Sunday, August 9, 2009

Idol & National Day Wishes!

In full National Day and Idol spirit, here's what some of our Idol family members have to say :

"Only with hard work will you be able to reap rewards!"
Advice from Taufik Batisah, your very first Singapore Idol, to this year's hopefuls - listen up guys!

*pic courtesy of Taufik's Facebook Fanpage*

Hope everyone is enjoying the celebrations and I wish I could be there! To everyone watching idol (and the judges, who i miss dearly), be kind to them, everyone has a dream and not that many are so bold as to chase after it. It's always nice to show love :) and for you, I MISS YOU! hope you're having fun in Singas!
Always Singapore's sweetheart, Season 1 top 4, Daphne Khoo.

*pic courtesy of Daphne Khoo's facebook profile page*

"Happy Birthday Singapore! 44 years is a long way, but we have more to go! :)"
Short n sweet :) Grammarboy always has a way with words and a voice to match.

Happy Birthday Singapore! hahaa... can't believe i get to be on tv man, on Friggin' National Day la... how cool is that yo! Anyway just wanna say that i am so honoured to be this far and to be amongst such talent as this' years! Well done guys! All the guys this year have BIG BALLS...
Captivatingly naughty, yet heartfelt...totally befitting the Badboy.

"To all who auditioned but didn't make it, don't be saddened by it, there's still more opportunities for you guys in the future. Plus it took alot of guts to stand up there infront of the judges and sing your heart out so good on you!! All the best in your future endeavors (:

To my Top 24's!! You guys know i love you very much and i'm so glad that i get to share my journey with you guys. This season is gonna be awesome and you're all so talented i would hate to have to see any of you leave so let's just enjoy as much as we can now k?! * kisses!!*

To the audience a.k.a potential voters, a big HELLO from me!! Hopefully i'll be able to grab your attention on the show and i would really appreciate if you could vote for me!! Haha. Trust me, this season is full of talent and you will definitely NOT be disappointed (:"

THE END!! was it tooooo long?? hahahha. i have alot to say! hahha.
Isn't she the cutest? Already canvassing for votes! Clever girl! :) Can't help but love her...Pussycatdoll

"happy birthday singapore, and all of you (idols) should be proud that we're going to show the country, and the WORLD what singapore's got. you guys are the pride of the country."
Guitarhero salutes his fellow Idol hopefuls..aww cho chweet!

Suuupp fellas ^^
(: first of all, a VERY HAPPY NATIONAL DAAYY! Wow, 44 huh ...

And i just wanna say , i'm so happy to meet tha most TALENTED ppl here ! *saying it wit Tha Francis's Indian accent*
You guys are just like my own brothers and sisters luuhhh(:

To Peepz , luvaas, Gfs & Bfs, familiaaa :
Dnt forget to catch my Lodis & myself in SG Idol (:
Thiz time, its gon be ACTION PACK RANDOM Yo ^^
The very enthusiastic(online at least) Dazed :)

"Lots of hugs and kisses to all Idol contestants, all 4000+ of us!! Keep the faith and fire alive, everyone! It's OUR birthday today so let's all recite the pledge LOUD AND PROUD at 8:22 PM!! Much love and light to you, and your loved ones.. Think peace!"
Spoken like a true Diva.

Ahh, am finally home and ready to sit down and watch me some Idol. Family dinners do not make for a conducive tv watching environment (especially when everyone's talking at the top of their voices! how to hear ANYONE sing?)

So, I'll check back with you guys when I'm done watching Ep 1 of Singapore Idol 3 ! yay! I can barely contain my excitement!

Share your thoughts about Episode 1 here, would love to know what SIngapore thinks of the show week to week! So post comments y'all!

xoxo, s.

Ps. To those of you who replied with your wishes, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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