Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Profile Trailers for the Idols

Check these cool profile trailers for each of your Top 5 :)
I love watching how they've morphed from raw and make-up free faces to the polished look they now have in trailers and on the show. Aw, muh babies have come so far!

Trailer VO : Faizal, with his boyish charm and slick dance moves, he's this season's resident heartthrob, will Faizal be the next Singapore Idol?

June 09, looking like a cute Jason Mraz wannabe at his first audition.

Nov 09, looking very cute (and many say Idol-esque) with his charming heart-melting smile.

This endpage pretty much sums up my perception of Faizal's Idol journey this season, its like he's poised to win it. He has the moves, grooves and style.

Faizal's Top 5 Profile Trailer

Trailer VO : Tabitha, with good looks confidence and a powerful voice, she's simply the full package. Will she be the first female singapore idol?

June 09, Tabby looking sweet-faced, (and v. young! not that she looks old now though!) and innocent at her first audition.

Nov 09, Tabby looking super hawt, vamped up and gorgeous! Starlet!

This endpage for me, is about the body language, and it says to me that Tabby is already a star. She looks comfortable, confident and charismatic here.

Tabitha's Top 5 Profile Trailer

Trailer VO : Sylvia she comes from a humble background, this is her chance to change her life. Will sylvia be the first female Singapore Idol?

June 09, Sylvia is fresh-faced and devoid of makeup at her first audition.

Nov 09, Hello Sylvia the Starlet! GORGEOUS!

The song used for Sylvia's profile ends with the line 'I'm a dreamer' and it pretty much sums up this pic. Its almost poetic cos she looks so good.

Sylvia's Top 5 Profile Trailer

Trailer VO : Charles, beatboxing champion, but thats' not his only talent. Shy sweet and sincere, will Charles be the next Singapore Idol?

June 09, Charles beatboxing at his first audition.

Nov 09, Charles looking very much like a handsome artiste now.

Love the endpage because its where I love Charles the most, 'singing intimately' with his guitar.

Charles' Top 5 Profile trailer

Trailer VO : Sezairi, one of the most vocally distinctive contestants, an original who tries to make every song his own. A romantic with a funny side, will sezairi be the next Singapore Idol?

June 09, This is what Airi looked like at Auditions. He was 'nicknamed' Najip Ali.

Nov 09, Don't know 'bout you, but I think he cleaned up good :)

Love this 'Man In The Mirror' shot, cos imo, Airi's all about everything the song conveys when it comes to his music. He always starts with the 'man in the mirror' and thats what I love about him.

Sezairi's Top 5 Profile Trailer

Hope you enjoyed those trailers as much as I did. Now here's a fun video done by Official Blogger Iz! It a music vid of the Idols' trip to Temasek Poly yesterday, apparently, TP realllly rawks (according to your Top 5). Check out the official blog for a full update of the visit, in the meantime, watch :)

Love it right? The Chickie Dance! hilarious!
Thanks to Iz for a great vid!

xoxo, s.


  1. Wow summerr lately i have been reading your blog and it is so clear who your favourite is. By reading each word by word you can spot that out and i wonder if everyone else can see it too.

  2. What do you mean by Sylvia comes from a humble background? I guess all the other idol comes from a humble background too right? they are where they are today coz their parents made it happen for them by working really hard. And i bet all their father's are the sole breadwinner in the family too right or i am wrong about that? Btw wasn't Sylvia working as a secretary before joining idol? Did she not contribute to the family?

  3. Tabitha looks so... OVERDONE. Really. Is this a pageant? I CANNOT CONNECT TO HER AT ALL.

  4. Sue. If you're wondering if anyone else sees it...then, um, no.

    Just wondering, whose fan are you and what has Summerr not done enough for your favourite in order for her to earn your approval of her as a "fair" person?

  5. so annoying that they choose to focus on Sylvia having a humble background instead of, you know, her talent. while Tabby gets the "full package" treatment. HELLO????? Sylvia is so much better lah! And yes, what does coming from a humble background have to do with anything?? This is Singapore, not the States or some third world country. Very few backgrounds are humble enough for a compelling rags-to-riches backstory. And yah...it's not like the other idols come from millionaire families either.

