Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Next Week's Theme : Step Up & Dance!

Step Up & Dance!
Its time for the Idols to move you to groove! Thats right folks, next week's theme is all about the tunes that get your hips grinding, hair-flipping, shoulders shimmyin' and booty-jiggling! The Idols will each be singing two 'dance' tunes. For each one, one of their performances will be accompanied by professional dancers to heat up the stage - woot!

Here are some behind-the-scenes pics taken by James during the trailer shoot in early November (which is why you see Faizal and Duane there). Look out for the new trailer, coming soon on Channel 5 :)

More deets when I return from the the meantime...enjoy the pics and the rest of the results show...

xoxo, s.

ps. live updates via twitter :)


  1. The mediacorp website has posted sylvia's and charles' voting numbers wrongly. just thought someone should alert them in case people end up voting for someone they don't intend to vote for next week :)

  2. Shame on Singapore for voting Sezairi into top 3. He cant even sing was so painful listening to him just now. And yet he got through to Top 3?! Top 3, seriously ?! *faint* WTH was Singapore doing just now?? Were Singaporeans DEAF or simply tone deaf??!! Btw...good job to Ken for questioning Sezairi's originality that he had boastfully claimed to have. Listen to his previous spectacular performance doing the thriller song in the MJ week, he ripped off someone's arrangement and then claimed it as his, good job Sezairi...this speaks volumes of how honest you are. And he had the balls to lie to the DJs that he is single. Its sad that Singaporeans want such unorignal, talentless hypocrite to represent Singapore. No wonder our local music industry never go far....all because of Singaporeans voting unwisely. And oh btw...drumming up sympathy votes is another ability Sezairi has - before last week's viewer choice performance, he spoke of himself coming from a poor background...n he almost joined the police force if he was not considered to be in S'pore Idol. May I ask why Singapore voted for such a person into Top 3? C'mon producers pls - inject more passion and interest to your show, dont let this talent show becomes a farce by unwise voting!!!! Please review the voting system, otherwise you will lose credibility!

  3. The anon above needs to take a chill pill and lay off the personal attacks.
    Btw its still Top 4 ...there's one more voting round next week.
    summerr, i think you should remove the above comment on the grounds that its a very personal attack on Sezairi. Personal, and totally unfounded. Its such a skewed view of what Sezairi has put out there that I'm surprised the word 'hypocrite' didn't jump off the screen and slap the anon back in his face.
    His remarks are so scathing and unnecessarily so, aimed at someone who's just trying to achieve his dream.
    Why don't we heed summerr's call to spread the love and keep the hating to zero this week. There really is no need to step on one Idol to further the dreams of another ...all you need to do is put your votes where your insults are. geddit?

  4. Agreed, that anon's comments about sezairi should be removed. So offensive.

  5. Anonymous2: Sezairi is the best singer among the others... his voice is sleek and versatile in the highs and lows.

    you should really review what you've just said before making such a comment.

    on the other hand, someone should really tone gurmit down cuz his mindless screaming on tv is REALLLLLLLYYYYY annoying.

  6. Well, I personally think that it's a very tough fight among the Top 4 now. I mean, as much as I want a female idol this year, we have contestants like Sezairi, who in my opinion, has a strong vocal and originality. Tabitha has the complete package - the voice and the star power. Same goes to Sylvia.

    It is really hard to see who is going to be in the Top 4 now because all are of equal standards to me. Nothing is predictable in a reality competition - just like how everyone predicted Farhan and Faizal being in the Final 2 but getting eliminated in the end.

    So I guess people have to chill. Yes, sometimes it gets to your nerves - but the only thing we can do now is to VOTE FOR TALENT. The best damn talent you think is on the show now, there isn't a use to write long hate mails/post - IT WON'T HELP.

    Anyway to a brighter note, I am a fan of your blog Tracy! You always post updates of the Idols the fastest! I always get the latest gossip in SI here! Keep rocking!

