Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Singapore Idol Top 24 : Farhan Shah

In The Shower with :
Farhan Shah
(nickname : Colgate)

Asked to describe himself in 3 words, Farhan took a while to digest the question and came back with a reply a few minutes later....


I can describe him in 2 words.
Random. Blonde. :)

This boy is the most random person I have ever met. Seriously. But that doesn't mean he's not Optimistic (he's like sunshine), Risque (song choice maybe?) or Complicated (like his relationship with Tabitha - if any)

Aiya, I kacau oni laaa...this boy is a real sweetie. See my 'take' on him below.

Quick facts about Farhan :
Lives in : East
Occupation : Student, Republic Polytechnic
Favourite MJ song : Thriller
Favourite Judge : Ken

Who does he think will win Idol 3? Tabitha.

If music is your first love, what is your second?
I think it’s a tie between amusement parks and prawns. I’m quite the indecisive person, and this is really one of the toughest choices I have to make for sure! (omg you are so young!)
I can’t live without prawns. If prawns were human, I’ll fall in love with one. Haha.
I’m also a thrill junkie – I love heights, rollercoasters, thrill rides and stuff like that. When I go for a holiday, the first thing I look out for are the amusement parks. No theme parks, no fun!

Secret Single Behaviour : What do you do on your own that no one knows about?
Firstly, prawns are too awesome I eat them with their shells. (in the words of Shaggy, ZOIKS! with the shells?!) The only things I leave out are their heads and tails. Secondly, whenever there are new packs of Vitagen/Yakult in the fridge, I’ll tear the pack open and grab the purple one (grape-flavoured) before anyone else gets it! (tsk!) Lastly, I’ll normally eat the white part of the sunny-side-up egg first, and save the yolk for last. <-- I do that too!

summerr's take :
The first time I really 'heard' Farhan perform was at the Choreo workshop at Bootcamp. He did a Justin Timberlake song and I thought, wow, how come I didn't notice him before? He has the same R&B vibe that Taufik had and a similar phrasing style when he sings that reminds me of Taufik.

He's also got a great smile that will possibly get the young girls a-screamin'!

Quite a few of the Top24 have their money on Farhan to win Idol this year, including BFF Tabitha Nauser who has been rumoured to be his girlfriend. Both are steadfastly maintaining that they're just close friends and nothing more. Aw, what a shame ... they have matching Colgate smiles and random moments.

Check out this video of Farhan singing "Valerie". The sound and pic quality aren't the best, but there's no denyin' that Farhan is an engaging performer.

And here's Farhan's Live N Loaded performance of Mercy with his band heregoesnoth!ng..

Finally check out Farhan's vlog and his acapella rendition of "Heaven".

Make a date with Farhan!
Saturday, 29 Aug : The Cathay, 2pm -3 pm
Catch Farhan in person at the first Idol roadshow where you get to meet the first group of 12 that will be performing next Wednesday at Piano Show #1.

Tuesday, 1 Sept : Caldecott Hill, 9am - 930am, 987FM
Tune in to 987FM at 9am to catch Farhan's first radio interview, along with Malaque, Nurul and Ryan.

Wednesday, 2 Sept : Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Studio 1
Singapore Idol Piano Show #1, 8pm and The Results Show later at 10pm, on Channel 5.
Farhan will be performing the Jonas Brothers hit "When You Look Me In The Eyes", with his own R&B twist.

To vote for Farhan :
Call 1900 112 1205 or text 5 to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.
Lines will only open from 8pm on 2nd Sept 2009.

Find Farhan online :

xoxo, s.


  1. Hey,good luck for next wednesday performance. Do flash more of your bright smile as it will bring you to the very end. Cheers! :)

  2. I think Farhan's actually good. Managed to watch him during this comp called Stardust, didnt win but I thought he has the potential even back then.

    Think people are gonna keep saying that he is in cuz of his pretty boy looks. His voice is underrated and people shd pay attention to that more.

  3. I LOVE FARHAN <3 <3

  4. he's cute for sure! uh huh!!

