Saturday, November 21, 2009

Idols Write Songs

Original Songs For A Cause
Our Top 4 have been hard at work writing original songs for next week's show. In fact, since last week they've been hard at work (including Faizal, because they work two weeks in advance regardless of who's in/out).

I know you guys are definitely curious to hear what those original songs sound like - so was I. I had planned to record it, but Iz already did, so here are the vids he recorded yesterday of each of your Top 4's original songs.

In no particular order....

Sezairi Sezali with 'You'.

Sylvia Ratonel with 'I'll Be Here'.

Charles 'Stitch' Wong with 'Before You Hit The Ground'

Tabitha Nauser with 'No Matter'.

Sorry this post took forever...the vids were rather large in size, and YouTube kept dying mid-upload. As I'm typing this (10.48pm), I've still got 20mins left to go on Charlie's song upload and Tabby's is queued behind it! (12.14am - finally done!)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the vids - which song did you like best?

I'm looking forward to next week's show so much, and the Results Show sounds like its gonna be da bomb with guest artistes etc for a FULL HOUR! It will be heartbreaking when one of the 4 go home :(... but at least it'll be with a bang right?

xoxo, s.

ps. In my previous post I mentioned sleeq would be performing, my mistake, need to clarify that, sleeq will be performing during the 1-hour break in between Performance and Results shows, so only the attending studio audience will get to watch it - don't trusty phone will be there too! Shall upload the minute I get back k!

pps. A big thank you to Izked for filming and editing these vids! Do check out the Official Blog for more Idol stuff!

ppps. Just had to add these two lil tribute vids in...done by sabrinaathestrange, they are tributes to Charlie and Sylvia. I lurve Sylvia's - the song choice is awesome...LOL But truth be told, Sylvia is more blonde than bitch - SylSyl u noe i luv u rite? :)

Sabrina, howsabout something for Tabs and Airi now - can?


  1. sezairi's song is nice, but it sounds like a mix of songs already in the market. maybe he needs to add a more original touch to it? but still nice anyway.

  2. the girls' original versions sound surprisingly good although they are rather inexperienced in terms of composing songs. so very good job. btw summer, charles's video cant be seen.

  3. tabby's one give me the shudders... in a GOOD way! :DD

  4. why does sezairi's video say "before you hit the ground, charles' original"? they are all good tho!

  5. Sorry folks abt Charlie's vid...have re-uploaded it to Youtube...baaah...its 2.23am now...phew! Finally went thru! Should be ok now! thanks for the feedback...

    ps. to the anonymous above this, er where does it say? can tell me? Cos i can't spot the error :P

  6. i find tabby and sezairi songs are nice , but the rest are good too ! tabby composed a song which allows her to 'bring back her strong vocals' ! which im super happy about ! (: and summer , i dun think there's anything wrong leyy . hahahha .

  7. I like charles's and sylvia's song!

  8. erhh im not imagining it right? the black screen before sezairi actually comes on.. the one with the song title and stuff.. before the blog addresses come on.. heh.

    and maybe i'm biased but i got the good chills too, when i heard tabby's!

    anonymous from above. heh.

  9. anon, ohh....ok will let iz know...thats part of his edit....hahahah guess he forgot to change it!

  10. let me be your light, let me be your strength, let me be the one to be there for you when you need a helping hand, let me be your faith, your faith, when you feel there's no one else, cuz u know i love you no matter what they say... ^ ^ GO TABBY!!!! ALL THE WAY! C:

  11. I can't wait for Sezairi to perform it, the snippet sounds awesome. The full one must be fantastic! ;) Wednesday please come fasterrrrrrrrr!

  12. can't figure out the lyrics to Sezairi's song...anyone knows?

  13. cant wait for singapore idol todae