Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Singapore Idol In The Shower?

UPDATE : 3.01am.
Too many links to this site that would become LOST.
So, sorry folks, experiment on hold, sorry for any inconvenience caused (sound like I'm renovating). Gotta find other ways to up my Google ranking!

xoxo, s.

summerr-in-the-shower is now singaporeidol-in-the-shower...

No no, I am not declaring that I am the Singapore Idol. Aiyo so far from it.

On a whim, (and some constructive feedback) I've decided to rename the blog url to Just to see if it ends up higher on a Google Search. I mean, why not, with so much good info served up here first, good for all the Idol fans to come find this blog right?

Lets see if it works folks :)

xoxo, s.

ps. thanks @effs for telling me how to do it. change the URL i mean :)


  1. hello are you going to record the full episode video of singapore idol 3?

    Man I really want to watch this show.

  2. Hi Idol_fanatic, you can get full episodes for free at (only available to ppl in SG though...)
    All you need to do is register for the service and make sure your browser is compatible.
    I don't have the facilities to record and then transfer out. The stuff i record stays in the hubstation. If I do find any links to full episodes anywhere online (and trust me, I keep looking), I'll definitely post them here!