Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ken and Dick Idents

Ken Lim sporting a devil's tail, Dick Lee with Wolverine claws...hmmmm.....

A few blog entries ago, I posted Florence's lil Singapore Idol Ad, she had a Halo above her head, and the caption beneath her Mona Lisa like pic was 'The Voice of the People'. They call these fancy short lil ads an 'Ident' in TVLand.

Well today, Ken's and Dick's Idents have been released.

Check it out Idol-lovers :) I like Dick's ident.... I hope he lives up to this ad (note the Wolverine claws and shhinngg! sound effects!) ! Months ago, at the first press conference for Singapore Idol, Dick did mention that this year he plans to be more honest....so meowrr let the claws come out!
Also, Ken said on his Primetime Morning interview that 'Dick's the mean one'. Yay, love the drama, love the mean! Hope we see him NOT hold back in Episode 2 tomorrow.

I think Ken's tail not pointy enough, where are the pointy ears? hehe. So random I am.

xoxo, s.


  1. hmm..dick looks a li' like ivan heng...