  5. Awesome voice. Gonna vote for this guy!!!!!!

  6. I've seen Farhan's singing performance several times. He is indeed a talented singer and has good fashion sense. When he was a Yr 1 in RP, he was crowned as the winner of the inaugural Mr and Ms SUI! Fashion Extravaganza which was voted by the school students itself. Best of luck in ur Idol journey!

  7. Funny how the media is speculating about him and Tabitha. Typical publicity for SI I suppose?
    Anyways, putting that aside, his voice is good. Voting for that sole reason.

  8. Tabitha already has a boyfriend. And its not Farhan laa. Ya, its just media speculation. You know how 8days likes to talk rubbish.

  9. Tabitha's single!!! I'm friends with Tabitha's close friend.. she just broke up with her bf!!!!!!!!


  11. cute with a capital "C"!!!! Didint know he was on Live N Loaded? Then can still join Idol meh??

    i think Charles that beatboxer is better than him.

  12. Should be? If not, Syltra wouldn't be in Idol either, she was on Live n Loaded as well you know.

    And I think Farhan's vocally better though, I don't think Charles has the same kind of commercial appeal for the public anyways.

  13. Whatever happened tonight... he was voted in! That means he has a fan base already! Good job to the top 6. They did ok tonight.

  14. it's funny how Judge Ken says "farhan should not be in the top 6" when the judges voted in Malaque instead of Nurul and Jannah. LAUGHS! Malaque is the "ordinary voice", remember!

  15. Ken has a "mop" hairdo too. Farhan has a trendy hairdo! Did Ken put on loads of makeup? I can tell that Ken has really thick and dark eyebrowns. Unreal!

  16. Farhan Shah...not to worry abt the negative remarks from Ken...coz if it does not apply then let it fly...juz do wat u best and be the next Singapore Idol...go for it ...Cheers

  17. farhan,you did can do even better.

  18. Farhan Shah you did great boy. I'm very proud of you. Dont worry about te negative remarks. You will be the next Singapore Idol. I will vote for you all the way.

  19. Farhan Shah you are awesome. I will be your no 1 fan and vote you all the way. Forget about the negative remarks anyway you are the best boy.

  20. Hi Farhan Shah, I watched you on Tv yesterday. I voted for you and will vote for you all the way boy.

  21. Hope he gets kick out soon! This show is for real talent...not for wannabe copycats!!

  22. He stinks bad! LOUSY AS HELL!! GET LOST!

  23. He's a copycat? Then the show would be full of copycats wouldn't it? Nobody's original these days. He does have talent, it just wasn't one of his best performances. If you bothered to watch his past performances, you can see that the guy can sing.
    But I guess ignorant people like you won't even notice. And next time, when you want to "claim" that someone "stinks bad. Lousy as hell" justify that claim with something substantial to the very least.

  24. Farhan, dont let thenegativecomments bring u down. Take it as a motivation. U got potention, DONT GIVE UP. WE ARE BEHIND YOU :-)

  25. Liya, it's potenTIAL

    Not potention.


  26. Hey sammie, didn't Ken said he should have gotten in to the top 12? This is good enough to proof. He is simply a copycat for singing exactly as the original. He could have easily mix up a little of the arrangement of the lyrics to make it a little bit unique. Also, this is a singing competition, shouldn't they give the spots to people who are more original and not just their "looks"? If not, wouldn't it be better to just buy the original version, considering it to be much better then a "copy"? This show should showcase the originality and charisma of the contestants, which the judges clearly agree he doesn't have much of both.

  27. oops, typo up there. Meant to be Ken said he didn't deserve a spot in the top 12 =/. Ironically enough, SG idol is a "copycat" itself, so I can't say much about how pathetic it is gonna be. SG is full of copycat game or contest shows are really original. Bottomline: MediaCRAP creative directors and co. should be fired! :)

  28. shoot. wrong profile. haha.

  29. Well, we just got to see whether Farhan will prove Ken wrong, don't we? Looking forward to it though I too agree that the judges might seem somewhat contradictory seeing that they brought in the other girls and not Nurul or Jannah.

