Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet your Top 24 Guys Incognito....

We're just a week away from the Great Reveal of the Top 24, so I thought now would be a great time to do a lil tease and see if you can figure out who's in the Top 24.

Check out these pics that I took of them, on a whim, asking them to pose with a 'shower' for this blog in particular, and every one of 'em were really good sports, hammin' it up in the midst of crazy wardrobe action (taken during their wardrobe session) - thanks you crazy LODIs! Much love!

Anyway, here's why I nicknamed them so, and some additional random information I managed to dig up about the Top24.

The Boyz ...
- check out The Girlz in the next post, today at 12noon -

Momma's Boy
Our Momma's Boy got this nickname because, well, I was influenced by everyone else. They all said he was a real Mummy's boy. One thing that stood out about him, he's the POLITEST guy ever. Ever. He just has impeccable manners and is very charming.

Momma's Boy has some acting chops too, having played Mr Bumble in a school play of Oliver as well as Tony in West Side Story. The latter role would require dancing chops too, which leads us to his next fave thing to do after singing - bboying (breakdancing for the uninitiated). He was a music conductor for his school choir and is now the musical director for an acapella group! How musical is he?

If he could be a Disney character, he would be : Simba from Lion King

The Goodboy
I named him such because my first impression of him was that he was a real 'kwai-jai' (cantonese for good boy and fillial son). Goodboy plays the guitar and has a pretty cool kid sister (according to him - aw cho chweet - melt not? tell you Goodboy rite?) He was also on the 'hunks' edition of a local game show! What does THAT tell you?

Disney character : Aladdin (shirtless hero!)

His English is impeccable, and he does that whole voice projection thing quite well. My first impression was that he spoke well, thus the nick. I had discovered that he has many layers and can be pretty kooky too. He loves Charmed (just like me) and Gossip Girl (who doesn't?!) and is also quite the tv addict.

Disney character : Simba, from Lion King

I took one look at the fella in his black leather jacket and his nick just came to me. It was also his mischievous attitude and non-stop chatter. He struck me as the kind of guy who would never listened when a lecture was going on and would be foolin' around in the back of the class. But that doesn't mean he ain't talented or ain't serious about this competition. Apparently he learned how to sing from his Filipino helper. :)

Disney character : Nemo, from Finding Nemo

When he first smiled at me, I was blinded by the teeth, thus the nickname. He SO could do ads for Colgate or some whitening formula. Great teeth. This guy is adorable though. He is just SO RANDOM. I had half a mind to change his nick to Random Blonde. Blonde because he just has SO many 'blonde' moments. 'Focus sweetie!' :)

Despite the Random-blondeness however, Colgate can sing and comes with a truckload of performing experience despite his young age. Then again, he also said he wanted to be a pilot. Sure not? Pilots CANNOT have 'blonde' moments whilst flying. Announcements throughout the flight will probably SO RANDOM, it'll end up being better than the inflight entertainment!

Disney character : instead of naming me someone from Disney, he listed a number of Looney Tunes characters. sigh. blonde. (I never thought this would be a tough question, seriously.)

Shimmer :
He wore a really shiny-shimmery shirt the first time I saw him perform and that just stayed with me. Producers had initially nicknamed him Jason (as in Mraz). Flo said he had a nice tone and I must say, this guy is a crooner.

So far, Shimmer has turned out to be Mr Congeniality. He's definitely a favourite with producers because he's always on time, reliable with deadlines (he's always first to revert on emails and messages), so you KNOW he's taking this competition seriously.

Disney character : Mickey Mouse! (only one who chose Disney's most famous character!)

Ok, I have to admit, this isn't the most flattering nickname, but I told myself to nickname them based on whatever came to mind when I met them. And thats what came to mind. Actually, the other nick that came to mind was Fighting Spiders :). He reminds me of one of the characters on that show. But he's a lot sassier.

He has hosted shows on Kids Central and Disney Channel and can dance up a storm! Definitely a book that should not be judged by its cover. Also loads of performing experience despite his tender age.

