Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some BTS Vids

Ever wondered what happens on stage during that 1 hour break between Performance and Results Shows?
You've may have seen the pics on SI's Facebook page, but those are static, so thought I'd record some vids and share them with you.

What usually happens is Matt (the very hardworking wubby who keeps the crowd entertained and informed before the show, and in between commercial breaks and this hour-long break) will invite ex-Idol contestants and audience members to play games.

Tonight, Matt invited Duane, Malaque and Farhan up on stage to sing songs suggested by the fans/audience. Here are some vids.
I have no idea what song Malaque is singing, but apparently she sang this for her audition.

In this clip, you'll see Farhan and Duane doing a sing-off, suggested by Malaque, of Duffy's 'Mercy'. Not sure who won the sing-off LOL! Who's rendition did you prefer?

Here's Malaque singing a fan request, 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'. Imo she sounded pretty good despite having a terrible cold!

While the 3 ousted Idols were on stage entertaining the crowd, our Top 5 were busy practicing their group song choreo one last time with Zaki out at the foyer at B4. Check it out! (Sorry for the shaky cam, was trying my best to avoid the cameraman who was also walking backwards and almost backed into me a few times!)

Here's the group song recorded from my seat. Hope someone uploads the tv version soon. :)

Well, thats all the vids I have for you tonight, hope you enjoyed the show, my tweets/twitpics from studio - oMg 3am - nitey nite!

xoxo, s.

ps. Don't forget to catch Faizal's exit radio interview in the morning at 9am on Idol's Official Radio Station, 987FM with Dan & Young.

pps. Fyi, tomorrow is a super busy day for the Top 4, they'll be doing their profile shoots all morning (call time is 9am), followed by a visit to Ngee Ann Poly at 5.30pm, followed by vocal sessions with vocal coach Ann Hussein. Full day! Don't forget to check out Iz's tweets for the Poly visit tomorrow.

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