Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Singapore Idol Top 24 : Charlene Torres-Tan

In The Shower with :
Charlene Torres-Tan
(nickname : Goodgirl)

3 words that describe Charlene comes in a short sentence : Loves music period.

Charlene comes across as brassy and straightforward. She seems to know what she wants.

Quick facts about Charlene :
Lives in : North
Occupation : Student
Favourite MJ song : Who's Lovin' You?
Favourite Judge : Ken
Single/Attached? : Single

Who does she think will win Idol 3? Farhan.

If music is your first love, what is your second?
This is going to be so expected, but my second greatest is definitely sports. I love running, and I started out doing short distance 'sprints' because of block catching in secondary school. (:

But afterward I wanted to challenge my body and endurance and did cross-country instead. I love learning new sports, especially badminton, swimming and squash. Oh, and bowling. Oh, and rock climbing. AIYA anything that is competitive, challenging and fun!

And I love fruits. I am not kidding when I say I love fruit. I cried when I got pineapples on my 19th birthday... no kidding. <-- we aren't sure whether to be disturbed, perturbed or just amused by this :)

Secret Single Behaviour : What do you do on your own that no one knows about?
I like to pretend to be the characters I read in books. Like when I am running I imagine (for example) that I'm a Harry Potter character running from death-eaters (this is really good for when I'm doing distance training on the MacRitchie tree trail, cuz then it's like Forbidden Forest!)

I also have a mermaid routine when I go swimming. After my swim I do a few twirls and pretend to have a tail. I like to pretend that I am people, animals, objects even, like when I do stretches I imagine I am a piece of gummy candy being stretched out.

(Very active imagination there Char!)

Oh, and when I eat noodles in soup, I always finish all the soup first. then the noodles are like soggy haha. <-- this is a first! I've never seen anyone do this!

summerr's take :
Charlene's husky vocals are a shock because you totally won't expect that voice to come out of that slender (very slender) frame.

Hopefully all her talent won't be overshadowed by the drama that seems to be building up around her. The New Paper has managed to dig up a sex tape scandal at her university that she's apparently the star of. All of it is hearsay of course, as Charlene laughs it off (see pics above of article). But with a whole campus abuzz about the scandal (apparently there's whispering and finger-pointing when she walks by) and her mother's ailment (she had a stroke), will the pressure be too much?

Fingers crossed Charlene's sports background will help keep her strong and her spirits up. God knows she can sing her face off - will she get your vote?

Make a date with Charlene!
Saturday, 5 Sept : Lot One, 3pm -4pm
Catch Charlene in person at the second Idol roadshow where you get to meet the second group of 12 that will be performing at Piano Show #2.

Tuesday, 8 Sept : Caldecott Hill, 9am - 930am, 987FM
Tune in to 987FM at 9am to catch Charlene's first radio interview, alongside Jonathan, Amira and Benjamin.

Wednesday, 9 Sept : Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Studio 1
Singapore Idol Piano Show #2, 8pm and The Results Show later at 10pm, on Channel 5.
Charlene will be singing the classic Frankie Valli hit, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You".

To vote for Charlene :
Call 1900 112 1208 or text 8 to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.
Lines will only open from 8pm on 9th Sept 2009.

Find Charlene online :
Charlene's facebook fanpage

xoxo, s.


  1. two words: SEX TAPE!

  2. is the sex tape for real? she looks so innocent la cannot be...

  3. Nice girls are the ones who bad things when no one is seeing.

  4. actually i think cannot be her because i heard she is lesbian. or maybe is bi i dunnoo. but she got many enemies in nus so maybe they want to tekan her heard she is very arrogant

  5. all you anonymous people are freaking annoying and rude. please eh, don't assume & don't be so rude ):


  6. but anyway! vote for charlene okay people! (i will be :D) she's really talented (:

  7. please don't tarnish a person's reputation by doing this. spreading untruths and all. if you don't have feelings, others do. it's so rude. how would YOU like it if someone did that to you?

    & i'm not talking just about charlene but in general. stupid rumours like this can cause a lot of emotional pain. i should know. i've been through it. to live with all that hurt, you think that's easy?

    & if you didn't realize, she loves her mum too much than to break her mum's heart. THINK, use your brain pls.

  8. If she can't handle the shit about her, then she shouldn't have joined idol- nuff said.

    And if she loovvveess her dear sick mother so much, she wouldn't have made a sex tape :P

  9. She didn't know you and she managed to stick you with a bill? Where/when was this? Did you really not do/say anything about it? Impressive. And better still, the "sex-tape girl" supposedly pauses in the middle of her private business, decides to call up some friend (who? I'm curious to find out) to film it, and THEN continued what she was doing? Fascinating. Who exactly are your sources? I'm intrigued to learn how well supported your juicy anecdotes really are.

  10. yeah for one, these anonymous people should have at least left their names. that would make all that they say sound more believable. which they obviously didn't. not convincing at all.

