Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Performance Order out!

Tabby goes First & Faizal closing the show....
Here are the voting deets in order of performance...

Sorry I don't have Charles' reason for choosing the song for Tabby yet. I will find out and update the pic asap.

In my opinion, this is another 'diva' song that Tabby will be singing and its actually a pretty tough song to sing. I managed to catch a quick vid with her on Sunday, asking her about the song choice and what she though of it, here it is....

Finally, a song that's perfect for Sezairi and its contemporary. I hope the judges won't find this one self-indulgent, nor will the nitpicky critics feel he's ape-ing Timberlake. I have heard him sing this countless times while waiting (for whatever) and he's pretty good at the falsettos...

Charles is the other person I managed to grab for a quick vid and asked him what he thought of Airi's song choice for him...watch....

Imho, if Charles can get the diction right throughout, he'll be able to ace this one. Check out an old vid of him singing the song here.

I think this is a great song choice for Sylvia. Its that whole 'retro-alternative' creeping into mainstream pseudo pop type song that Sylvia does so well. Plus is her kind of vocal tone too...so I'm looking forward to this performance. Its an old song (the first time I heard it was on the movie Dirty Dancing), I wonder if Syl's gonna make it more contemporary.

Duane's a big Gaga fan and he plays the piano, so this is right up his alley. Judges have been bugging him about losing his 'identity', well this song will definitely showcase the quirky Duane. We've been trying to get him to play the piano with one leg up like Gaga does - he has consistently declined :)

A very strange song choice, unless he's looking at the David Cook version. If he does the Mariah version I don't see how it can help Faizal 'try something different'. But if its the David Cook version, it would definitely be more interesting. Then again, for 17 year olds, this 12-year old song is bound to 'different' already lor.

Anyway, if you wanna see vids of the original songs, especially if you aren't familiar with 'em, click here to my previous post for a quick reference.

3am, so so tired. Watched This Is It earlier... enjoyed it so much, it was so nice to see MJ enjoying himself on stage and doing what he does best. At 50 he was dancing and jumping as much as his back-up dancers - I was in awe. We have truly lost one of the greatest performers of our time.

xoxo, s.

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