Friday, August 14, 2009

Found : SI Ep 2 Part 1 Youtube Clip!

UPDATE @ 6.47am, Friday 14th August :
Check out this clip of Ep 2! Just found it on Youtube!

See? What'd I say about the guy with the fan?? Can bounce right? HILARIOUS!
And the Brothers Cheok...cute rightttt? What did you think? Leave a comment!
Don't forget to check out the full review of Ep2 and take a first look at the 100 faces that made it through to Theatre Auditions!

xoxo, s.


  1. I totally loved episode 2... the characters are really sweet and endearing =) jiayou all!

  2. :) yay finally someone with nice positive things to say :)
    Too many 'haters' why cant we all just enjoy the show right? Relax la.

  3. i hate haters.. ppl in Singapore r just too critical no? must say sth bad abt everthing if not they 'tak' shiok la... anw ep2 was amazing esp w me in it... cant wait for theatre rnds... thanks to summerr for giving me air time on her blog... cheers trace, yheah! hahaa

    as was Charlie Wong said.. JIA YOU (add oil) all! =)

  4. JC, totally agree lor. and haha, you are most welcome!

  5. I really liked this episode better than the first ! That girl Frances was SUPER good ! I was really stunned. I never expected her to be that amazing when she walked in. Hee ! :)