Friday, August 21, 2009

Poor Ben is probably wondering, "Why won't this go away?"
With all the speculation and comments about Benjamin Chow faking it (yes it is apparently still a topic people are discussing - just check the forums and tweets) plus an ongoing police investigation (am assuming they are investigating it since a report has been lodged), Benjamin still needs to focus on the competition.

In case you haven't heard his side of the story, do check out these two articles on Mediacorp TV's Buzz site. These are the only 'interviews' you'll see from him as all Idol contestants are not allowed to do interviews at this stage.

If you missed them, here are the links...

I still maintain that the important thing to remember here is that the guy is where he's at in the competition because of his voice. He CAN sing. The Judges don't really do sympathy votes, not at this stage anymore anyway. But if he gets through to the Top24, who knows how the audience will vote, hopefully based on vocals and not the crutch.

Update : Just as I was about to sign off on this rather mundane post, my mobile rings and its flashing 'Benjamin Chow Idol 3'. Speak of the devil. Wonder why he's calling? They caught the hacker? He's calling to confess it was a sham (yea rite, and pigs can fly!)! Watch this space, the day just got interesting...

xoxo, s.

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