Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Its that day of the week again folks! So exciting!
Sorry I've not been blogging every day this week (only token updates since I wasn't able to go to the roadshow on Saturday), its been challenging as I've had to juggle an extra variable - some overseas visitors :) My Aussie cousins came to visit along with their lil boy and it was amazing having them but it also meant I was totally zapped at the end of the day, and that when everyone went to bed - so did I (when normally I don't, I'd be blogging!)

Anyway all that aside, I'm glad to report I think I've had enough make-up sleep WOOT! Adrenaline has taken over at T-minus 4 and a half hours to IDOL! WOOT WOOT!

Tonight's theme is 'Killing Me Softly', so named because the Idols were given a chance to 'kill' each other's Idol journey by possibly sabo-ing them via song choices. However, our lovely Top 6 are so much like family they each chose wisely and thoughtfully for their fellow competitors.

Here are the song choices once again with the voting deets.... do remember to vote wisely.

This morning, I was listening to Tabby's and Sylvia's 987fm interview and Sylvia said something very interesting. She said she chose a good song for Duane also because she didn't want to be blamed for a poor song choice by his fans if he didn't make it through. Interesting! I never thought they would 'feel bad' and 'worry' about what the others' fans might think of their song choices.

woops - phone JUST beeped! Message from Iz who's watching rehearsals at the studio right now - ooh update for me!

Izked : 'Ok in all, everyone rocked except Duane ....'

whoa, hope Duane's aware...I reply : "Paparazzi is tuff..."

Then again, I'm not too worried... the trend so far has been that performances for the actual show tend to be better than at rehearsal (except for 'For Someone Special', when they all were superb at rehearsal and practically bombed during the show)- it's probably the Idols feeding off the energy from the audience and getting an adrenaline boost. So if you're in studio, especially mosh pit people, dun matter who you support - give every performing Idol loads of support k, it certainly makes a difference when people cheer you on and hey, we ALL help to make it a good show!

Thanks Iz for the update - miss ya babe - see you and the LODIs in like...2hrs plus! Gawd, only 2 more hours and so much more to blog about... better get a move on!

xoxo, s..

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Singapore Idol - Performance Show 8pm LIVE
Singapore Idol - Results Show 10pm LIVE

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