  11. charlene!! dun bother about bored silly ppl you have my support who gives a shit about stupid sex video or wteva you can sing and i'm a fan ((:

  12. I agree she is bloody rude. i saw her on a train and then my little brother was running around the train, no pple so y nt let him have sum fun rite? but he just run into her step on her precious feet then she was like 'ow what the hell' and i hear her said 'stupid nuisance kid' to her friend. she has no patience even a lil screaming its just a kid den worst is she smile after that den act like she is really such a nice person saying excuses like 'sorry was just shocked' as if shocked dont need to scold him stupid kid rite

  13. I don't even think I need to make any more accusations or replies. I think you pretty much just trashed your own reputation with that reply Charlene :)

  14. i don't know why you should bother explaining youself

  15. lol removed her comment post? at least she finally came to her senses.

  16. can see that she is those sly and cunning type.. trying to act guai in front of other ppl..

  17. guys, just give here a break. this girl can sing. she was in my opinion the best female singer at the roadshow. be cool.

  18. whats up with this sex tape scandle. can some one kindly share?

  19. Ultimately, Singapore Idol is about a person's voice. And omg why are the hate taggers here so black hearted. It really saddens me to know that Singapore is filled with people with such hatred and bad morals. Ashamed of you hate taggers, really.

  20. Don't know anything about this supposed scandal, never heard of it, don't care.
    What I see is a girl who is fun-loving and bubbly, and who Can sing. And it doesn't hurt that she is quite a looker too, I mean come on... ;)
    I don't know Charlene too well as we were just briefly acquaintanted on idol like the rest, but from the time on there where i got to know her, she seems to me a sweet girl, who is really polite and nice to everyone. :)
    Well, I certainly agree that could be fake, yes, as the above poster have aptly mentioned... But to be fair, I have to also certainly say that perhaps the very poster could be the very definition of what they have stated, No?
    Just my two cents for all its' worth.


  21. To say another doesn't love his / her mother based on personal supposed assumptions of what he / she did or did not do, shows more of oneself than of the other party.
    So you do not have to be fair... just be nice(r). ;)
    alright, out of here.

  22. luckily she is out of the competition.... dont have to watch her again....

  23. I loved Charlene, Ben and Nurul. :( I think they were all great vocalists! Was already reeling from the disbelief that Nurul was voted out last week, and now these two...
    Nevertheless, Charlene, You did great, girl!! :D And you can sing, and will certainly go farther towards your dream!! :)
    Perhaps a wrong choice of song tonight, and it seemed like the pressure of all these negativity was getting to you. :( But nonetheless, these aren't important... You came this far, made it to the top 24, and belted your heart out, that's what really matters, and you did yourself and your mum proud! :D I'm sure your mum would be very proud of you. :)

    Cheers babe!

  24. wasn't even trying to create ANY kind of reputation. and i didn't delete the comment, wtf. i'm seriously not such a coward like you christine. dont even have the guts to confront me face to face. walked away yesterday. so petty really. no wonder ben says your a lost cause

  25. aiya... charlene got out... becos she is not a good enuff performer last nite.... good voice but needs to work on presentation. i am a bit down she got out but her performence last nite..... was nt very gd altho she seems to sound better during her roadshow.....
    charlene... i tink u should not be so affected with ppl who suan you because you flirt with their boyfriend all.... you are already out very disappointed wid u... but guess u messed up last nite w tt bad song choice... sylvia did fantastically imo... was rly blown away....she is very goodlooking on camera too.... SYLVIA FOR IDOL...!!!
    and anonymous (christine????)..... you should not make up bad rumors.... even if she is really bad natured in reality, its really not cool... hating and hurting is not the way... thats all i have to say... peace out ppl...


  26. hey relax a bit... its over, anyways she still quite open about the results... go read her fanpage pox

  27. opps... forgotten to state my name in the previous "anonymous" so I posted tis to stand testament that there is just 1 anonymous or chris... (hw obvious?) srsly nobody is perfect so don't suan. The boy does not need to have anyone around to behave, should be d parent's responsibility. It is basic morality. Nvtheless, there is rm for errors in humans so no1 is correct ok. Just lyk StOp all these rumors already. Let ppl have their rehab thx...

  28. Oh ya. last thing. don't insult ppl's parents, they're innocent. common sense says u don't direct insults at other stuff, personal disputes ok... tat's all, no i don't care if u disagree,(to the only green eyes out there) coz i'm not god either... have a nice day ^^ bb

  29. Lol charlene, if you're itching for a fight so bad just ask Ben for my number.

  30. charlene jus Dao ho =P Ch** srsly you are the only one framing her, and yr attempts have fail and you should be smart euff to know that your attempts have the opposite effect if you read how many ppl still supoort her. ok... so u may be angry... go vent yr frustration personally man... don't dry your(the) dirty linen in public...

  31. "don't dry your(the) dirty linen in public..."

    ...what? Hahahahahahahahaa

  32. Yep... it is not "wash" or "air" coz obviously u jus failed to do so and embarrassed yourself instead... c tats d problem wif u always having a bone to pick, jus let it go, its over... tis is a public blog, stop here (FuLl StOp)

  33. oKaY tHeN, I hAvE bEtTeR ThInGs tO dO AnYwAY :)


  34. WHAT?? a half-breed maid's daughter for singapore idol? no way lah.. this bitch ought to go with her kind at Lucky Plaza. Hahahahah. =/

  35. the guy above me is an effin' retard. that maid's daughter's people, co-habitate broadway musicals like miss saigon and disney movie soundtracks.. and these people are 3 out of the 5 asians who ever made it in american idol top 12. one even made top 3.. think about that moron..