Wednesday, November 25, 2009


OhHappyDay! It's IdolDay!OhHappyDay! It's IdolDay!OhHappyDay! It's IdolDay!OhHappyDay! It's IdolDay!OhHappyDay! It's IdolDay!OhHappyDay! It's IdolDay!OhHappyDay! It's IdolDay!OhHappyDay! It's IdolDay!OhHappyDay! It's IdolDay!OhHappyDay! It's IdolDay!OhHappyDay! It's IdolDay! OhHappyDay! It's IdolDay!OhHappyDay! It's IdolDay!

Phew! Finally managed to high-tail it back home before going out to the studio....below (and on the left sidebar) are the voting deets for tonight! Remember, each Idol will be singing two songs - a cover and an original composition they wrote especially for tonight's theme - Song For A Cause. And of course, the cause in question tonight is World AIDS Day (comin' up this December 1st).

Sezairi Sezali will be opening the show with the Black Eyed Peas hit 'Where Is the Love?' and performing his own song 'You' later on in the show. 'You' is a beautiful ballad (listen out for the beautiful lyrics) about how the imperfections of a person is what makes them perfect.

Tabitha Nauser will be performing second with her original song 'No Matter', a jazzy-gospelly song about how she will be there for someone who's going thru struggles 'no matter what'. She says the lyrics are simple but heartfelt and hopes the audience will sing along with her tonight. Her second song for the evening will be Carrie Underwood's version the George Michael classic 'Praying For Time'.

Charles will be going 3rd and singing U2's 'One'. His 2nd outing tonight will be his original song 'Before You Hit The Ground' about a girl with AIDS. The song states that he will be there to support her, to 'catch her before she hits the ground'. Awww....

Going 4th and last tonight will be Sylvia Ratonel. Her first song will be her original song 'I'll Be Here' which she describes as a melody made up of mish-mashed melodies she's been storing on her ipod. The song is what she hopes/envisions people will say to her should she be the one in a struggle or dealing with tough times. Her 2nd song for the night will be a cover of Adele's 'Make You Feel My Love'.

check out my previous posts to find out more about their songs.

I think tonight's show is gonna be awesome. The theme itself already warms my heart, because HIV & AIDS awareness is already a cause I support. Education is so important, because it not only saves lives, it helps those living with the virus cope with it in their society.

On a lighter note, I'm also looking forward to seeing tonight's result because, this morning, on 987FM, Dan the Man has boldly declared that neither Tabby nor Sylvia will be going home tonight....shockers! Is he predicting either Charlie or Airi going home tonight? Daniel Ong has laid $100 on the line to either one of the girls if they end up at the 987FM studio tomorrow morning as the eliminated Idol!

I say, getting eliminated so not worth the $100 lor! hahahah.
Let's see if Dan gets this one right - his last prediction came true. So maybe Dan the Man is clairvoyant!

Oh, and just to clear the air about the Twitterpanic that happened this afternoon....keep your panties on one has pulled out of Idol.

@siproducer tweeted that they needed to re-do the choreography for the night because someone wasn't able to attend.

@siproducer later clarified that it was one of the ex-Idol contestants who was not able to attend due to an urgent personal matter that cropped up. So instead of 6 Idol alums returning for the Results Show, you'll have to do with just 5 instead.

So don't worry, NONE of your Top 4 have dropped out of the competition! Phew. Press that UNpanic button now.

Whee...just 2 hours plus to showtime, and half an hour til I leave home for the show yippee! Look for my tweets/twitpics!

xoxo, s.


  1. OMG, IM SO SO EGGCITED!!! HOPE US, TABBY'S SUPPORTERS PROVE 8DAYS WRONG! >.<" *finger and toes crossed*

  2. Yes, Prove 8days wrong,Tabitha is gonna prove them wrong.Actually, all four them are really good:) Can't wait for the results:)


  3. So how do y'all feel now that the results are non-elim? :)

  4. Haha, Im actually quite happy with th fact that No one got eliminated this time round:/,Especially tabby.I was gonna pull my hair out,when it was down to Charles and Tabitha.