Saturday, August 1, 2009

Singapore Idol Top24 on Host Gurmit


I asked the top24 a fairly random and simple question : Should Singapore Idol host Gurmit Singh cut his hair or not?

Understandably, first response from everyone was, "Huh!?" (then all give me the 'kong-si-mi-siao-ah?' look)

Random, yea I know. But simple question waaaat...

It was just as random as my next question which was "If you could be a Disney character who would it be?". But I'll save those answers for the next post....after which you can then spend the day psycho-analysing why they said what they did. I did. But again, another post la.

So back to Gurms' hair.

Out of 24 are the results...

15 said NO DON'T CUT!
7 said YES, PLEASE DO.
1 said - "Get Bangs!" (seriously thats your answer? reply was yes. H'okay lor!)
1 refused to get off the fence and ended up with, "I don't really notice his hair"

<-- aiyo how PC do you want to be? Even after I assured them no names will be mentioned, Gurmit will NOT hunt you down and point a pair of scissors at you, you will not be sued bla di concrete answer could be obtained. I mean, how blur do you think I am (don't answer that :))? Even if you didn't notice his hair before, once I ask you this question you sure go look wan right? I worry a little for this one....

Word of advice sweetie, once the show starts and people want to know what you think...answers like this will BORE reporters *big yawn* and they may just label you 'cautious' or worse, 'uninteresting' and you certainly are not. So start gettin' opinions and get interesting.

K, back to the poll...
Out of the 15 who said DON'T CUT, 9 were girls! woot!

Their responses were :
"Don't cut! He looks wicked sexy with the new do'!"
"I like his curls, it looks really nice!"
"Why cut? I think he looks more macho manly with the longer hair!"

One response stood out from one of the 6 guys who said DON'T CUT!
"Don't cut! Later look like Ryan Seacrest and he's not a Seacrest wannabe!"
(don't you just love the way they think?)

Sooooo bottom line : the women are diggin' the locks. Gurms, if you're readin' this, would love to hear from ya, especially about The Bangs idea! Will you consider it or is that idol one wig short of a full head of hair?

Personally, I think the hair looks great, especially when its styled right, like in this pic, courtesy of @gurmitgurmit.

I also saw some pics of Gurmit from the photoshoot for the Idol poster like the one on facebook and he looks great - like one of the girls said - LOVIN' the curls!

xoxo, s.


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