Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Song For A Cause - Song List

Here's what your Top 4 will be singing next week!

Each of them will be singing an original composition (specially written for this World AIDS Day tribute) and a cover (something inspirational). So that means, we get 8 songs altogether! Double the fun! Woot!

PLUS, next week's Results Show is gonna be a full hour (instead of the usual half hour) cos we've got group performances a-plenty. There's a 'Idol Alum' number (Nurul, Malaque, Farhan, Duane, Amira and Faizal), a Top 4 group number and an everybody (Top4+Idol Alum) group number :)

Plus special guest performances by Jack & Rai and Nathan Hartono. Sounds like a rawkin' show already!

Ok, without further's the song list in no particular order....
(I won't be commenting on their original compositions cos I haven't really heard them yet, except for Airi's cos Iz just told me that he recorded it before)

Sylvia Ratonel
Original song : "I'll Be Here" (the song is about what Sylvia hopes people will say to her when she faces struggles and tough times)

Cover : Adele's "Make You Feel My Love"

I think this Adele song is right up Sylvia's alley. Her voice is similar to Adele's and its the kind of offbeat, retro-ish, laidback tune that Sylvia seems to excel in.

Tabitha Nauser
Original song : "No Matter" (the song's about Tabby bein' there for someone who's having a tough time, 'no matter what'.)

Cover : Adam Lambert's version of "No Boundaries"

I've also attached the studio recording of the song because the sound quality in the above vid isn't too good.

Definitely a better version than Kris Allen's. Adam Lambert's rendition has a lot more emotion and its a great 'let-it-all-out' type song. I hope Tabby lets go next week, cos when she does she really really shines. Can't wait!

Charles "Stitch" Wong
Original song : "Before You Hit The Ground" (the song is about a girl who has AIDS who feels depressed but there will be people who will catch her before she 'hits the ground')

Cover : U2's "One"

Sorry, couldn't find any of music video of this song that wasn't 'Embed disabled', so opted to post this 'Live' version instead. But you all should know this song right? Its pretty famous.
Anyway, its a big song, am wondering if Charles will sing it 'intimately' or go all out with it like he did with The Calling's 'Wherever You Will Go'. Good song choice though, very inspirational!

Sezairi Sezali
Original song : "You" (the song is about the imperfections that make people perfect)
(Iz actually recorded Airi singing this a while back...see vid below)

Cover : Black Eyed Peas' "Where Is The Love" (he's apparently gonna sing the 'rap' part - can ah?)

I like this song. Almost everyone I know likes this song. But at one time, it just got overplayed and people got tired of it. Hope everyone's had enough of a rest from the song so that it doesn't become a blindspot when Airi performs it next week. Another feelgood song for the night!

World AIDS Day is on 1st December. To find out more about how it affects us here in Singapore, click here to get to the Health Promotion Board's site.

Was supposed to turn in almost 2 hours ago, but HAD to get this post out to you :) 4.45am now, definitely time for bed!

xoxo, s.


  1. WOW Top 4 sounds like the real deal!! It kinda sounds like final 2 !! Season 3 is the first season that I really have been following w/o missing a single episode (except MJ week cos of exams). I only vaguely remember the Taufik (or was it Hady?) season where they entered the indoor stadium in posh cars (Top 2). Next week's show sounds like a finale lor!!! SO EXCITING!!

    Is Syltra performing under Idol Alum? Cos she's been MIA for so long!! Even Justin has been on Idol TV and stuff. I hope she comes back for group performance :) Hope you can reply to this!!

    I really hope a girl can take the throne this time. I am a tabby fan but I really don't mind Sylvia winning, but it HAS to be a girl. The girls are obviously stronger and although Faizal's shocking exit (blame gurmit!!! his tactics are getting better tsk tsk tsk) is ok to me cos he really wasn't THAT strong, I felt that charles should have gone out.

    Don't you think that he's kinda out of place out of the top 5? No offence to charlie fans and you summer cos i know you're close to every one of them. But seriously? He was so anti climatic on stage when Faizal was singing his exit song. The rest of the top4 were crying and emo but he was -___-. I don't know, I'm just really sian of him and kinda wish he'd left the screen sooner. I'd really regret if he became our idol. NO OFFENCE TO ANYONE ONCE AGAIN!!

    And ho ho ho. The judges didn't get to use their save!! I was really really looking forward to how they'd use it. Summer, what would it have been like if they decided to use it? Could you care to explain cos I'm really interested to know :)

    And lastly, who do YOU think will be in top 2? Judging from the last 2 weeks, everything really is damn unpredictable. Faizal and Duane: Never bottom 3, but boom! Out consecutively. Wow right?

    Hope you have the time to reply to this!! Would really appreciate it!

  2. I totally agree with the anon above. Seriously, I prefer Tabitha vs Sylvia final - they both have beautiful voices that have been very pleasing to the ears. It's nice to hear them anytime. Personally, I don't really like Sezairi - so what if he had a great performance last night? He is still not as consistent and versatile as Hady and Taufik. Moreover, Faizal's attitude is better than him - Faizal speaks his mind and is honest but unfortunately he continued to be boring. But Sezairi is not much better, he had several more inconsistent performances as compared to the girls of this season - but yet people have been so forgiving to him by allowing themselves to be Overly-fascinated by his so called 'originality', musicality...blah...I am sorry that I just don't get this fascination since there are thousands of musicians out there who can do it and they have much better vocal quality too - while Sezairi has a limited vocal range and his tone is unpleasant to listen to.

