Sunday, August 2, 2009

Top 24 Stylings Part II

Its been so quiet this week...*cue chirping crickets*

The Top24 have been lyin' low. They've hung up their Idol 'suits' and 'capes' and resumed their regular lives - back to school, back to work, back to...sun tanning and waking up late and having prata breakfast at like 10.30am ...and of course back to TWITTERING!

Its IDLING time before we get to IDOLing time (sorry, lame yes, but I couldn't help myself! LOL)....anywaaaaayyyy.....7 DAYS TO GO!!!! woot!

So to fill in the gaps, here are some pics of their new do's, sans faces, that they got done at Jeric's the same day I met them at wardrobe. Pics & first hand accounts courtesy of Producer Nanny :)

I was looking forward to hearing about some meltdowns ala America's Next Top Model.

No such luck.

According to Producer Nanny, all that happened was A LOT OF WAITING....(and this was confirmed by izked's posts too! haha!)

Not surprising...makeovers don't happen in a snap!

Check out Ebony with a towel on her head - why lah?

Here's Colgate enjoying a soothing hair wash!

Check out Diva's brand new, super shiny bangs! Love it girl!

Another nice transform, Cackles just got them sexy extensions and curls! pheweet!

According to Nanny, Wednesday's session took a whopping 6 hours, while Thursday's session was even longer, ending closer to 9pm after 8 LONG hours of teasing, colouring, extending, washing, blowing, trimming and curling! phew!

So what do Singapore Idol wannabes do to while the time away?
SING of course!
(and then got SHUSHED by salon staff! paiseh not you all?)

This handsome greenie got the best guy makeover imho. His hair was longer before, and now that its pretty much gone, his face has totally opened up...

I didn't notice how cute he was before the cut! Now its like...HELLO, girls are SO GONNA FALL for this Momma's Boy!

And best girl makeover goes to Pet. Her curly hair got tamed and once straightened phwoar, she looked like Mischa Barton!

Plenty of talented eye-candy this season and the makeover has enhanced not just their looks but their personalities too.

Look out Singapore, the Idols are ready to INVADE your living rooms and your lives!

xoxo, s.

ps. Can't wait to see them perform LIVE on stage at the end of the month - and also finally be able to post the gazillion pics I've taken of these crazy lovable crazy people.

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