Monday, August 3, 2009

Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah

1st December 2004. Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Remember this moment? I do. Vividly.

5 years ago, I was there. Standing at Singapore Indoor Stadium.
The constant screaming was deafening.

"Your Singapore Idol is...."

The pause was just excruciating....
(almost as excruciating as the pain my feet were experiencing from walking around the large venue and standing throughout - cannot see mah!)

And then, the moment Gurmit said 'Taufik Batisah' the tears just started streaming down my face. I seriously couldn't believe I was crying. It was surreal.

But then again, everything about that moment was surreal. Even Sarah, my Idol partner-in-crime, was crying. We lived and breathed Idol.

As the confetti floated around me, it was like I was in some magic snowing HAPPY PLACE.

I had (and still do have) so much faith in Taufik. In my mind, there was no doubt who deserved to win. He worked, really really worked, for it and he truly truly deserved it. And along the way, Singapore fell in love with him.

His win not only made him the pride of his community, but it showed everyone that real talent crosses all borders. MediaCorp was always careful never to play the race card throughout the finals, it was always the Rocker vs the Soulman. But everyone saw the finals for what it was (I don't have to spell it out here - and it was repeated again in Season 2).

This was the first (and only, I think) Taufik music video. Remember the huge controversy over the ditched (and dissed) Eric Khoo version that didn't get aired? And then got leaked and got trashed, bashed and slashed! Well, for whatever its worth, I thought this video did just fine (despite New Paper's unflattering review - boo!).

It still gives me goosebumps whenever I watch it.

Fastforward to August 2009...

A new Idol journey is about to begin....

I am super excited. For me. For the Top 24. And for Singapore. I've seen/heard these kids sing, major talent is about to be unleashed. I say it now, Singapore will be proud.


xoxo, s.


  1. Summmerrrrrr.... I like your blog so power leh. So many Idol-izing things going on :D So cool...

  2. thank you anonymous! sorry din reply earlier, still learning how to blog haha, and didn't check comments from older posts! thanks for the encouragement!