Wednesday, November 4, 2009

9.30pm : Time for a Sneak Peek!

SNEAK PEAK - next week's theme!

The lines are about to close in half an hour - are your fingers bein' worked to the bone?
Meanwhile, here's a visual clue as to what next week's theme is....

Is it 'Whack Faizal Isa Day?!'...

Was Malaque on a 'Next Top Model-esque' shoot?
*She looks super intense right?

Oooh Girl Fight!!!
Sylvia and Nurul really look like they're at it!

Looks like a rather violent Spectacular next week!

HINT! : The Idols are now fighting tooth and nail to do their best and stay in the competition, and producers have given them the ultimate chance to 'sabo' their fellow idols in a bid to grab the crown for so?
Answer comin' up in about half an hour!

xoxo, s.

ps. btw, imo, best original idea for a Spectacular ever :)




    Anw mae does NOT deserve to go

  3. Oh. I'm quite sure they will make charles sing a rock song or something.

  4. Mae has been OVERHYPED PERIOD & BIG TIME - her time is up!

    Her vocal does not even measured up to Gayle Nerva of Season 2.

    Can you hear how she cracked and went flat with a beautiful song. There was some emotion - but just her usual style to gain sympathy votes - and I am glad they did not bring her far.

    Singapore has voted CORRECTLY this time - for raw homegrown talents not someone !!!

    I would say NURUL, Amira, Malaque, Sylvia and Tabitha should STAY LONGER. And some of the guys like Sezairi or Duane have talent!!! All Singaporeans and Singapore has talent!!!

  5. The fact that both Charles and Duane (no offense to them) are still in the competition only goes to show how Singaporeans, in general, fail to grasp the meaning of talent or pitching. The judges' continuous pleas for the audience to "vote for talent" has seemingly only resulted in woefully sub-par, mediocre contestants remaining on the show.

    How is it possible that the Final 6 (!) consists of only three singers (Tabitha, Sezairi and Sylvia) who are actually deserving? How is it that the best performer for two weeks in a row (Mae) is given the boot? Has the definition of 'talent' become 'the 'cute' boys on tv who make me smile every week'?

    If this is how Singapore chooses to respond to true talent, then there is little more that I can really say, other than the fact that S'poreans are looking set to transform the series into a farce... if that hasn't already happened.

  6. Duane has talent but inconsistent. Mae Sta Maria is just PASSABLE - I'd think Gayle Nerva or Matilda is better. Well, Mae's fans are very ANNOYING to make a big hooha about this!!!

    Her rendition of "over the rainbow" was flat, pitchy, and she failed to hit the high notes.

    Other girls like Nurul and Amira seriously deserve to stay much longer than Mae Sta Maria who has been inconsistent!

    And please STOP dissing our Singaporean homegrown talents like Tabitha, Sylvia, Sezairi - with your previous, untouchable Mae who is NO BIG DEAL!

  7. I think Charles or Faizal should get the boot, but at the same time I really think Mae is still too average to be a strong contender to win - she is just not good - her performances are generally sub par and not consistent. Her personality is also not desirable, i.e. talks alot and acting desperate. Sorry.

  8. In my own point of view i think sylvia should have been given the boot tonight as mae is way more experienced than not only her but to all the other contestants as well. I'm not overrating her performances here or something but a talent like her should have deserved to stay longer in this competition. At least to the finals.

  9. Limedrops23....are you tone deaf? You must be Mae's family members speaking up for her :) You are simply Delusional, seriously.

  10. to neutral viewer: I don't mean to be rude here but i have to say one thing: charles has got the talent, the looks n the support, while faizal has a strong fanbase so please don't anyhow predict about this. And, with regards your comment bout mae: what reasons do you have to support this sentence when you yourself don't know her that well? And, she's the complete oppsite of what you make her out to be as i have seen and talked to her before so please, just keep the negative comments to yourself. Thanks.

  11. Anonymous: sorry but i'm not related to her in any way. I'm just speaking up for my friend here cuz i feel that some of the comments are unfair to her in someway.

  12. Limedrops23, Mae has left the competition. Stop acting so sore. I am sorry that I strongly disagree with your comment about Sylvia and about Mae being more experienced than other contestants - in what reasons or ways please?!

  13. If Sylvia wins, I will buy her CD. In my personal opinion, her voice is more radio-friendly and hence she deserves to stay longer. Each to his/her own. But Limedrops23's comment sounds unreasonable to me - i.e. he/she says that because Mae is way more experienced than ALL other contestants, and thus deserves to advance to the finals. Are you trying to say that just because you think she is experienced and thus deserves MORE to be in the finals?

    Limedrops23, being experienced is NOT the only quality deserving one of a spot in the finals. Perhaps you give us a CLEAR definition of what is "experienced" before you made that comment.

    Although I feel that a few guys should get the boot, I certainly do not relate with you comment about Sylvia and about Mae being more experienced than all other contestants.

    Well, each of us have our own different definition / expectation of our idol - so this does not mean Mae is a worthy winner or finalist in everyone's eyes. There is a thing called 'respect' - and we have to respect the choice others made even though our favourites got voted off.

  14. Anonymous: I'm making that statement judging by the fact that she has taken part in similar competitions before so therefore she is more experienced in handling a contest like this. And, by saying this im not trying to be unfair to the rest of them cuz i personally an also rooting on for duane,charles n faizal.

  15. Limedrops23, you have your own favourites and I would try to respect. But you were putting Sylvia down. If I can be nastier, I would have commented here to write that Duane, Charles and Faizal should get the boot - to be honest, these 3 guys are getting boring as weeks go by - they have actually turned interesting songs into boring renditions.

    If you think Sylvia deserves the boot - give me the CONCRETE REASONS as WHY & HOW she fares MORE poorly than your personal favourites (Charles, Faizal and Duane and also Mae). Everyone has his/her own favourites, there is a thing called 'respect', OK?!

  16. i sooo agree with the anonymous above. in what way is charles better? at least duane has some nice pitch that he could handle at certain shows but charles? tell me which season did he sing well better than sylvia or the rest? i'm not a fan of faizal. but even i think faizal is a little better than charles. i'm talking about their singing here, not based on some looks or favouritism. if you think im no vocal coach to make this comment, then i'll have to say it's just based on my opinion. & my opinion is which has the obvious nice singing. tabitha, sylvia n sezairi is e most deserving. sezairi may not sound as good as e other two girls but he has a great personality that is pleasant to watch.

    they shud really make one number entitled to one sms. den the rich ones or the kids who don't care about money won't have the advantage to take control of the voting system.

  17. *nods* The guys aren't good enough :X:X
    Charles and Faizal should get the boot. Unfortunately for us, the younger girls vote for them. :X:X
    But Charles fanbase isn't that strong, he's been in the bottom few before.
    And I don't get why people say Charles has the looks because I think his looks are pretty average. :X
    I think Duane has a great voice although he may not necessarily be able to use it well and then the looks...
    I do not discriminate against his looks but most people do, which is why I find it hard to believe he is still in. :X
    Well either way, I don't think any of them are that good. :X (That includes the girls.)