    @MediaCRAP: I agree with you somewhat about the lack of originality in Singapore programmes, but what can we do? Suck it up and go get cable-TV! :)


  31. Farhan, don't listen to the negative remarks. Just do your best. Prove these annoying people wrong. I think you sang better than these people. All the way dude ! :D

  32. Hi Farhan,
    congrats on making it through to the last 12 in SL. Glad to know that you are in same school as me as well:) You certainly do have the potential and the capabilities of going pretty far in this competition. Just continue to stay positive like what you have already been doing for the past few weeks and do your best in your next performance:) And yes, do not be discouraged and give up easily. Instead, continue to focus on working hard in order to pursue your dream in singing.

    I truly admire your enthusiasm in singing and ever positive and "never-say-die" attitude towards it. Don't get yourself flustered or overconcerned about the comments or remarks that that other people such as the judges have given you. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and view things from a positive and brighter perspective. I am pretty sure you are capable of overcoming all obstacles that you have faced so far in no time at all. No worries, I know you can do it and prove Ken wrong once and for all:)

    Overall, good job with regards to your performance last wed. Well done and keep up the good work Farhan!! Will be supporting and voting for you:) Looking forward to see you around RP campus soon. Continue to do RP proud and keep the flag flying high as always! Cheers.

  33. most of the ppl thinks that we go for looks and not the voice..well,i think farhan has both..(:it's that ppl did'nt realised it and the first thing that came up to their mind is,"it's just because of he's looks,he got to the next round"..btw,to be an idol is not only base on their voice but also personality.u can't stand up in the industry with just voice,u need BOTH..

  34. You can't say that Farhan didn't get through because of his looks. Why? Because it is a fact that Jannah and Nurul did better than him that night. Don't say its just because of one screw up. You can't afford to screw up at all.

  35. Yeah, why do people vote just based on looks?? This is a bloody singing competition for god's sake. Imagine someone like him winning and representing Sg for Asian Idol?? Please la!

    If people want to vote they should vote based on talent rather than let thier hormones rule!

    I really think the girls are so much better la!

  36. lame. sg idol a copycat? cmon! they paid the license for doing this show. copycat means they did a similar show like idol with a different show title and claiming as their own.

    in overall, i still stand by what ken said. farhan shld be replaced with nurul/jannah or even frances!

  37. hey !
    farhan's actually awesome . he does have good voice ! great talent . good looks .
    an IDOL perfectly .
    but bare in mind there are better singers than him . but its okay . the TOP 13 are awesome bunch of people !

  38. Look here Farhan do have a good voice & he do have a good look and is perfect to be an Idol. If you don't know about talent & musical cord please don't talk rubbish. I think you better learn abt music before you can give a comment. Is true that the two girls (Nurul & Jannah)do have a good voice but to bad Singapore just don't give enough vote for them. So please don't write rubbish.

  39. Farhan. Are you really with Tabitha? I think she deserves someone better.
    And i think you shouldn't be in this competition. You better do 120% better in the next round or else you can forget about winning this show.
    Stupid fan girls.

  40. Hey Farhan, I think it is important that you have to buck up real fast if u wanna stand a good chance of going far in this competition. There is a need for you to build a good rapport/support from the judges as well. All the best to your performance this wednesday. Hopefully, everything would go smoothly for you on that day. Gotta keep trying hard ok?:)

  41. tabby has a bf so stop it with the comments on her and farhan... she needs to be left alone! shes a fren of mine and i noe her personally... leave her and farhan alone ppl!

  42. eh come on lah. tabitha doesn't have a boyfriend okay. she said so herself like god knows how many times.
    so much for knowing her personally.

  43. Yeah anonymous tabitha doesn't have a boyfriend ok, so you are definitely not her friend and you don't know her personally!

  44. Lol,seeing fat ugly aunties standing with Farhan's posters during his performance make me feel like ewwwwwww. We dont wanna stand side by side with this kind of smelly funs.Again, seeing comments from Auntie Linda, lol.Farhan is aunties Idol? lol! Farhan, come on!LOL ask you aunties vote at home,its so embarrassing, ya)))LOL

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