Disney character : Buzz Lightyear, from Toy Story

I nicknamed him such because he seemed to be the most worryful (is that a word?) contestant I met out of the Top24. He was always worried about one thing or another. Chill dude, really. Enjoy the experience and the Idol journey. Worry takes away the joy!

Apparently he can do a mean Gurmit Singh impression - this I gotta see! Plus, he has acting chops... he's been on the theatre scene since he was just 10. No wonder he enunciates his words so clearly. Diction is NOT gonna be a problem for him (unlike for some :P).

Disney character : Aladdin (everyone wants to be the hero without the shirt!)

Short of calling him a Diva, Glamourboy's personality just reminds me of that Fergie song 'Glamourous', and thats why I named him so. Its not that he wears glamourous stuff or that he's bling-ed to the max, its just his big personality and motor mouth?

Also speaks very well, diction is not a problem for him, and he loves classic music icons.

Disney character : Stitch (what does he have in common with a little blue alien who lives in Hawaii?)

Blew me away with the duet he sang at Theatre Auditions. Is awesome on the guitar. He has named John Legend, Stevie Wonder and John Mayer as some of his idols. A quirky character to say the least, I like his offbeat sense of humour and appreciate his unique personality.

Guitarhero has a band and was on a tv show featuring local musical talents, giving him possibly a leg up in terms of tv experience. Then again, maybe not....performing solo is a totally different ballgame.

Disney character : Beast, from Beauty & The Beast (awesome choice!)

The first thing producers told me about Ben is that he's flirtatious. So NOT true. Ben is so genuine and friendly. Maybe its cos he's cute, and girls like to talk to him, people think he's flirtatious (does being a girl make me biased then? oh well).

I nicknamed him Ben because he reminded me of Michael Jackson.

Ben is a singer-songwriter and while at boarding school in the UK, even participated in the Battle of the Bands competitions. He finds songwriting a great outlet for frustration and saying those things you can't put into words. Awwww.

Disney character : Aladdin (ok, this guy playing Aladdin, believable..)

First impressions made me nickname him Homeboy. He had the whole skaterboi look, with the hooded jacket, sideways cap and hunched yo-yo, immagonnarap-in-yer-face posture. As usual, first impressions are hardly accurate.

Often quiet and reserved, Homeboy's vocals and talent has surprised many. I've found Homeboy to be a determined hardworker who is dedicated to improving his skill, and definitely determined to win. He practices tirelessly and always seeks ways to do better.

He didn't get through in previous seasons of Idol, but has come back with more confidence after performing at pubs in the last few years. Possibly an early judges' favourite to get to the Top 12.

Disney character : Stitch (why la?)

Some random Top 24 guy trivia :
The largest shoe size here is a whopping size 14! Most of the guys are either an 8 or a 10 (or somewhere in between).

8 out of 12 (two-thirds) of the guys polled named P10 98.7FM as their top radio station choice. In fact, its the top choice amongst the Top24.

A large number of the guys named Prison Break as their fave TV show. Only 1 person dared admit they loved Will & Grace, right on dude! We love Karen!

Most popular guy phone, the iPhone! ENVY :P

Full Top 24 profiles, comin' at ya next Wednesday night, right after the show...look out for it!

xoxo, s.

ps. Check out the Top24 Girls post later today at 12noon .


  1. This is kinda easy..uh uh

    Glamourboy = Ryan Scott Santoso-Lee
    Teeth = Duane Russel Ho
    Badboy = Jonathan Cheok

  2. Homeboy = Could possibly be Charles Wong
    Momma's Boy = Theodore Teow
    Colgate = Farhan Shah
    Grammarboy = Could possibly be Jyustin Jap

  3. Benjamin Chow is in too = Worry Much ??

  4. Who could be the other 4 ? Hmm..

  5. lets see if everyone's right come next wednesday :)

  6. naw, worry much is ben.

  7. [Disney character : Stitch (what does he have in common with a little blue alien who lives in Hawaii?)]

    he can do the stich voice very well