Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Top 24 Birthday Wishes : YO LEOS!

Happy Birthday Leos!

The most popular zodiac sign in the Top 24, there are 5 Leos in the Top 24 (yeap, one-fifth are Leos! Not surprised, Leos are the most outgoing type of people) .
3 girls and 2 guys.

Here's a shoutout to your Leo Idols - Dazed, Goodboy, Goodgirl, Guitarhero and Badgirl! (ok, the more I type out the nicknames the more super random they sound ...haha I swear at the time I came up with them, they made sense!)

So here's a lil somethin' somethin' I found out about Leo people online.

Leos are warmhearted, loving and generous (true true), creative and enthusiastic (for sure!) but are also pompous (arrogant? some say they are, I like to think of them as obliviously confident), patronising (they're just impatient with your stupidity la) and bossy.

My own take...
LEOs are also some of the most FUN people to hang out with (quite a few of my best friends are LEOs....apparently Leos and Geminis click superbly!), they have great personalities and are always the life of the party.

And..they are SUPER VAIN lor! (although some will NEVER admit it hahaha! The more confident ones preen in public, think shop windows, car side mirrors and reflections on any shiny surface (like spoons! yes, seriously!), the lesser ones preen privately!)

According to
Leos LIKE Aries, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius...
DON'T LIKE Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces

So is this true? Maybe, maybe not. I asked our Top24 who their BFFs were in the competition.
Leo Goodgirl named fellow Leo Badgirl as her BFF - aah, birds of a feather. They were roomies at Bootcamp!

Leo Guitarhero named Momma's Boy (Cancer!) as his BFF - oops...

So what lies in the future for our lovely Leos? Here's what I found at

LEO 2009 General:

2009 would be an eventful year for you although there would be some rise in hurdles in comparison to last two years. (uh oh..)

Health and career could suffer some unexpected reversals between 1 st August 2009 and 17 th October 2009 . You should handle this period with caution. (Hrm, getting kicked off at Piano Shows/Spectaculars?)

Status and career will still remain in a powerful phase till 9 th September 2009 (ah so you all SHOULD survive the Piano shows!) .

You will be focused and dynamic in whatever you do till this period. <-- Aboden?! Of course la, how else to be an Idol if you aren't FOCUSED & DYNAMIC!

10 th September 2009 onwards you will find monetary pressures will rise. <--definitely talking about your rising expenditure on cabfare to and from Caldecott Hill for rehearsals, key checks, wardrobe fittings, interviews, photoshoots etc!

It would be useful to remain as conservative as possible this year. <-- what a cop out! No! Don't be conservative! Give it your all you guys, and go for the Gold!

So Happy 17th, 20th, 22nd, 24th and 24th birthday muh lovely Leos!

Just 4 more days to Idol! WOOT!

xoxo, s.

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  1. erm hey.. "Badgirl"'s bday is on 15 May.. i think u got her bday wrong =/