Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Singapore Idol 3 : Episode 3 Review

Welcome to the Singapore Idol Theatre Auditions (Part 1).....

Check your phones (and pride) at the door, and we'll see you in 8 days (if you make it that far).
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the producers bag and tag each person's phone! (that's a lot of commodity - 100 phones! Am sure there are quite a few iphones in there!) Its like going to Club Med (in an alternate singing universe), where you're basically cut off from civilisation! Thank God for payphones right? (am sure Charlene Tan would agree with me, aw that phone call home to Momma was a heart-tugger!)

At this stage, we go from Top 100, down to 80, down to 60, down to 40 and finally, we end up with the Top 24 (12 girls and 12 boys) that will enter the Piano Show rounds. We'll know by the end of next week's episode who the Top 24 are.

Episode 3 showcased the first two days of Theatre Auditions : Acapella Individual (Day 1) and Group Day (Day 2).

Here's my short review of tonight's episode. (Full review to come later tonight.)

By and large, it was ok, but I thought it could have been more dramatic. Some parts of the show seemed disjointed, it didn't have the flow of Episode 2. My fingers are crossed that as the stakes get higher and the pressure mounts next week, the flow of the show will deliver the drama we're all waiting for.

Highlights : (based on tonight's show)
Acapella day was boring - typical 'forget-the-lyrics' type scenarios.
Group day was a mess.
Turban-ed girl was a real mess. Cut the put-ons dear. Seriously.
Chua Ai Ping, also a mess, but I like the girl - best attitude I've seen so far.
Ryan Lee and Syltra Lee, potential meowrr drama, but didn't happen - why lah? I thought Ryan was about to scratch her eyes out or something. But it was pretty evil how the judges made them single out someone they thought was bad - really know how to put the poor kids on the spot man!

Plus, I swear I saw a crying Jonathan Cheok in the trailer, so so drama, I was looking out for that - dun haf.
Also that crying girl soaking Gurmit's shirt, also dun haf.
All in next week's ep!
What a tease....grrr...still love that trailer (oops interstitial) though.

So what did you all think of tonight's show? Spot on? Loved it? Disappointed? Wanted more?
Share share share below k?

The end credits (which like SUDDENLY appeared with the weirdest 'rap' in the background) featured some interesting things coming up next week...
  • FIRST EVER IN IDOL HISTORY, Duet Day! Kudos to SI Producer who came up with the idea!
  • And look who's become all chummy chummy, 'portrayed-to-be-sworn-enemies' Syltra and Ryan Lee are seen ENJOYING their duet performance and each other's company? (initially I thought they were related cos they were highligted one after another with the same surname, now thinking about it, ick!)
  • Major blowout by Dick for Gabriel CheoBulleted Listk and Cheryl Lim (which I think resulted in the her big sobbing clip on Gurms' shoulder) .... kena 'suan' for not being able to play the guitar well enough..ouch!
  • And finally of course, the much anticipated reveal of the Top 24.

Can't. Wait.

xoxo, s.

ps. Posting this first, while I work on my full review of tonight's episode.


  1. ahem... it's not the duet that's a first... it's what they are asked do is a first ever in idol history. heh

  2. SI Producer ...ooh thanks for clearing that up. What were they asked to do? And you mean there are 'duet' rounds at Theatre stage? who else did it?
    I know there are duet rounds later at Spectaculars (AI did it last season for the first time). share share oh knowledgeable one...

  3. germany did duets too for theatre... but WE did a FIRST ever anywhere in the world on that task given...

  4. I was disappointed with the judges who showed DOUBLE STANDARD towards the Ruben Raj guy who was also late and were asked to leave immediately. Where else the Chinese girl(Ms. Diarrhea) , is able to perform? WTF

    The JUDGES are RACIST !!!

    IF Singapore is a multi racial country, why is it only CHINESE judges....don't tell me non Chinese people are not capable in judging Singapore Idol?

  5. What happen IF the other way round?
    Samantha did not get the chance and Ruben did? Will the media or Singaporean write about it? Double standard for sure.

  6. OMG Happy Sweet Asian, i would never have noticed that DFK all chinese until you said it. To me, they're Dick, Flo and Ken! LOL, I doubt they are racist, if they were, people like Taufik and Hady would never have gotten thru rite? Don't forget, Ken manages them both too.