Saturday, November 28, 2009

The One With All The Vids

Good morning people!
I spent all of Thursday night/Friday morning uploading these vids, then couldn't bring myself to put it on the blog cos I was bleary-eyed and dead sleepy.
Anyway, here you go, these vids were shot at key-taking for Spectacular 11 : Step Up & Dance, on Tuesday (Nov24th) evening. Yes, the Idols select songs for the following week a day before the current week's performance. So for one Idol its usually kinda wasted effort la when they get eliminated. But this week - non-elimination - so it's all goode....

Sorry there aren't any vids of Charles, he was first to go for keycheck and out the door thereafter cos he had to get to work. :(

You'll see a little of Charlie in this one though, he was packing up and just singing along with Tabby and then he walked out and left - hahaha, Tabby still singing to herself and didn't realise he left.

Next up at keycheck is Sezairi, so while he's in the room, Tabby and Sylvia hang with Iz and I at the vending machine room. Tabby was recording a message and about to give me a sampler of whatever she was gonna sing, but we got distracted by Sylvia and Iz.

Charles was singing this earlier and Tabby tries out a 'Ne-Yo' song. Very short clip but when I came home and played it back I was just amazed at Tabby's vocals.

We were recording stuff and then suddenly some bhangra drum beats sounded. There was a dance rehearsal just two doors away. But we continued to record anyway, it stops midway, just in time for you to really heat Sylvia 'tarikkkkk' ...awesomeness! Watch! (this is one of Sylvia's confirmed song choices for next week's show)

Sezairi is back from keycheck. Check out his song choices at my previous post here. Sylvia's turn in the room, and while Tabby's waiting for her turn, Airi obliges by accompanying her while she tries out Pixie Lott's 'Mama Do'. One of my fave vids for the night. This song turns out to be one of Tabby's confirmed song choices for next week's show.

Everyone loves singing to Airi's guitar-playing, they all say they sound super good when its just raw with guitar-accompaniment. Tabby now tries out 'Crazy In Love' by Beyonce. This one turns out to be Tabby's other confirmed song choice for next week's show.

Its Tabby's turn to go into keycheck, so Sylvia takes a turn with Airi. I asked her to sing American Boy again because the earlier recording had the drums. But turns out, I actually prefer the way she sang it the first time around. This was good too, hahah, except for the choking at the end!

I actually like this vid very much. Both Sylvia and Airi sound really good together.

Last vid of the night, this one caught me by surprise. I wasn't recording, but when I heard Airi start singing my favourite Coldplay song, I had to record it - loved it! This song always 'gets' me.

Well, hope you enjoyed the vids. That was my night with the Idols at Tuesday's keycheck. My fave time is not the roadshows, but this time, the downtime with them, cos its just a bunch of people hangin' out and singing, and I love hearing them sing, cos they really are just so good unplugged :).

Have a great Saturday ahead! Don't forget to catch them at the roadshow today, 5pm at Orchard Cineleisure!

xoxo, s.


  1. HELLOS ! omg , really enjoyed the vids ! thanks truckloads tracy ((: damn , i feel like having more ! HAHAH :D

  2. Loved it! Loooooooove It. If Tabby sings that way she will definitely win votes! And i hope she do cause she deserves a spot in Top 3.

  3. yeah , tabby was great !

  4. What so funny about the first video summerr? I don;t get it, sorry.

  5. hi Anon,
    Oh i thought it was just funny how Tabby was singing and singing and then ended up by herself (cos Charles who was singing/dueting with her left) and she just said 'I Win!'.
    Its ok that you don't get it, diff wavelength? I'm usually on my own weird-ass planet hahaha :)