Friday, August 7, 2009

LATEST GOSS! The Return of Careless Whisper!!

Just heard it from the Idol grapevine...
OMG. Careless Whisper is BACK ..AGAIN!

Remember this guy?? Apparently he's back on our tv screens on this season's Idol! Did he audition? Is he a call back on the show? Is he a guest performance? I heard he sang a song about the Recession! (way to be current and relevant dude - glad you learned something from KaraD!)

If this is true, Patrick "Careless Whisper" Khoo would have been on EVERY SEASON of Singapore Idol.

This is his first audition on Season 1.

(damn, dunno why Blogger having problems loading the video...CLICK HERE to watch!)

I can't find his second season audition, but I found this instead. OMG he's actually teamed up with fame whore Steven Lim (Season 1 Gladiator guy who stripped - EW, say it again EWWWW! STILL EW!)

Anyway, looking forward to a more volume-enhanced performance this season - they say 3rd times a charm, maybe he'll get further than Day One this year.

Good Luck Patrick.

xoxo, s.

ps. Nah. bonus video cos I love y'all...remember Nong Nong Ago. :) ROTFL!

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  1. Just found out - he auditioned. Will have to watch to see how far he goes :)
    xoxo, s.