Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Ruben Raj Debate

I should be sleeping...but I just read this post on the Official Blog.

Remember the guy the judges totally dismissed on Ep 3 because he was super late and to top that off he did not turn up for the workshop the day before?

Well the Official Idol Blogger has managed to find a vid of him singing. So you can see for yourself if the judges made a huge mistake and kicked out what could have been Singapore's next Idol.

Imho. Er, no la not really. Go watch and decide for yourself.

The Debate. Clearly there are SOME double standards being employed here as Izk pointed out, because Samantha Lee was also late and ALSO missed the workshop the day before. But where I think the judges drew the line was that Ruben apparently did not check in and give a reason for not attending the workshop (based on what you see on tv). Also, I'm guessing they based their decision whether to keep or cut on Samantha's and Ruben's first auditions too. I'm guessing they thought Sam could sing and has potential, whereas Ruben was probably an 'on-the-fence' case.

What did you think? Were the judges mean for not giving him a chance? Or do you think they did the right thing - tardiness should not be acceptable at this stage of the competition! Do you think Ruben could have been more 'committed' to Idol - at least call if you aren't coming? Should Samantha have been dismissed as well?

Kudos to Izk for picking up the story. Nice one dude, and thanks for the shoutout! Right back 'atcha!

You can catch Eps 1 - 3 right here (left side bar of this blog) or you can catch the on-air repeat on Channel 5 today (Saturday) at 6pm.

xoxo, s.


  1. They picked Samantha because Ken likes his pretty chinese girls. (: The only kind he knows how to market. And judging from Rui En, not very well. Ruben also doesn't really have the Idol look. Both their voices are average so i don't think there is much to compare.

  2. I was disappointed with the judges who showed DOUBLE STANDARD towards Ruben Raj guy who was also late and were asked to leave immediately. Where else the Chinese girl(Ms. Diarrhea) , is able to perform? WTF

    The JUDGES are RACIST !!!

    IF Singapore is a multi racial country, why is it only CHINESE judges....don't tell me non Chinese people are not capable in judging Singapore Idol?

  3. imo, based on what was in that video from the Official blog, Samantha seems to be the better singer compared to Ruben. Hopefully thats one of the reasons judges decided to keep her.
    Also, I found out that Samantha was an hour late, she arrived at 9am instead of 8am. Ruben arrived at 2pm. Thats 6 hours late dude...he says he wants this 'bad', but so do the other 90+ people who made to the Top100 rite?

  4. i don't think it was about race to begin with... if samantha weren't chinese things would probably play out the same way. it's not unfair it's a competition and the judges get to decide who stays and who goes and it's not something that is absolute or objective. i just don't think race was part of their consideration when they gave samantha the chance but not ruben.

  5. Think the judges has to draw the line clearly, if letting one in but not the other will cause unhappiness no matter what d excuses.

  6. Totally agreed. Since Samantha was given a chance. I find no reason why the judges can't give ruben a chance. He looked so depressed when he knew the judges answer was absolute. The judges rejected him straight away without giving him a chance. UNFAIR !

  7. admittedly not letting ruben sing at all was harsh. still i don't think that the ultimate result (samantha getting through and ruben not) was unfair. letting one contestant through means letting another one go. what would be unfair is letting a mediocre (based on video posted) singer who seems to want it less than the others go through. (again i concede that he should at least been given the chance to sing)
    yes samantha just managed to slip through the cracks but i won't question the fact that she deserves to be there because she can sing and at least managed to seem like she took the competition seriously.