Wednesday, November 11, 2009

9pm : Show's Over - Lines Aren't

So how?
Did you all enjoy tonight's show - Killing Me Softly? How did you think the Top 6 did? Stay tuned to Channel 5 for live updates during News 5 Tonight. Plus follow my tweets/twitpics live from the studio!

Results show starts at 10pm, until then you have a FULL HOUR to concentrate on voting! Plus, here's a peek at tonight's group performance. Shot by Iz on Monday at choreo practice, your Top 6 will be performing Pixie Lott's Boys & Girls.

Here's the vid in case you're clueless about the song :) But how could you be? Pixie Lott's huge!! :)

Anyway, keep the votes comin' in, and dare I say it .... 'Save The Girls' <-- could be a teeshirt! New Urban Male, if you can do 'Boomz' on a tee, you can do this.

xoxo, s.


  1. Duane is too young. He still acts like a kid and talks back to judges. Although Ken can be really mean and harsh, he should still accept it and just listen! damn it. be a professional. listen. dont whine.

  2. ppl who vote for duane have screwed him up. during o lvls he sing sing sing, nvr study. now o lvl end, hes out