Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Updates on Ben Chow Hacker Story

UDPATE : 3.02pm.
About 12 hours ago, I wrote the post below... "Just when the dust had settled ..."

But now, it looks like we won't get to see Ben's story unfold tonight, its slated for next week's episode of Idol (episode 3, Wednesday, August 19th, 8pm) pending the results from the police investigation into the case.

So super DRAMA. Even the police are involved, got case number and everything. Dang!

I, for one, hope producers will be candid enough to reveal the results of the investigation on next week's ep (or later, depending on when the results come back)(or at least to the media).

In the meantime, even more rumours have been circulating about how this 'fire' got started in the first place. Suffice it to say, if producers can capture this drama on-air, its reality tv gold - so Ep3, bring it! (No pressure SI Producer :))

xoxo, s.

ps. I wonder why New Paper hasn't picked up this story yet? Its right up their alley - Idol bashing, juicy gossip etc :)

-------posted at 3 this morning-----------
Just when I thought the dust had settled on the whole BenC-got-hacked-drama, I get a bunch of texts, tweets, fb messages and phonecalls about it.

Some were just airing their views - aiya sure fake wan, give the guy a chance, focus on the vocals bla di bla. Comments following my last post clearly shows the two camps are quite divided : the ones who believe in him and the ones who believe its fake.

So apart from 'view-airing', the latest I've heard from the grapevine is this...
Medical records have been summoned.
A police report has been lodged.
Fingers are being pointed, within the Idol community (shocking! NOT! I mean, of course la the first suspects are 'jealous' contestants vying for the same trophy DUH!)

This 'scandal' is so 'what everyone's talking about' that Producers may be editing a special piece on it for tonight's episode! (hopefully clarifying the situation once and for all so Benjamin can continue his journey in peace)

As it stands at 3.15am, I don't have a confirmation. You'll just have to tune in to find out. 8pm. TONIGHT. Don't miss Ep 2.

For the record, I think Benjamin really, really needs a break from this. Come on, I mean the guy was on air for like less than five minutes and already he's got faeces hitting the fan. Not liking someone is all fair in a competition. But hacking their personal accounts - is JUST SO LOW.

So lets all just grow up, and move past it, right after we see how it unfolds on tonight's episode of Singapore Idol.


  1. this is so dumb, i work with ben and i can assure you his injury is real lor. he can't even run after the bus, and now some idiot's hacking his fb. i hope they catch the guy soon.

  2. dunno if his leg is for real or not, but yah, its really pathetic that somone actually hacked into his facebook. my bet's that its someone from the show who's jealous/rival with ben. so dramaaa!!

  3. definitely drama....
    I hope poor ben's not too traumatised from all this and will concentrate on the competition.

    Its so nice to see his friends and acquaintances stand up for him.

    And yes, hope the police catch the bugger.