Friday, November 20, 2009

Episode 15 is up!

Episode 15 : Spectacular 9 You Asked For It + Results
Woot! This week's episode is now up! Watch your Top 5 sing for their lives in this week's Spectacular 9 : You Asked For It!
Thank you nazamania.

Watching the end of the Results show over, watching Faizal sing his exit song...sigh....I feel really sad cos he was one of the most determined and focused contestants. He really wanted this. REALLY. It's his dream and it tugs at the tearducts when you see someone's dream journey come to an end.

Faizal Mraz, I wish you all the best. Hone your diction and expand your repertoire beyond Mraz k. I expect to see a LOT more of you as you and your career matures. I'm sure this isn't the last we've seen of him. Make use of this window of 'fame' to get out there and get heard :)

Lotsa love babe... (see you soon!)
xoxo, s.

ps. :( Am so gonna miss that big smile and hug that greets me whenever I see him. He really is just the sweetest and most polite, well-mannered 17 yr old. I once commented that he always folded and hung up his clothes very neatly at trailer/photoshoots and he said very earnestly, "I always take care of my clothes because from young, I always get sponsored the performing clothes, so must take care cos have to return." So sweet and considerate right? There are some artistes out there who have been doing this for years and people still have to pick up after them.


  1. thanks for uploading Spectacular 9 ! i missed the show. thanks aites? :)

    lots of love, Saiyidah.

  2. Sayidah? R you a teacher? Oh and Summer, hurry up and upload 'Songs for a cause', plz! I missed it as I was in China. The TV didn't recorad it.>=8. Plz!

  3. haha sylvia is so cute. after gurmit announced that shes in the top 4 she did this little jump jump thing before she hugged sezairi. hahaha......:)