Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Singapore Idol Eps 1 & 2 videos have been UPLOADED!

Need a quick refresher on the first two episodes of Singapore Idol 2009? Well, thanks to the kindest Idol fans ever, episodes 1 and 2 are now available for everyone to watch, pause, dissect, laugh and watch some more....can anyone say Afreel Lah-veeen?

Ok, so where to go?

For Ep 1, now in 4 parts, you can watch it here. (below)

I say it again, Gabrielle Ferdinands' Mom is real pretty. Reminds me of Leandra Rasiah's (season 1) Mom, who was a beauty queen in her heyday!

enjoy the refresher...

I'm gettin' ready for tonight's ep...eeeeee so exciting can!

xoxo, s


  1. Sigh.. I like Ai Ling, shes so hot. and Charlene Tan too, I like. Such lovely girls :) Good thing Charlene got through.


  2. :) Hope Ai Ling sees your post PZ. It must be nice to know people think you're hot!

  3. Hi summerr, it must have took a long time to have this blog...
    and just to ask you who is ur favourite idol... actually mine is the both singapore idol top 2 cintestant...
    when the top 3 is tabitha, sezairi, and sylvia... i knew it will two of them as i like them so much...