Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Singapore Idol Top 24 : Mae Sta Maria

In The Shower with :
Mae Sta Maria
(nickname : Turtle)

In 3 words, Mae describes herself as Deep, Passionate and Nutty...sounds almost like a commercial for a Dark Nutty Chocolate bar :)

She is definitely passionate that's for sure. Mae's the kind of girl that needs a 'Pause' button once a while cos she gets so excited and can just keep rambling on and on about animals, people, her husband (aww), clothes, Idol, gardening (and how she does not want to) etc....

She's lovely la...just the kind of girl everyone would be friends with, Idol or not. :)

Quick facts about Mae :
Lives in : East
Occupation : Bank Teller (seriously? OCBC? UOB? OUB?)
Favourite MJ song : I Want You Back (the song saved her life at Theatres :))
Favourite Judge : Ken
Single/Attached? : Married <-- her husband is cute y'all!

Who does she think will win Idol 3? Farhan.

If music is your first love, what is your second?
My second greatest love that is not music related is definitely Basketball! I recently was in America where i was lucky enough to watch 4 NBA games. I also will support any playing level of basketball like local games, amateur games, people playing down stairs my papa's block,by loudly shouting , cheering and commentating on their games. "foul" "defense...clap clap clap" are what you would normally hear from me. Funnily enough...I have never played the sport.:)

Secret Single Behaviour : What do you do on your own that no one knows about?
My secret obsession other than blowing saliva bubbles is probably my obsession with finding convertible know: dresses that can turn into tops that can turn into skirts that can turn into hats (not really) I get soooo happy when i find a convertible item that i love. I've got a few but my current fave is my American Apparel circle scarf (you should google's so cool) Weirdly enough, only one other person knows about this.

summerr's take :
Mae being the oldest contestant on the show and probably with the most performing experience, having been on Australian Idol (she made it to the Top 100), definitely has a more controlled sound. She's also very determined and listens to the tons advice heaped on her by judges, Vocal Coach Ann and Music Director Indra.

I get the feeling she really really REALLY wants this :) Drive is good. Being able to handle constructive criticism is even better.

Here's a sample of her own music which can be found online (her links are at the end of this post).

Make a date with Mae!
Saturday, 5 Sept Aug : Lot One, 3pm -4pm
Catch Mae in person at the second Idol roadshow where you get to meet the 2nd group of 12 that will be performing at Piano Show #2.

Wednesday, 9 Sept : Caldecott Hill, 9am - 930am, 987FM
Tune in to 987FM at 9am to catch Mae's first radio interview, alongside Justin, Samantha and Faizal.

Wednesday, 9 Sept : Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Studio 1
Singapore Idol Piano Show #2, 8pm and The Results Show later at 10pm, on Channel 5.
Mae will be performing the Leona Lewis hit "Better In Time".

To vote for Mae :
Call 1900 112 1212 or text 12 to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.
Lines only open from 8pm on 9th Sept 2009.

Find Mae online :


  1. good stuff hang in there. im sure your husband is very proud of you.

  2. you are awesome and undoubtedly very talented. may the force be with you

  3. so nice!! good luck Mae!!!

    All the GIRLS are soooo talented this season !!!

  4. hey this is actually not bad! and she's quitw pretty too.

    total package. I hope this one can make it far!

    all the best!!

    P,S, loe the doggy too :)

  5. Hi Mae, "Over" sounds nice but did you sample any songs from famous artists in this track? It does sound very familiar...

  6. Mae omg your doggie is so cute lah!!!!!

  7. my moneys on u babe! =D

  8. Hi Anonymous:) The track was sent to me from friends in Miami to write to. It's their beat and my melodies and lyrics...
    Thanks everyone for your positive comments:) It means a lot to me.

  9. I think u'll be in top 2.

  10. wow wonderful voice ..wad race r u?? r ua filipino?

  11. Hi there anonymous...I am so mixed in races you can just call me rojak:) My Dad is Indian,Javanese and Japanese and my Mum is Eurasian mixed chinese:0) filipino unfortunate-ly.Thank you for your positive comments:)

  12. Mae, we need to do a post on your ancestry :)

  13. the intro of the music sounds reeaallyy similar to Prince -Betcha By Golly Wow

  14. dudeeee what the fuck! i was thinking why the judges didnt save you. you had the best performance. anyways good luck! you definitely show that you have the talent and the personality.

  15. Mae, you are marvellous. I was suprised when you were eliminate but when Gurmit said that they (the judges)decided to have top 13 I know that spot will be yours. Me & my husband love your performance very much. Keep it up girl you have a good vocal. You can go far. All the best to you.

  16. Hi Mae, is sta maria your family name or your hubby's family name? Is STA supposed to be pronounced as SANTA? Good Luck to your Idol Journey!!!!!

    Sta. Maria family from Philippines

  17. MAE you were great! I love your performance :) Good luck to you and I'll be rooting for you.

  18. awesome performance man! cant wait to see your next performance!

  19. She sang so well and yet not voted in by public???

    Wat's up Singapore!!! Gosh! quit voting for the pretty boys and get your vote right !! geez!

    Mae you can rest assure my votes are definitely with you.

  20. Probably singapore's voters are just blind and deaf? they dont go for quality at all. GO MAE STA

  21. MAE! you totally rocked my socks off!
    yes, you definitely have my votes too!

    'over again' sounds awesome! do more of such songs, it's a very 'you' song!
    all the best!!

  22. Hello Mae, it's a pleasure having you in SI this season. First off, a big warm congrats for making it through to the top 13 spectaculars. I was certainly impressed with your hard work and efforts in previous weeks from the auditions rounds. I also admire your "never-say-die" attitude throughout the competition. Please continue to maintain this kind of spirit as it is important in ensuring that you stand a great chance of going further in this competition:)

    Yes I agree that it must have been very difficult to leave all your loved ones behind in Australia in order to come down to Singapore for an audition. However, I am pretty sure the whole experience must have turned out rather fulfilling, fruitful and worthwhile one ultimately. As you have shown that you are determined and hungry for more success and achievement! Without a question of doubt, you truly deserved the last spot in the top 13 period. In fact, I was stunned that the judges didn't vote you in earlier prior to the annoucement that a top 13 had been formed. By then, I knew that somewhat it just had to be you:)

    The best thing about u is that u are one of those contestants in this competition who comes across to be very humble, experienced, mature, sensible and wise. The reply that you responded to Gurmit during piano show 2 results says it all. I thought it was concised yet meaningful! Btw, it made my day. In addition, I also agree with Ken that you are probably the only contestant that understands what vocal technique is all about. This was reflected in your performance in piano show 2. Great composure and excellent voice control. Good job and do keep up this good work in weeks to come!

    On a final note, just believe in yourself and stay positive like what you have already been no matter what the outcome is. Continue to build a good rapport with the judges. U are doing a brilliant job in this already! I wish you success and all the best in your performance tonight. I am confident you are able to make your hubby, fans and the judges very proud tonight. I believe u can do it. Rest assured you will definitely get my support and vote:) Cheers!

  23. man i like her song over again (: . though i dunno that what has happen in SI been busy studying . hahas but im really captivated by this song thanks for making my day (: hope to see you be famous perhaps on your own one day mae ! .

  24. i love mae! she is my fav idol 3 among others! too bad she been out early..i like when she perform nobody but you,so sexy!!!!!!