Sunday, August 9, 2009




Is it National Day? Yea, ok, it just so happens today is Singapore's 44th birthday, but whats more important is that its IDOL DAY folks.

Ok, to not seem ungrateful, must wish Singapore Happy Birthday first...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE muaks (love that you give mommies 4 months maternity and your public loos are so clean! double muaks!)

But more importantly....its the start of the IDOL journey tonight! Thank GAWD because its been such a pain surviving the last 2 plus months without anything Idol (I was climbing the walls every Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm/8pm after Kris Allen won - just didn't know what to do with myself , the kids thought Mommy just didn't like the wallpaper anymore).

To celebrate Idol Day, lets just recap the facts and some trivia about this season!

Over 4000 hopefuls auditioned this season! Thats 33% more than the number that auditioned in Season 1!

There are only 3 judges this season comprised of the originals : Dick Lee, Florence Lian and my favourite Uncle Ken Lim :)
The two that have left the panel are Douglas Oliveiro (Season 1) and Jacintha Abishygannadawiffyden (sorry I never was able to spell her name, Season 2)

This year, contestants are allowed to bring in their own instruments (and trust me, the instruments just enhances their talent - we were blown away - Ivory and Guitarhero woot!).

At this year's Piano shows, Ken has just been quoted as sayin, judges get to pick 6 out of the 12 that are to be this year's Top 12 - thats 50%! The talented ones sure get in! So the fight at the Top 12 stage will be bloody awesome! (make that, bloody AND awesome!)

I'm sure this will be a fabulous season. Its been 3 years in the making, so the talent is fresh, the music is fresh and the format has been revamped, so its also sorta fresh :) (Cold Storage why are you all not sponsoring the show? Its SO FRESH!)

4 hours and counting! Woot!

xoxo, s.


  1. Michael :) Cold Storage's tagline is 'The Fresh Food People' hahahhahaha. Thought there was a 'connection' they could play up hahahah!