Friday, November 27, 2009

Spectacular 11 : Song List

Just Dance, Gonna Be Okay...Da Da Doo-Doop .....
Next week's theme is entitled 'Step Up & Dance', so your Idols will be churning out some 'dance-worthy' tunes, TWO each in fact (love it, any extra time watching them perform is great!). Out of the two songs, one will receive back-up in the form of dancers, so I'm thinking Glee? Ok, maybe not so Glee after you see the song choices...then again...

Point is, dancers add pizzazz, showmanship and entertainment value to what would otherwise have been a solo performance on the Idol stage, so kudos to producers for dreaming this theme up - about time we had some professional booty-shakin' on stage....oh fun *clapclapclap*!

Anyway, here's what your Top 4 (yay still Top 4!) are singing next we no particular order...

Tabitha Nauser
Song #1 - Mama Do by Pixie Lott
Tabby sings this song very well. I like her take on it, and depending on the backing tracks she ends up with, I'm quite sure she'll ace this one.

Song #2 - Crazy In Love by Beyonce Knowles (with dancers)
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What more could a huge Beyonce fan ask for? Since she's got back-up dancers for this, it should be hawt! I decided to post this vid instead of the regular music video, because it shows B's stage choreography - maybe we'll be seein' something similar (although, er, maybe less leg? We're a family show mah!)

Sezairi Sezali
Song #1 - Mad by Ne yo
This is such a beautiful song. I don't see how Airi's gonna be dancing to this one though....? Guess will just have to wait n see...

Song #2 - Caught Up by Usher (with dancers)
Ooh, most Usher songs just scream 'dance me!' And with the help of the dancers, this should be quite fun to watch. I wonder if it will be an original routine, or something to ape Usher's video....Airi in a fedora and jacket?

Charles 'Stitch' Wong
Song #1 - With You by Chris Brown
Chris' slick moves are awesome. If Charles can mimic those moves, he's so SET! Actually watchin' this vid, I can so see Charles singing and doing a few of the moves here and there. Especially after watching all those vids of him doing b-boy stuff at the roadshows! Go Charleyyy!

Song #2 - Lovestoned by Justin Timberlake (with dancers)
Imo, Charles has a similar tone to Justin. So this song should be easy for him to ace - I think,....someone once told me, 'never underestimate the complexities of an R&B song'. Also, I wonder how the dancers are gonna fit into this?

Sylvia Ratonel
Song #1 - I Don't Need A Man by Pussycat Dolls (with dancers)
Great sexy, dance-y song. You know what would be awesome? A windmachine. If Sylsyl had a windmachine for this song...wah-seh! Sumore got back-up dancers...fulemak! @siproducer.. 2 words....Wind.Machine.

Song #2 - American Boy by Estelle
When Sylvia first said she was gonna try out this song, everyone in the vending machine room (ie the other Top 4, me and Iz) were like...OMG this song is SO YOU! You HAVE to do it. And she is! Yay! Watching Estelle in the vid, I can so see Sylvia doing the same moves, she already does!

Well, there ya have it, your song list for next week! You all likey? I definitely likey. When I first heard about this theme, I was 'Dance' songs for a singing competition? A bit off right? Producers then explained to me that I had to stop thinking 'ahbeng techno' and think more in terms of like 'Fame' or 'Glee'. Ohhh I seeeeee.....

Fastforward a few months later and here we are...'Step Up & Dance' may as well be called R&B week! But no matter, I still love the song choices, imo, crazysexycool is what next week's ep's gonna be :)

xoxo, s.

ps. Wonder what the group song's gonna be....


  1. OMG I so love Sylvia's songs! Her song choices are always not the most popular, but very classy! And when she sings them with so much sophistication, it makes you want to look up the song in youtube over and over!

    Charles choices are good for his style too. I hope Sezairi just sings another Jamiroquiai for the dance -- Neyo is just -- not a dance song, no?

  2. I can't wait to watch the next specs! Sounds so exciting! (:

  3. i agree with this - Anonymous said...

    OMG I so love Sylvia's songs! Her song choices are always not the most popular, but very classy! And when she sings them with so much sophistication, it makes you want to look up the song in youtube over and over!
    her song choices are never popular. just like all the songs she've sung before, it makes me wanna listen it over and over again. and to me, she sang better than the original singers. im also looking forward to the others performances :D gonna be very exciting :D

  4. i love sylvia's songs as well. but i dont need a man is really difficult to sing. summer, do you think she can pull it off. have u heard her sing the song yet?

  5. Charles' song choices look bad to me.
    *can't imagine him singing "With You" x lots of times ending well*
    Quote Florence,"A lot of people think singing Justin Timberlake is easy, but its not."
    Yup. Looks bad.

  6. Too bad Duane is out already haha..
    I bet he would do something like Gaga's Alejandro or PCD's Jai Ho...

  7. I have heard Sylvia sing like a line or two from 'I don't need a man', during the keycheck, sounded ok, am sure she can do it. If she can't, she sure as hell will practice real hard, she's a very hard worker - she will sing/rehearse the week's song over and over and over (and drive everyone a little cuckoo) until performance time. Thats why we call her Sylvia FM - One Hit, All Day, Every Day. Well, this week its TWO hits :)

    As for 'why not britney'...hrm, they considered it, we (Iz, contestants and I) talked about some Britney songs, but they aren't good to showcase vocals. Toxic was the closest that came to being a good suggestion, but it didnt get picked.


  8. i dun think that charles gonna pull the songs he choose off . coz firstly chris brown song - with you - does not really suit his voice much , and its like a karaoke song (rmb david archuleta sing that song??) . and his 2nd song is so much more difficult and dont forget justin timberlake's songs are really tough ! i find tht charles made bad song choices this week . hopefully everyone pull them off BRILLIANTLY ! ((: oh ya , have you heard charles snippets yet ??

  9. yayy , i am so excited for this week ! seems so cool ! :D

  10. goodness, looking at the song 'i dont need a man'. can sylvia do those moves? it's really sexy. i think it would need a lot of courage and guts to do those. plus the singing and having to dance would be so difficult. does anybody know if she's going to dance to it as well?

  11. Hey summerr, you forgot to let everyone know that Sylvia is not the only one who works very hard until performance time Please give credit to the other Idols as they have worked hard too on their songs, which i think you hardly mention on your blog.
    Don't let it get too obvious for everyone to know who your favourite is.

  12. she where got play favourties lol. she only mentioned sylvia cos the anon above asked about sylvia

  13. Yes i agree with the anon above.
    Summerr love you though:)

  14. What so big deal about Sylvia? After wednesday will see Who is In and Who Is Out! Until than i will not comment yet :)