!!! EXCITED!!!!

Lets hope the interviewers can extract loads of juicy info from the 3 :) Where is Dick? Morning call too early ah?

xoxo, s.


  1. hah...yes i read this blog. diligently. more than i read haha. hmmm summer... d girl's fate was already decided la. ken was just making it clear to grandma granddaughter good enough for Idols... not bad u know... went up to... eh, too much info already.. ha.

  2. siproducer, super flattered that u read me more than perez, i read perez more than anyone else - how the hell does he compile all the stuff so fast! he's so connected!