Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quick update : Sylvia is SUPER SICK

Quick update from the studios...

'Mercy' singin' 'sex-kitten' Sylvia Anne Ratonel is super super sick today. On Monday night at the choreo session, poor Sylvia suffered from chronic tummy pains and was rushed to the doc's. Doc diagnosed her with a viral infection and stomach flu (ouch! the latter is very very draining!)

This morning, poor Sylvia was apparently still throwing up.

But being the determined trooper she is, still reported to MediaCorp today for the show. I'm hoping she gets some steroids, lots of water and some rest whenever possible today before tonight's crucial show (since she was bottom 2 last week).

Here's an alternative - howsabout we give SylSyl a rest tonight, and we call it a 'no elimination' episode and have everyone come back again NEXT week for a DOUBLE elimination? Clever not?
Any siproducers reading this?

Anyway, fingers, toes and limbs crossed for SylSyl to be better by tonight. And Sylvia fans - you got your work cut out for you - double your votes to keep her in in case her performance ain't 100% k!

Poor girl, get well soon babe...
xoxo, s.

ps. now we know why she din reply the email interview - she was SUPER sick :(


  1. omg it doesnt matter if she doesnt perform as well tonight. the most impt is her health. i really hope she gets well soon. COME ON SYLVIA SUPPORTERS. we better vote our hearts out tonight.

  2. summerr, i'm feeling really worried for her now! is she okay? i'm more concerned about her health actually. and she really doesnt deserve to be out tonight or anything. ))):

  3. Nevertheless, Sylvia has pulled off an excellent performance. Bravo, she deserved to go through to the next roung.

  4. alright i'm so glad she aced it. am loving her more & more each week. summerr, if you see this, could you tell her that she was awesome and to please take good care of herself? thanks so much.