  3. Just to add - Nurul, Mae, Amira and Malaque are much better than Sezairi in terms of vocals. At least, Charles is improving and knows how to beatbox. So why Sezairi lasts longer than them. This is SO unfair!

  4. now, now lets wonder over six thousand of Faizal's fans will be voting for who next!!!

  5. next to wonder, why didn't the judges use their safe :D .....Can they use it the next week??

  6. My prediction for TOP 2 - Sylvia & sezairi.
    Sorry to say BUT all top 10 actually have limited vocal range. Now its all about their personalities and potentials. Who would inspire the masses and i'm sure we would want to vote for the one we think has great talent and potential to grow and make spore proud some day just like Taufik and Hady did.
    - MimIdol

  7. If your prediction happens, I will vote for Sylvia. I prefer Sylvia to win.

  8. Btw Sylvia and Sezairi, I will pick Sylvia to win. I just don't get how inspiring Sezairi is - because I know many better musicians than him even in Singapore alone. He was fortunate last night because an experienced fan chose a song which suits him. Just because he was amazing, his previous lacklustre performances were all forgotten. Someone else were unfortunate to do a song picked by 2 primary school kids, and becos she went off key in the beginning, she got condemned for good while her past awesome performances were forgotten. Personally, I do not think the girls were overrated. It's just that the audiences/viewers tend to nitpick on the teeny weeny flaws they have simply because they are jealous that the judges give them some good reviews. As a viewer who do not always agree with the Judges, the girls managed to grow on me and hence I prefer to root for them. I want an idol who can grow on me (not someone whom I can like at first sight). Unfortunately, Sezairi has NOT grown on me. Each to his/her own.

  9. Dear Summerr, are you an Adam's fan? Just curious :) Well, which version will Tabby adapt? Kris' or Adam's. I just think it'll be a difficult song to make a moment as both Adam and Kris did not pull it off very well.

  10. aww tracy you're so sweet ! sacrificing your sleep just for us ! :D

  11. Dear Candy, I have to admit I like Adam Lambert just a lil more than Kris cos he's got edge. But I like Kris too cos of his laidback style - i love his rendition of Heartless! But for No Boundaries, I'm definitely a fan of Adam's version more. See my latest post - Tabby's changed her mind - she'll be doing Carrie Underwood cover now. :)

  12. and and ytd i dreamt about somewhat you ! and here goes the dream , i met you and we seemed like friends , and den we saw the director of the SI and den 2 unknown ppl walked in th room and we were outside hearing wad they said ! den the director said tht they will take over you position as the unofficial blogger ! den you were like so pissed off , and stormed into the room and scolded the director and you ran off , with me ! LOL rite !? i know !

  13. i'm worried for the girls because they have never composed a song before. summer, do you think they will do fine? how's sylvia's song like?

  14. I think they've all composed before in an earlier round right? Where they had to pair up. And there were people helping them out so I think it's gonna b ok.

  15. i bet e first few anons above saying about how sezairi is so bad is the same person as any other comment page on e other entries ive seen. i can see through the way you typed. i know sezairi is your least favourite but to talk in such manner, you're nt good of a person yourself.

  16. Missing Faizal here :(

  17. OMG nicholas thats crrrazy! hahahaha. very imaginative! I havent had the same dream yet though! ekekeke

  18. HAHHA ! yeah ! its like so OMG larh ! *fingers cross you keep your job* ! you're a great blogger ;D

  19. i agree wif those few anons lol some contestants who got the boot were better than sezairi in terms of vocals. em' sorry to say this :/

  20. to the anon who's worried abt the girls....
    Heard from the grapevine that they've both done a decent job. Tabby's is apparently quite gospel-y - which is right up her alley :). I'll ask them for a snippet when I see them later today - hopefully they'll be free to record something for me.
    i'll be catching them mid-MTVshoot.

    ps. Nicholas - thanks for the compliment - i really appreciate it. :)

  21. I definitely think Tabitha should be in the final two, she has the WHOLE package. Out of the two girls, Tabitha has a better range and is more versatile. She can sing all types of songs while Sylvia can only sing songs from Duffy or Amy Winehouse. I can't wait to hear Tabitha sing Praying for Time, she'll do fantastic! Vote for Tabitha, our first female Singapore Idol!

  22. hey summerr, thanks for the clarification on the judges safe;D

    ps - to me you're a great blogger too ;D hehehe

  23. Hi Anon1, here are the answers to your queries...
    About Syltra : Yes she's been MIA, busy with some prior engagements, so has not been able to attend the shows but she will definitely be at the finale. Performing. :)
    About Charles: well anon, everyone deals with things differently, Charles is naturally a quiet/reserved person. NOt your emo type. They were all hugging and supportive etc backstage.
    About the Judges Save :
    If the judges decide to use their 'save', whoever they 'save' won't be going home, and will get to stay on for one more week. The judges only have ONE save per season (as per American Idol).
    If and when the Judges decide to use it, they will interrupt Gurmit AFTER the results have been announced. Ie if it was last night, it would have been after Gurms announced that Faizal's Idol journey had ended. At that point, the judges may interrupt the show to say they wanna save him.
    Thats about it.

    To the anonymous above this, I'm not sure if they can use it next week. From what I understand, the last time the save can be used is at Top 5. Which was last night.
    But then again, a few weeks ago I heard some producers saying that there isn't a limit to when the save can be used (except for the finale of course DUH!), so maybe it's still in play.

    I have just texted the producer to find out. Will get back to you all on that - am curious to know myself!

    Hope this clarifies things for you all?