  6. Hey anon above, i know you're a fan of Sylvia but that doesn't mean you have to pull Tabby in. Did Tabby offended you in any way.

  7. Woah woah woah! anon,
    I beg to differ...what do you mean Sylvia is so much better than Tabitha.
    Pleeeease Sylvia is nowhere near Tabitha.

  8. @Anoymous No, actually Duane(who's finally out thank gawd)'s parents are quite rich, and he was on Kids Central before in case you haven't noticed.[:

    Personally i think both ladies are equally good, it's just that Sylvia needs this more than Tabby does. Tabby can get signed on anytime after the competition, while Sylvia most likely has only this one chance, though Tabby ain't likely to be voted out.

  9. Aiyah...Sylvia and Tabby fans are digging the grave of their own Idol. In the end of the day the girls are not gonna go that far, let's just face it.
    Sezairi or Faizal are the ones who is gonna win this. so don't bother defending your Idol or post comments here and there it is just a waste of time. Let's just see who is gonna prevail through our voting system, that's all i can say.

  10. eh, to clarify, the one who said sylvia comes from a humble background... IS NOT SUMMERR la please. go watch the trailer she posted and you would know -.- please. and yes, fans, the idols themselves can't exactly help what is being said about them by the media. don't blame it on them can? if you like them, then just support them through the votes.

  11. Hi KJ
    I agree that both ladies are good so how can you make an assumption that "Slyvia needs it more than Tabby does. Tabby can get signed on anytime after the competition, while Sylvia most likely has only this one chance". Hello if you have been following Slyvia you would have known from her youtube videos where she has sang on stage a couple of times and she definitely has the exposure already and she too "will not have difficulty getting signed on anytime after the competition" Every contestant has this one chance so please do not make comparisions. This is a competition for all 5 and they should be judged on their talent and not their backgrounds......

  12. Hey to the anon who wrote " I CANNOT CONNECT TO HER AT ALL" coz you just don't have it. There is only people like me her true fan can connect with her, so i guess you're not one of her fans. Cheers!

  13. yes, okay, can we stop this fan-war thingum again before it blows out of proportion? hahaha. it doesnt make sense. i'm sure we can ALL acknowledge that, regardless of whether we can connect with them or not, they are already VERY TALENTED INDIVIDUALS. personally, i'm hoping both of them make it to the finals, then may the best one win ok? it's pointless arguing and debating about who's the best, who deserves it more - you should judge it based on their performances cuz thats what's supposed to be the most important. relax and cheers okay everyone?

  14. charles will be the next one to go and seriously faizal should get the boot after him. If faizal or sezairi wins, they will just be another taufik or hady. Im malay btw so this is not meant as some racist prejudice or anyth


  16. Agree with the anon who says that Charles and Faizal should get the boot. They actually represent my own people - but what's the point of them winning if they are not competitive enough. They have diction issues in their singing that they need to address - plus their bland and predictable vocals. To be very frank, the girls just grow on me every week as they managed to interest me in following Singapore Idol. I had tried very hard to appreciate the guys' performances but sadly, they are getting more predicable. They are also way out of the league with Hady/Taufik.

  17. Either Sylvia or Tabby should win (based on their vocal strength alone) - and I wouldn't say the same for other female singers (just to be fair to the guys). Their dictions are stronger and tend to carry the tune better. The winner will contribute to the IMAGE of Singapore - so it's imperative that the winner is a strong or sharp singer.

  18. Who says you're not racist or prejudiced if you talk smack about people your own race? That just makes you too willing to see what's similar between the guys and not what's different, and mch more importantly, not what's IMPORTANT. Talent!

    "Just another Taufik or Hady"...ptooey. They're lucky if they CAN be another Taufik or Hady. Because Taufik and Hady are very talented individuals.

  19. Come on. Stop talking bad things about the contestants. Sylvia, Tabitha, Charles and Sezairi are unique in their own ways. THey have their own strengths. We should all better stop this bad and rude comments manz. Imagine if you're in their shoes.