  7. ...who is going to be in Top 3*

  8. I voted almost 200 times for one of the idols just now. But if the winner will be Sezairi, what's the point of voting anymore when the result will still be the same? The remark by the 2nd anon is not a racist remark from my point of view. Just look at the winners of past idol history, they are of the same race but they were more consistent and versatile. If we have female contestants who can sing better this season, why don't we give them a chance? Please understand my frustration! Imagine you voted 200 times for a girl, but yet she still got the boot. Tell me HOW do you feel ? Please stop this cliche comment to tell others to vote for talent when our hard earned money just gone down the drain after knowing that the winner will still be of the same gender, sex and even race but not remarkably good. If Sezairi can sing as good as Kris Allen or Adam Lambert, I will vote for him. But pls, his vocals are nowhere as good as the girls. Sorry for my comment. But I am trying to be nice now.

  9. If you don't like Sezairi, just shut up. I'm not a fan of him, but I respect him. He's a human, like all of us, with feelings that get hurt no matter how thick-skinned they might appear to be.

    Since you're obviously so thick-skinned to insult someone you don't even know personally on a public blog, it shouldn't occur to you that you have no right to judge him.

    You don't know what the Idols are going through off-screen, so it gives you no right to comment on Sezairi's private life. They do everything for a reason, and I respect that. He probably had a reason for saying he was single, and for doing certain things.

    All the Idols risk a lot to go out there on national TV and sing their hearts out every week. If you think you can do better than him, then I dare you to try out for the next season of Idol. If you can make it to the Top 4 the way he did, I'll gladly let you get away with whatever you said. However, if you can't, shut up.

    As I said before, you don't even know him personally. You don't know what Sezairi is like as a person. What gives you the right to judge him based on what you see every week?

    Granted, I know everyone has their likes and dislikes. I'm not saying that you have to like him. I'm not a fan of him, either. All I'm saying is, stop acting like an immature brat. Put yourself in his shoes for a minute, or at least try to imagine what life would be like for them.

    And if you're so thick-skinned to rebutt this comment, or to deny all that I've said, shame on you. You really should go out for Singapore Idol next season and see if you can make it as far as he did.

    If you haven't been through what the Idols have been through, what gives you the right to judge them based on it?

    Just my two cents' worth. I'm a 14 year old teen and your behaviour disgusts even me.

  10. to the above anon, do you even understand how that anon felt after voting many times for someone but still learn that he or she could not save his / her idol. you shld stop being selfish n think of what others feel. you said you're not sezairi's fan, why shld you act so defensive with those remarks? probably you've not voted n therefore do not understand how others feel after they've voted. Yes, anon #2 is wrong but i think ppl should vote for the deserving ones.

  11. Idol votes are never a waste. Lets all be 'glass-half-full' here. Your Idols appreciate every vote thats cast in their favour. I've spoken to them on countless occasions and often they are just amazed at the kind of support you all give them, they are genuinely touched that people they don't know would feel so strongly for them and believe so much in their individual talents. So never say your votes go to waste. :)

    And whether your favourite's journey ends tonight or next week or the week after, someone's journey will end, but the important thing is, YOU'VE traversed that journey WITH them, through your devotion week-on-week, support at roadshows, making banners etc. You're a part of the whole Idol experience.

    So you know the saying....its not the destination but the journey thats important?
    Glass-half-full *not half-empty*

    xoxo, s.

  12. you voted 200 times? hahaha. ARE YOU SURE? then it just goes to show that your idol has no many fans maybe because she isn't good enough.

    STOP ALL the bullshitting about sezairi. He said he was single maybe because he doesn't want his family to know. It is his personal problems. Now, you know he is not single, then just shut up.

  13. If Sezairi wins this competition lets boycott Singapore Idol for good, Its getting too annoying.

  14. To the anon who voted for sylvia almost 200 times:

    Yeah we all know its sylvia already so yeh, no wonder she's in the top half for this 2 weeks!!
    I was wondering how come she was in the bottom half for a few weeks then suddenly top half.. I even thought her number of fans increased, haha.

    Anyway, she's super lucky to have a fan like YOU!!!! I'm not a fan of sylvia but i like your attitude towards an idol =D

  15. i dont think it is pre planned. if you have seen the idol website before, there was a date for a spectacular 12. means they were planning for a non elim week way before this already. if got no non elim week it should only be until spec 11

  16. Yep, you guessed it right. I voted almost 200 times for Sylvia that night. I'm glad my votes made her safe again :)